7 Ideas for Better Lighting in a Small Bathroom

7 Ideas for Better Lighting in a Small Bathroom

Lighting the bathroom is as crucial as other corners of your home. And it doesn’t have to be airy before you sprinkle in a touch of glitter. One core benefit of adapting fixtures in your bathroom is to increase visibility and a warmer environment.

So, for your small bathroom lighting options to be exclusive, all you need to do is be creative and try out different ideas. We are bringing you the best lighting list and their proper locations.

Where Should Lighting Be in a Small Bathroom?

Choosing the best angle for light fixtures in your bathroom is essential. Sometimes, it is a good choice to contact a custom lighting designer and manufactuer to help with your lighting solution. However, the placement tailors down to personal preferences and interests. You must consider some bathroom lighting basics to avoid casting shadows and high reflection in the eye. For ambient illumination, place 40 inches above the mirror, wall-side facing the window, or under the vanity. The ceiling is an ideal fixture placement for direct face light-glow and limited reflection, especially a flush mount. And with the help of an LED mirror, the light blends and gives a radiant diffusion in your bathroom.

The question is—Where should lighting be in a small bathroom? And it has been answered. So to turn each side of your not-so-big bathroom into a brighter place, you need specific proper lighting that will be mentioned below. And if your room is so enclosed without a window, there is a list of fixtures.

What Is the Best Lighting for a Small Bathroom?

Being selective is normal because you want a gleaming bathroom light, especially if you spend more time in your vanity area because of make-up and other personal things. Here are the 7 superb lighting ideas for your compact bathroom. Ultimately, the light bathroom decor is as essential. So stay tuned for the tips!

7 Lighting Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

Overhead Vanity Light

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1. Glam with Overhead Vanity Light

It has excellent refreshing lighting for those with subtle and classic tastes. These lights come with a clean design and sleek lines. The fixture finishes in oil-rubbed bronze and vintage brushed gold. You can install it over the vanity area or sink for lighting control and a balanced glow. The 3-light bathroom fixture is sturdily fixed on the wall and fits like a modern design. And because it looks dimmable, the wall sconces vanity light is perfect for small bathrooms.

recessed lighting

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2. Upgrade to a World-Class Recessed Style

Is your bathroom’s ceiling cramped, and you can’t use a hanging fixture? Then recessed downlighting is a solid choice. You can opt for multiple recessed light source options— the smaller sizes are perfect for small spaces. To produce a blending fixture, it can be installed over the mirror, dark corners, bathtub, or toilet. It is one of the popular aesthetical and architectural bathroom styles. Before picking it, you need to check the IP rating. And make sure it ranges from IP44 upward.

light fixture on the wall

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3. Add Modern Indoor Light on the Wall

Hang indoor lighting on the wall of each side of the mirror or over the vanity. The matte glass shade fits any bathroom color or decoration. And this modern wall light has a touch of distinct finish and style. This light requires a single bulb on each side, and it’s bright enough during the day and night. This fixture fits best any industrial or urban-styled bathroom.

pendant light

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4. Spark up the Bathroom with a Dangling Pendant

This can be used in a high-ceilinged bathroom. Pendant sparkles when it is placed in the middle of the ceiling. Ensure it’s not lengthy by calculating the height before you attach it. And the best part is that it suits any interior design. Get the mini pendant light to illuminate the room with the multi-bulb and luxurious clear glass finish. The wet-rated chandelier combines a traditional, contemporary, and industrial look.


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5. Go for Another Sconce Option

The tube wall sconce is also perfect for your small space. The illuminated fixture has a traditional touch and uniqueness. It has a chrome-brass design that is eye-catchy and radiates the room. It is also subtle, like the black vanity sconces. But it is designed with the aim of brightening up the bathroom just as you love it. A tubular sconce is positioned by the wall side, and it adds a vibrant light style. Like other bathroom lights, it is water resistant, and you don’t have to worry about it. This fixture requires minimal maintenance too. In this regard, your mirror and the LED bathroom light blend, and you can shave or apply cosmetics with the proper light focus.

natural light

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6. Enhance Your Bathroom’s Natural Light

Small bathrooms with up to 2 windows facing the sun is perfect. Enjoy the ambient lighting when your room’s interior design is flashy and color-friendly, especially with white tile. A colorful decor with wall paints, mirrors, towels, and other bathroom designs will enhance natural light. The mirror reflects well during daylight. And you can make your night light easy through task lighting. It will focus on important areas like vanity or sink.

lighted mirrors

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7. Adopt Bathroom Mirror Light

The lighted mirror gives a high-dimming color and light which can be switched. The touch it reflects is the modern finish. The fixtures are highlighted around the mirror, displaying clean white lines. No matter the mirror size, the lighting will flatter.

Perfectly lighting your bathroom, even though small, is colorful, stunning, and beneficial.

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