How Mirror is Made

Discover the meticulous production process behind Inyouths' LED mirrors. From selecting premium materials to applying flawless reflective coatings, explore our commitment to craftsmanship. Witness the integration of energy-efficient LED lighting and innovative manufacturing techniques. Immerse yourself in the artistry and attention to detail that sets Inyouths apart. Trust Inyouths for unrivaled quality and style in every LED mirror we produce.


Mirror Processing


Glass Cutting

Precision cutting of glass components to desired specifications

STEP 2.1

Step 2.2

Edge Polishing, Angle Grinding& Rounding

Angle Grinding& Rounding

Precision shaping and smoothing of glass edges for safety and aesthetics

Step 3

1st Inspection

Initial quality control assessment

Step 4

Applying Safety Film

Application of protective film for safety

Step 5.1

Step 5.2


Laser Cutting

Utilizing precision laser cutting and additional processes to meet specific requirements

Step 6

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting for texture or appearance

Step 7

2nd Inspection

Secondary quality control check

Step 8

Sealing the Edge of Mirror

Securely seal mirror edges to prevent any compromise in quality

Step 9

Replacing the Protection PE Film

Renew the protective film on the glass surface to safeguard its pristine condition


Aluminum Processing Steps

Step 1

Aluminimum Cutting

Exquisitely cut aluminum components to exacting standards

Step 2


Skillfully drill precise holes as required for various applications


Electronic Parts Wiring& Aluminum Frame Adhesive

Step 1


Meticulously wire electrical components to ensure proper functionality

Step 2

Sticking 3M Tape

Apply high-quality 3M tape to facilitate dependable adhesion


Mirror Assembling and Packing

Step 1

Mirror Assembling

Carefully assemble mirror components to create a unified and stunning end product

Step 2.1

Step 2.2

Manual Inspection

Testing Equipment

That's why we offer a unique and customized approach to shopping for LED mirrors

Step 3


Affix labels or identifiers with precision and care

Step 4


Thoughtfully package finished products, ready for safe transport or storage