79 Aesthetic Bathroom Inspirations for Your Relaxation Haven

79 Aesthetic Bathroom Inspirations for Your Relaxation Haven

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There is no better way to turn your bathroom into a private haven than with an attractive design that reflects your own tastes and preferences than by installing an elegant tub and shower. These bathroom ideas can have whatever style you might want, from sleek and minimal to rich and spectacular.

1. White Marble Like Arrowed Style Brick Tiles Aesthetic Bathroom

This bathroom design has White Marble Like Arrowed Style Brick Tiles that can make your bathroom look better. The stunning white marble effect adds a touch of luxury to any space, while the arrowed brick design gives it a modern and unique look.

2. Grayish White Aesthetic Bathroom with Plant and Window for Natural Light

Fall in love with this gorgeous grayish white paradise of a bathroom, where a green plant and a window inviting natural light make the ideal setting for rest and renewal. The clean lines and soothing color scheme, along with the soothing natural light, will take you away to a place of peace and tranquility.

3. Brick Tiles Wall Aesthetic Bathroom in White and Gold Minimalist Design

The white brick wall tiles, together with the subtle gold embellishments, create a beautiful, understated aesthetic. The minimalist design creates a tranquil atmosphere ideal for a rejuvenating soak. The natural light flowing in complements the classy gold fixtures and hardware to create a relaxing and welcoming ambiance.

4. Wood and White Minimalist Aesthetic Bathroom Design with Frameless Led Mirror

Discover a haven of peace and quiet in this stunning white and wood minimalist bathroom. The magnificent frameless LED mirror not only offers functional lighting but also adds a sense of modernity to the area, enhancing the design's understated elegance. As the sun shines in through the window, it illuminates the room, highlighting the modern furnishings and the spotless surfaces.

5. Freestanding Bathtub in Glass Wall Aesthetic Bathroom

A standalone tub that is both beautiful and cozy awaits you in this gorgeous glass-walled bathroom. Because of the abundance of windows, you'll feel as though you're actually immersed in the great outdoors.

6. Farmhouse Style Aesthetic Bathroom Inspiration

With its rustic charm, warm colors, and natural textures, this bathroom is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The simple yet elegant fixtures and finishes add to the overall coziness of the space. You'll feel right at home in this charming and inviting bathroom, where the stresses of the day simply melt away.

7. Green Brick Wall Aesthetic Bathroom with Pebble Like Floor Tiles

This simple bathroom design tastefully incorporates both modern and natural aspects. The green brick wall is an eye-catching focal point, while the pebble-like floor tiles give the room an organic feel.

8. Luxurious All White Walls Aesthetic Bathroom with Freestanding Matte Black Outer Finish Bathtub

Here's a bathroom that looks and feels very elegant and expensive. All-white walls create a calm setting for the beautiful freestanding bathtub, which has a sleek matte black finish on the outside that adds a bit of boldness to the room. The simple but striking black and white color scheme of the room goes well with its simple design. The soft light from the recessed lighting and the natural light that comes in through the window make the room feel warm and relaxing. This bathroom is the best place to go if you want a luxurious and peaceful bathing experience.

9. Sliding Transparent Door Aesthetic Bathroom with Mountain View

Step into a bathroom that blends the beauty of nature with modern design. This is a sliding transparent door bathroom with a view of the mountains. The beautiful glass door gives a wide view of the majestic mountains beyond, which makes you feel calm and peaceful. The room's soft, natural color scheme, with earthy shades of wood and white, goes well with its clean, minimalist design.

10. Black and White Themed Aesthetic Bathroom with Candles

The contrasting colors of black and white in this bathroom create a bold and striking ambiance that is both modern and classic. The fixtures and hardware are sleek and minimalist, perfectly complementing the monochrome color palette of the space. The candles scattered throughout the room add a touch of warmth and intimacy, creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

11. Half Wood Cladding Walls and Half Glass Aesthetic Bathroom with Lakeview

Immerse yourself in a bathroom that perfectly blends natural elements with modern design - welcome to a half wood cladding walls and half glass bathroom with a stunning lake view. The natural wood cladding brings warmth and texture to the space, while the floor-to-ceiling glass walls offer an unobstructed view of the serene lake beyond. The minimalist fixtures and hardware add to the modern aesthetic of the space, while the natural light flooding in through the windows creates a bright and inviting atmosphere.

12. Brown and White Marble Cabinet and Sink Aesthetic Bathroom with Luxurious Mirror Cabinet

Enjoy the opulence of a sophisticated and luxurious bathroom with a brown and white marble cabinet and sink and a luxurious mirror cabinet. The warm and inviting brown and white color scheme of the room goes well with the rich and elegant marble countertop. The fixtures and hardware are simple yet look luxurious so it give the room a modern look. This bathroom is the ultimate retreat for those seeking a serene and luxurious bathing experience.

13. Brown Brick Accent Wall Aesthetic Bathroom with Black Bathroom Fixtures

Welcome to a bathroom that skillfully blends rustic allure and sleek modern design, courtesy to a brown brick accent wall and sleek black fittings. A brick accent wall creates a cozy and homey atmosphere, while the modern and sleek black hardware and fixtures complete the look. The stark contrast between the brown brick and the black fixtures highlights the room's simple design and makes a strong impression. Anyone in search of a refreshingly contemporary spin on rustic decor will get what they're looking for in this spacious and well appointed bathroom.

14. Black, Gray and Wood Combination Color Design Aesthetic Bathroom

The black, gray, and wood color scheme in this bathroom is the epitome of contemporary comfort. The space feels both modern and relaxing thanks to the space's minimalistic fixtures and hardware and the room's warm, inviting wood accents. The sophisticated and cutting-edge vibe is a result of the strong contrast between the black and gray color scheme. The lighting produces a soothing and tranquil ambience.

15. Green and White Modern Aesthetic Bathroom Design

This modern green and white bathroom design is like entering a haven of peace and relaxation. This breathtaking creation skillfully combines the best of contemporary design with the soothing qualities of nature. The natural wood elements and the pops of greenery in contrast with the white furniture and walls create a soothing atmosphere.

16. Marble Wall Tile Aesthetic Bathroom with Freestanding White Tub and Window

Experience the height of elegance in our marble-walled bathroom with a freestanding white tub and a window for natural lighting.  The room's air of refinement is amplified by the marble wall tiles' ornate detailing and luxurious appearance. Your stress will melt away as you relax in the beautiful white freestanding tub with its graceful curves and elegance. Taking a relaxing bubble bath in this luxurious bathroom is the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

17. Glossy Green Walled Tiles Aesthetic Bathroom Vanity Counter

This bathroom vanity top features glossy green wall tiles, which will add a sophisticated touch to any existing bathroom decor. The glossy green tiles produce an upbeat and revitalizing atmosphere, bringing the splendor of nature indoors. The modern vanity counter has plenty of drawers and counter space, and the excellent lighting and fittings help to set a calm, stress-free mood. This beautiful and practical bathroom is the ideal place to relax after a hard day or to get ready for work in the morning.

18. Black Fixtures in All White Walls and Wood Cabinet Bathroom

Enjoy the clean, modern look of our bathroom with black fixtures, white walls, and wood cabinets. This contemporary masterpiece is the epitome of style, with its gleaming black fittings and crisp white walls. These contrasting features combine to make a striking and elegant statement. The natural wood cabinet creates a homey atmosphere, and the roomy counter top is perfect for storing all of your toiletries. The shower is as revitalizing as it is relaxing, thanks to the modern fittings that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Be pampered and refreshed as you soak in the spa-like atmosphere of this exquisite bathroom.

19. Farmhouse Style Bathroom Design with Bathtub

Enjoy from the warmth and character of this Farmhouse Style Bathroom Design with Bathtub. This charming washroom has a classic and rustic look that encapsulates the best of rural life. The moderate color scheme and natural wood elements make for a cozy space, while the vintage light fixtures and tub provide a touch of elegance. Relax and unwind in complete comfort thanks to the roomy and airy design. Whether you're enjoying a long, soothing bath or just getting ready for the day, this lovely bathroom retreat will provide a peaceful haven.

20.Minimalist style Aesthetic Bathroom with Modern Features

A complete white bathroom offers a pleasing view that’s easy on the eyes. Beautifully placid colored walls surround the bright white oval shaped bathtub. A few modern features have been thrown in from the matt black tapware and towel rack to the gorgeous shampoo and body wash nook creating a streamlined look that’s simple to look while still offering a designer style. A large size tub that you cannot help but soak your worries away.

21. Green Aesthetic Bathroom Wrapped in Wood Attributes

Sage green tiles and modern nooks become the feature of this bathroom. The stunning green offers that splash of color but without overpowering it. A big sink that is perfect to complete everything you need to do with ease. The concrete look floor tiles opens up the space and tones everything in well together. Two simple downlights provide the room with enough light throughout the evening.

22. An Aesthetic Bathroom Engulfed in White and Grey Purity

A beautiful grey transitional main bathroom boasts plenty of natural light and a spacious free-standing tub. The grey walls create a streamline appearance, and everything looks smooth. A white tile to match off to the side and a transparent splash back featuring a unique arch design. The brass tap breaks it up and goes well with the round lighting positioned off to the side gives the room a distinctive style.

23. Dove White Aesthetic Bathroom With a Glance of Gold

Gold features can be seen throughout this bathroom that match perfectly with white but also allow for some break between all the white. A good-sized window out of the way to allow for plenty of natural light. A modern free-standing tub with a towel draped over the side to add a different shade to the mix. A little bouquet of flowers on the cabinet give a homely feeling while the large mirror allows you to be able to do everything you need to with ease.

24. Dark and Light Created Together for the Perfect Aesthetic Bathroom

A nice change from all the plain white bathrooms. Here we have a white scene but with a dark cabinet to separate things. Black tapware and flush button extend them from the wall. The modern toilet hangs from the wall making cleaning around it easy. A stunning LED round mirror that offers plenty of light without glare which is perfect for applying makeup or shaving. The featured ledge gives you more storage options for your little nicks and knacks.

25. A Cottage Styled Aesthetic Bathroom Suited for Two

A full background of mirrors offers plenty of space for when two people are at the mirror together. LED lighting off to the side of the bright room gives you more natural light right where you need it. Featuring double sinks, individual storage areas and a cottage style palette there shouldn’t be any complaints about this bathroom.

26. This Aesthetic Bathroom is Wrapped in Warm Tones

The welcoming warmth of this bathroom hits you quickly. It’s beautifully created with a uniquely designed lowline bathtub perfectly positioned next to a sanction of natural light. Wood cabinetry splash back and ceiling are inviting while little features like the wood vase and the rug complement the room. A good-sized mirror above the black sink and benchtop give you a pleasing area to get ready.

27. A Family Aesthetic Bathroom Filled with Homestyle

A thin black framed mirror is perfectly positioned over the sink with modern nooks that give you more space around the sink area. A picture and a plant add to the look that the bathroom actually gets used. A marbled vanity top with a nice shine finished off with a gold faucet and neutral colored towels.

28. An Aesthetic Bathroom with Blue Tones and Natural Light

What can I say this bathroom has features going on that we never would have thought would work so well together. Sea blue with light wood and gold doesn’t sound good but oh my it looks stunning. Loads of bench space with two cabinets next to one another, patterned tiles and lots of drawers to fill with toiletries, washers and towels. Stone look flooring finishes the look.

29. Enjoy a Soak in Heaven with this Beautiful Bathroom

This is a bathroom design that looks like you’re relaxing in a motel room or a million-dollar mansion. The look isn’t hard to pull off with neutral tones throughout from the background tiles to the flooring and curtains but add that pop with a matt black bathtub that becomes the feature of the room. There is an airy feel to the room with the large window positioned close to the bath allowing for a nice soak with a view. So much storage for toiletries and towels or mix match décor in the long modern nook.

30. An Airy Aesthetic Bathroom with Warms Tones and a Great View.

Just look at that greenery outside the perfectly sized window letting in plenty of natural light that bounces off the light-colored walls. A marbled sink adds some character to the room and the old gold chandelier and bathtub tapware allows for a cottage feel. The small wood stool and flooring creates a warm ambiance throughout the room.

31. Spa Like Feel to This Clean and Bright Aesthetic Bathroom With Featured Storage Baskets

Enjoy taking a soak in this tranquil bathtub and soak away the worries of the day. The small window gives enough light as the white walls and light-colored wood flooring do their best to give the room a bright and clean look. The shower is separate and off to the side and cute little baskets that can be used to store towels and bathmats or dirty clothes whatever you choose.

32. Simplicity Is Seen in This Aesthetic Bathroom with Modern Features Everywhere

Such a lovely bathroom that has plenty of room overall. The black shelf, shower, and toilet toll holder break up the room and draw your eye in. A skylight off to the right and lightly colored walls and floors make the room feel big and open. Greenery has been added to keep things interesting. A LED mirror will give you all the light you need without the nasty glare that most bathrooms lights supply.

33. Cottage Features Meets Modern White in This Aesthetic Bathroom With Nice Flora Arrangements

This bathroom had the goal of being homely and relaxing but with many fun touches that add personality like the décor on the cabinet top and light above the sink which is old fashioned but works well in this bathroom. There is plenty of existence when it comes to texture with the tiling on the bathtub and the rattan blinds. Earth tones, modern white and big mirrors tick all the boxes for a stunning bathroom. Double sinks make getting ready easier without people getting in your way.

34. Eye Pleasing Wood Planks for a Benchtop and Black Feathers for This Aesthetic Bathroom

In this bathroom we have repurposed wood planks as the benchtop and storage shelf underneath that is modern but rustic at the same time. Pendant hanging lighting centered in the room and a black sink and tapware to add character. You can store towels and washer on the bottom shelf or add some baskets to keep things organized. The toilet isn’t bulky or ugly looking, it fits into that corner well and doesn’t look out of place. And what is a bathroom without a cat!

35. Bright White and Get Naked Mat Make This Aesthetic Bathroom Homely

The patterns in the flooring give the room depth and texture while the black attributes show elegance. The toilet is perfectly positioned in a way you don’t commonly see, making this bathroom different. The odd shaped mirror is unique, and the heated towel rack ensures you have warm towels on hand.
Like the rug says get naked and enjoy a warm bubble bath after a long day.

36. An Aesthetic Bathroom That Screams Warmth, Modern With a Beautiful View.

Is it the wood toned backsplash or the LED mirror that catches your eye? Maybe it’s the beautiful view that you can see yourself having a hot bath and taking in those mountain views. Plenty of storage shelving with LED lighting, thick benchtop and wood grain storage shelf. Pops of greenery and what else can I say this bathroom has it all.

37. Patterned Tiles, Plants and Hanging Cabinet Are All Beautifully Arranged in This Aesthetic Bathroom.

A large, centered mirror with white subway tiles makes the bathroom stand out. Plenty of light in this room and modern double sinks with individual drawers to store your bits and pieces. The patterned floor and halfway up the walls give you a textured puzzle that looks perfectly finished.

38. Modern and Clean Aesthetic Bathroom With a Hidden Toilet and Large Mirror

While there is a lot going on in this room it isn’t overdone. It’s still a simple yet subtle design style that helps unify the overall feel of the room. A concrete privacy wall for the toilet hides it away while your attention is drawn to the black lighting and towel rack ladder. A descent size bathtub so you can soak comfortably and a soft rug for you to step out onto.

39. Simple Bathroom with Large Floor and Wall Tiles and Warm Pampas Grass

Is everyone impressed by the huge pampas grass and the designer vase that looks amazing? The hanging cabinet allows for easy cleaning underneath and a discreet toilet without exposed pipework. A small gold washer holder and light above the mirror adds a calm serene feeling to the room and makes the tiles feel warm.

40. Concrete Looks Tiles and a Perfect View in This Aesthetic Bathroom

A very spacious bathroom gives you plenty of room to do what you need to. The airy light feel to the room is enhanced with the LED lighting at the sink area and large open window to bring in natural light. A uniquely shaped bathtub gives a clean and crisp feel to the room.

41. Are You Impressed by the Bathtub That’s Behind Closed Doors?

Even though it is see through glass it gives the feeling that you can shut off from the rest of the world. Pale blue tiles give the room a fresh look and add some color without overdoing it. Double sinks and wooden cabinets mean each has their own area to get ready and store their personal items. Plenty of sink space to have a few show pieces without looking cluttered. Hexagon flooring ties it all together.

42. A Old and Dark Aesthetic Bathroom With Textured Tiles and Unusual Lighting

This is a bathroom that boasts the wow factor. The black tiles at first sound like something you wouldn’t put in a bathroom but wow it looks great. The tiles add so much texture to the room and pairs well with the white toilet. A separate sink area in a nook is the perfect spot for washing up with just the right amount of light.

43. An Island Looking Aesthetic Bathroom with Splashes of Color

Enjoy relaxing in this bathroom with a huge palm and freestanding gold tap. A blind that can go all the way down to allow for privacy when needed and a pink throw on the side of the freestanding tub to create a homely feel. Blue tones halfway up the wall gives the room a beachy vibe with patterned tiles that look happy and young.

44. A Serenity Aesthetic Bathroom with Greenery and Wooden Bath Mat

If this bathroom doesn’t scream calm and tranquil, I don’t know what does. The white in this room and the pops of greenery appear very calm and the few wood pieces thrown in softens the space. A top mount sink with black hardware shows a sleek and streamlined room.

45. Engulf Yourself in the Marble Design in This Appealing Bathroom

Marble tiles are popular and well known and they are the perfect way to add the marble design to any bathroom. Marble is classic but also very elegant and works well with many colour palettes and décor. Marble not only looks good but adds value to your home.
An undermount sink with the wall mounted cabinet with a huge amount of mirrored space. LED lighting is perfect for this space.

46. When Wood Meets White in This Aesthetic Bathroom With Hanging Lights

The wood tones in this bathroom really bring it all together. Of course, some natural greenery is perfect against the wood floor and white toilet. A generous amount of storage shelving and double sinks for both of you. A large size shower is perfect for washing away the troubles of the day.

47. Bright White With Unique Rug and Stool Perfects This Aesthetic Bathroom

The point of an all-white aesthetic bathroom is to achieve the look of timelessness and cleanliness. White bathrooms are a retreat to rejuvenation and this bathroom creates that perfectly. An artisan rug adds some colour and texture to the room without wrecking the white look. A white bathroom doesn’t need to be dull, the addition of a large plant and wood stool and towel holder completes the room.

48. A Beautiful Aesthetic Bathroom with Grey Tones and Natural Skylight

Emphasize your white bathtub with a soft accent color around that adds proportion to the room such as the grey used in this room. The upper part is white where natural light bounces off but still offers a neutral palette to the room without overpowering. Nooks with LED lights give you a beautiful ambiance around the bath.

49. Grey Subway Tiles Paired With White Marble for a Luxury Look

Nothing is more pleasing to the eye than grey subway tiles and bright whites. This small bathroom makes use of the space by having a shower over the bath and a small cabinet and sink in between. Slimline light over the mirror and a big window which allows for enough light throughout the room.
Marble has been taken from the floor up to the bathtub, so everything looks seamless.

50. A Cottage Feel With All White Walls and Blue Cabinet

Add texture and dimension to the white room with the different patterned tiles. Mini hexagons on the floor and subway tile at the back. The rich blue cabinet with white marbled sink and bench gives a fresh clean look. Wooden features make the room feel cozy and the addition of the blue and white striped blind makes it feel like a home.

51.Deep Blue and Wood Join Forces to Create a Beautiful Scene Bright and Shiny

The wood and rich blues tones is a great way to add depth and feature without taking away the fresh and airy feel of this room. The hidden shower takes away the eyesore shower and instead points your eyes to the deep blue tiles. So much natural light penetrates the whole room with the use of wall and ceiling lighting after dark.

52. Perfect Balance Without Adding More Colors to This Bathroom Design

This bathroom offers the right balance of white and black. The designers have used the two colors on the larger surfaces like the black bath and white walls. Then used black in the smaller accents to. The small platform the bath is positioned on becomes a feature and helps to separate the shower and bathtub.

53. A Tad of Earth and Marble Creates this Aesthetic Bathroom

This bathroom is modern and has two features of earthy wood and marbled walls. The marble in this design is more dramatic but without sending out too much. Wood and marble definitely dominate this room. With soft extras like the plant, fragrance sticks and pure white towels. The almost hidden toilet just blends in well.

54. Black, White and Brown Striking and Bold but Luxurious

Wow black, white and natural wood just go so well together. The ceiling is all different wood panels, and it certainly becomes a talking point. The black shower screen is striking and captures your eye. A spacious shower certainly big enough for two and beautiful white tiles in the background look clean and fresh. Again, the toilet just disappears without being an blemish.

55. Room With a View and Ample Storage Space

Doesn’t this bathroom look warm and inviting. Enjoy soaking in some lavender and looking out at the wilderness in the spacious tub you can stretch out in. plenty of mirror space and large wash basins with enough storage space for two. Wall hung taps look streamline and neat.

56. White Bathroom With Pale Green Towels

This bathroom is very fresh and clean and having the washing area on the small, marbled platform separates it from the basin area that, not to mention has so much storage space. A small wooden stool to pop things on like a drink when having a soak in the tub is perfect. The pale green adds a change in color but without being over the top. Again, we see the stylish marble being used.

57. The Bold White Aesthetic Bathroom with a Touch of Grey

The design of this bathroom works really well. By having the tub at the end with the darker color at the back wall makes the room look longer than what it actually is. Separate shower and bathtub with an impressively big shower head and arched mirror. The brown cabinet brings the earthy tones from outside to inside just enough to break it up.

58. Bring in Beige and Gold Accents in this Aesthetic bathroom

White bathrooms are common as it feels so airy , fresh and clean and that’s what we all want in a bathroom right? A round mirror is the feature in the room with golds accents to match. Beige towels in two tones add the color while sticking to the plain color palette. Wicker baskets to store dirty washing or rolled up towels.

59. Streamlined with Plenty of Spacious Area

At a quick glance the wall to the left looks smooth but with a closer look you can see tiny tiles with black grout. A clear shower screen keeps the appearance of an open and spacious room, and a tall window removes the need for blinds or curtains that can take away the modern streamlined look they have achieved quite well in this bathroom.

60. Personalized Bathroom with Blue Shades

I might add that blue isn’t always a color I go to first for bathrooms, but this bathroom has pulled it off. The blue is bright but not overwhelming and the tiles have blue flowers to match in but still enough white that it doesn’t look like too much is going on. Gold trim handles, mirror, and towel hooks to hang your robe ready for when you get out of the shower. The stool and basket make it a little more personalized.

61. Bright Blue With a Brown Stool and Dark Flooring Tones Together Well

This blue wallpaper almost doesn’t look real. It’s the perfect backdrop for a bright white window and bathtub. The wood stool and cabinet is the right shade to blend in with the blue and white. The plain dark floor tiles work to keep the room in a streamlined look. A hanging light over the bath is perfect when you need some light in the later hours of the day.

62. Bohemian Style With Brown and White Neutral Tones and an Earthy Towel Ladder

This room screams boho vibes which is perfect for a bathroom that you want to have a calm and homely feel to it. Big arch mirrors and modern sinks helps them disappear as the frame around the mirror and dried flowers captures the eyes.

63. Vivid White and Greenery Make an Aesthetic Bathroom

Nothing pairs well with bright white than big green plants and this one is perfectly centered in the corner to break up the white on the walls and the tub. Window positioned to the side which brings in a good amount of light perfect for shaving or applying makeup. Matt black hardware makes the taps bold and eye catching.

64. Minimalistic and Contemporary Aesthetic Bathroom With Wood Accents

This bathroom’s design focuses mainly on concrete throughout. Concrete has given this room a modern vibe and has become popular due to its durability. The skylight above is perfect for bringing in a good amount of natural light so the use of your dull electrical lights can be reduced. Wood flooring in the shower and the stainless steel towel rack adds a modern feel to the spacious bathroom.

65. Natural Concrete to Add Character to this Aesthetic Bathroom

This type of concrete is more in its natural form which allows for more flaws and blemishes to show through to give the bathroom more character. There is a rugged feeling in the walls which becomes balanced by the warmth in the black framing of the screen. Placing the bathtub on the angle isn’t so common which makes it look more stylish.

66.  The Small-Scale Beige Tiles with Bright White Walls and Rich Earthy Cabinet.

Work your way to texture and dimension when using white by incorporating different types of tiles. The walls are a white subway tile, and the floors are wrapped in a pale beige pattern. The rich brown cabinet makes the room feel that extra bit cozy but still feeling open and airy.

67. Drowning in White Picture-Perfect Aesthetic Bathroom with Gold Accents

More and more gold accents are being brought into white bathrooms because it has the power to break things up without becoming too much for the eyes. An older styled shower with a white curtain and gold rail matches the repurposed sink cabinet also white with gold accents. Double doors for plenty of storage for toiletries and opposite is a window letting in enough light the room feels open.

68. Wood grains, Dark Charcoal and Red Towels

Wow just stunning. A beautiful wood grain cabinet with double sinks and drawer space. Small lights that pack a punch and charcoal-colored tiles that follow through the next room to give a spacious appearance. Hanging red towels give the splash of color this room needs without becoming an eye sore.

69. Old-Fashioned Meets Modern and It Works in This Aesthetic Bathroom.

Exposed piping hasn’t been incorporated much into bathrooms unless absolutely necessary but we are seeing it more and more especially in the gold form as this picture shows. With all other hardware and gold features it makes sense to follow on the white and gold trim with the cabinet and sink. Black and white checkered flooring is old-fashioned but works with the modern bright white. Plenty of shower space to enjoy a nice hot shower without feeling cramped.

70. Splash of Pink for this Aesthetic Bathroom

A bathroom that is perfect for sharing with generous mirrors and sinks on a backdrop of marble paneling. The lights above are small and almost blend in out of view while the pink stool and towel draped over the bath give the room something to notice.

71. Uniquely Styled Aesthetic bathroom with Added Wood

Call me different but the way the wood has been used in this room is so uniquely quirky what’s not to love about it. Chunky and warm but stylish on the other hand. A black wall down the end surrounded the bright window and white tub perfect for your own little serenity get away.

72.Home Away from Home Tranquility with This Bathroom Design

A few different textures are going on in this room with the back wall tiling the tiny tiles on the floor and the lines on the window work well to create several dimensional looks. The tub is fresh and modern while the inbuilt sink with storage drawers is neutral in color, so it blends right in creating a seamless look. Ah tranquility.

73. White Palette Backdrop for an Amazingly Aesthetic Bathroom

A tucked away bathtub behind glass doors gives the appearance they are in two different rooms. Storage above the toilet perfect for cleaning supplies and spare rolls and a neutral picture that adds a bit of décor without going overboard.
Marble flooring works wonders with the all-white palette and the wood stool for a cozy add on feature.

74. Fresh Mint and Gold Toned Together

This bathroom design offers timeless allure but also practicality with the huge storage draws under the sink. The scalloped design of the mint tiles adds texture and a pop of color to a pale room. Gold light fixtures over the mirror for perfect lighting that is bright and warm. Small plants and gold mirrors tie everything in together.

75. Grab the Attention with Pink Colored Aesthetic Bathroom

Pink-style bathrooms are not something you will see too commonly. The designers have made practical use of this extra tiny bathroom. These modern shaped tiles add a visual interest to the room while offering different pink tones for a sophisticated look. The white was then added halfway up the wall to break the pink up and create the look of openness. The round mirror to the side gives a more open feel.

76. Chick Style With Blends of Blue for an Eye-Catching Pop

The blue shiny bricks are clean and fresh and add much needed color to this white bathroom. The natural wood stool becomes a holder for your toiletries while also adding a cozy feel to the room. Separate shower area with a platform to rest your aching legs or store your shampoo and conditioner.

77. When Gold Becomes the Statement in This Aesthetic Bathroom

Statement tiles in the bathroom with a geometric look to them. Gold accents and funky cabinet create a unique look in this bathroom. Even the lighting on either side of the mirror looks completely different and not something common. The shine to this bathroom makes everything feel clean and fresh.

78. A Room You Would Die for It’s One Aesthetic Bathroom With Everything.

This bathroom features a back to wall bathtub with an enormous amount of storage with complimentary LED lighting. What an unusual sink stand. It’s quirky and perfect for this style of bathroom. A generous sized mirror and more storage down the bottom of the bath with warm wood tones to give a homely feel to this spectacular room.

79. Rich Wood and Open Plain Views with Natural light

What can I say here, but this is a bathroom that is like your own little oasis. Imagine soaking in the tub surrounded by natural lights, plants and pebbled floor. You would almost feel like you were outside in the open plains. The exposed beams in the ceiling stand out with the black background and hanging cabinet with rich wood tones. Just beautiful.

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