Do LED Lights Attract Bugs and Spiders?

Do LED Lights Attract Bugs and Spiders?

After installing energy-efficient LEDs in your space, you have noticed the influx of bugs and spiders. Are you wondering whether LED lights attract spiders and bugs? In general, insects and bugs are attracted to lights. But, in the case of LED light, it is unanswerable because the color of the LED light and where it is located plays a major role in attracting the bugs. 

LED lights have become a popular choice for home lighting because of their energy efficiency compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. It does not attract spiders and bugs unnecessarily. If you notice more spiders around LED lights, there are many reasons behind this. Keep reading to know in-depth about the reasons LED lights attract bugs and how to deter them effectively.

Why Are Bugs and Spiders Will Be Attracted by Light?

We may all notice a group of bugs and insects around the lights in the backyard or on the porch during the evening. Insects often fly around street lights, porch lights, and campfire flames. It may bring a question to our mind - are bugs attracted by light? Look below to know the reasons insects are attracted to light. 


The wavelength of light is the major source of bugs' and spiders' attraction. Different lights have different wavelengths, and thus the attraction to bugs also differs. Usually, LED lights wavelength does not attract bugs like traditional incandescent lights. Insects usually perceive light in the 300-650 nm range.

Color temperature

Another vital reason for bugs attracted by light is the color temperature. It produces different color qualities that are bug attractive. Usually, bluish and bright white lights are the most attractive color to insects. Conversely, orange, pinkish, or yellowish lights are the least attractive. 


Usually, lights get heat upon running continuously, so it attracts bugs and spiders easily. Insects often look for a source of heat to warm up and relax. Bugs have several sense organs, particularly in their antenna and legs. These sense organs help detect humidity and moisture easily. So, heat is another worthy reason for insects to be attracted to light.


Bugs often rely on the light source to guide their movement and travel. Many strongly believe insects utilize natural light sources such as the sun to navigate like the sailor uses stars to navigate ships. Therefore, insects fly toward the light source whenever they see the light. In many cases, bugs mistake your porch light for the natural light (sun and moon). As they become confused easily, they start to circle the light in your home.

Easy Escape From Predators

Another theoretical reason for bugs attracted by light is that it uses light as the escape medium. Whenever the insects see the light, it tells them that obstacles and predators do not block their path. It uses the light source to escape from predators easily.

Strategic Location to Hide

Spiders and bugs wish to live in the dark. They prefer privacy and hunt in peace. But, these creatures are opportunistic. A group of insects living in one place results in an easy and fast kill. This is why bright place becomes the ideal location for spiders to weave their webs and set traps for their food. 

led lights and bugs

Do LED Lights Attract Bugs and Spiders?

LED light fixtures are not as bright as regular high-powered light bulbs. It leads to a lower risk of creating a spider web. LED lights are also energy efficient and work well for a long time. It does not give off toxic fumes similar to fluorescent bulbs. Although LED lights look more expensive, they are more cost-effective in the long run.

It provides light that is very similar to natural light. This makes insects, bugs, and spiders attracted to LED light easily. Whenever you leave the house, turn off all the lights to avoid an outbreak of bugs. Bugs may come in and go out via tiny holes in the walls that glow while lights are in use. 

LED lights are bright and provide space for insects to crawl and hide easily. However, the color and intensity of the light matter a lot. Usually, LED strip lights and LED lighted mirrors may run cooler than other lighting options. But it emits bright light and attracts spiders and bugs easily. 

Spiders usually need warmth, food, and shelter to survive. LED lights offer these elements perfectly and become a home for them. LED lights never emit UV radiation like traditional light bulbs. It means that insects will easily get attracted to LED light as it does not keep them away. 

Solutions to Keep Insects Away From LED Lights

Do you want to keep bugs and spiders away from LED lights in your home? Well! You can do the following things with utmost care and attention.

- Try to keep the space around the LED lights dirt free. To do so, you must clean the space around the lights every now and then. Make sure you clear the dead bugs as soon as you notice them to avoid infestation. 

- You must seal off the LED light source behind aluminum profiles and diffusers. Although the light is still attractive to bugs, it is extremely easier to clean and maintain.

- Find out the holes, openings, and cracks around the exterior of your home and seal them quickly. It avoids the entrance of unwanted insects into your space.

- Use insecticide around the LED lights to properly deter them from the specific area. You can use the repellent that has the smells of lavender, citrus, and cedar. 

How to Avoid LED-Spider Interaction

If you want to prevent your LED lights from spider interaction, install LED lighting fixtures away from where people will play or sit. Mounting the LEDs high enough makes spiders not dangle near people's heads. 

Spray bug repellants and pesticides in the areas around the LED lights. It prevents spiders from building webs. You can even place the traps near LED lights or in areas where you witness more spider activity. Ensure you empty the trap after a few days. 

led lights and bugs

Natural Ways to Remove Insects and Spiders

Are you worried about how to naturally remove bugs and spiders in your LEDs to restore the space appeal? Follow these steps carefully.

- Reduce air moisture by keeping your room clean and dirt-free. Use reliable cleaning tools and perform the cleaning activity at least twice a week.

- Use the natural bugs repellents such as peppermint oil and lavender oil. You can prepare the natural bug repellent by mixing lavender flowers with water and using it whenever you want. 

- Use diatomaceous earth, a natural substance made of fossilized diatoms. It dehydrates the bugs and spiders when they come in contact with it. You can get this substance both online and offline store. It is a cost-effective and quick solution to your problem.

- Make sure you purchase and install quality LED lights in your home and business areas. It comes with warm light and avoids the attraction of insects effectively.

The issue of whether LED lights attract insects is up for debate. But now, you get the appropriate answer to your query – does the LED light attracts bugs and spiders? You also understand the reasons for bugs are attracted to light. Follow the steps mentioned above to easily deter the bugs and spiders in your home. It helps make your space bug-free. 

If you keep LED lights installed clean and well-maintained, your space is no longer home to insects. If you wish to keep spiders and bugs away from your space, you must take some extra effort and use the removal methods seriously. 

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