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How a Mirror Transforms a Rooms


Samuel Reid

September 11, 2023

I love it

I love it. Decided my bathroom needed a new look so I switched out the mirror to this one! It’s perfect and I’m really happy with it.



August 09, 2023

Great value, looks good

This mirror is a bit heavy and requires professional installation, but the contractor was able to install the mirror with ease.
The mirror looks amazing in my house and my relatives and friends all praise it. The product is definitely worth the investment and I am very happy with the outcome.



August 03, 2023

Beautiful Light

It was a bit heavy to mount on wall and requires two people, but it looks incredible and makes my bathroom look huge. Lighting is beautiful. Very stunning mirror.

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Easy installation! Looks great!

I'm very pleased with this mirror. The light is very bright.

Very cool product.

Looks great hanging on the wall. Love the front panel and backlight features.

Beautiful, classy mirror

Gorgeous mirror. Very modern looking

Yes all the way

Very fast delivery of high quality products. They are well made and packaged well for delivery.

Easy installation! Looks great!

The packaging and delivery were great. Easy installation- looks great for update and modern.

Good mirror, as expected

The lighting is excellent, clear, and moisture-free. Now I own two of these lovely mirrors. The one at my house and one at my vacation home.


My wife is upgrading the master bathroom. The old large flat mirror was replaced with a very nice LED mirror. What a beautiful upgrade.

Great design

I love my mirror and the style it gives my bathroom.

So good that my contractor is offering this to his other clients

We’ve had it now for 8 weeks and it’s perfect. Excellent lighting and the defogger is magical! I don’t know how hard it is to install, but our contractor did not complain.

Looks great, nice features, well packed

This mirror looks great in our bathroom that we recently remodeled. We are doing a second bathroom and getting a bigger version of the same mirror. I like that it has a fro, backlight, and defogger. The buttons are soft-touch and fun to play around with.

Wonderful and super functional!

This is a great mirror with lots of features. Also a great price! It all works so well, and enough light to light up the entire (tiny) bathroom!

Absolutely love this mirror!

Could not be happier with this choice of mirror! It is luxury & lights up the whole room with just the light on from it.

Way better than expected!

This mirror was not only easy to install but is exactly what we sought. The lighting is perfect and we could not love it more. Thank you and I HIGHLY recommend it!

Awesome product. Easy installation.

The mirror was easy to install and looks great. Overall, it is a wonderful product.

5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE

We ordered two of these mirrors from Inyouths. Great product, looks great, easy to install. We lost the hardware kit in our bathroom remodel process and their customer service was very responsive and quick to replace the missing kit. Highly recommend.

Looks fantastic

Love everything about this mirror.

Love everything about this mirror!

I like the shape, the light, it's pretty nice.

I love it, look great .

I love shopping on Inyouths, I found the perfect mirror at a good price. Installation was easy, and very good quality.

Give of very good light

I love this mirror! Just like the ones at the hotels.

Gorgeous Mirror w/ Border!!

I've purchased a few VEGA mirrors and have finally installed them and I can't say how much I love them. I wish I knew to contact Inyouths to have it turn on when I flip the light switch (it's standard setting is to have power and turnoff via the touch button), but otherwise the wife and I love them! The border makes it look much classier than the other mirror options and the light along the rim is positioned just right. If you're struggling to pick between one of the mirrors, go with with one!

P.S. The shipping is SOLID, no worries at all!

Elegant, modern, lights up the bathroom

This simple upgrade in my bathroom changed the entire bathroom!

Awesome. Great value. LOVE THIS MIRROR.

Awesome. Great value. LOVE THIS MIRROR.

Very good product and value

Looks great. 3 different colors and adjustable brightness. There's also a defogging feature, but I haven't tried it yet. good idea!

Great product

Looks awesome - no issues at all

Wife very happy with her new mirror

It is bright enough in the morning that I don't have to turn on the bathroom lights. I love it.