Inyouths is committed to the design and manufacture of high-quality products for your home. 

As part of our commitment, every Inyouths product is backed by a 5 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty. The 5-year time period begins on the date of shipment.

Parts or products replaced under warranty do not extend the original warranty.



This Limited Warranty is only available to purchasers who purchased the product from Inyouths.

This warranty applies to private residential customers only and does not apply to retailers and commercial establishments.

It stays with the original purchaser and cannot transfer to another owner.



This Limited Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship of the product’s electrical components and mirrors.

The defects refer to the product having a defect in material or workmanship with respect to its electrical components or mirrors such that the product substantially fails to perform when put to normal use.



1. Normal wear and tear.

2. Misuse, alteration, or tampering with the product.

3. Deliberate destruction.

4. Improper or irregular power supply.

5. Exposure to excess water or very humid/damp conditions.

6. Exposure to conditions beyond those of ordinary daily living such as operation in extreme temperatures.


This Limited Warranty does not warrant that Inyouths will not discontinue the product and exchange it for a new model or discontinue production of the product entirely.




If the product is found to have defects in material and workmanship as covered by this Limited Warranty, Inyouths will at its discretion, either (i) repair the defective product or (ii) provide a free replacement of the product or of any defective parts of the product. Shipping costs are borne by the customer.



1. A copy of your dated proof of purchase may be required prior to any claims under our warranty.

2. A picture showing the issue(s).

3. A detailed description of the defect/ fault.



Customer Service Email: support@inyouths.com