9 Shower Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Bathroom Up

9 Shower Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Bathroom Up

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There's nothing worse than trying to take a shower and not having adequate lights for the shower to be able to see what you're doing. However, the good news is that there are quite a lot of different shower lighting options you can choose from to brighten up your shower and your bathroom.

Investing in much brighter lights for your bathroom and increasing your overall visibility inside of your shower is absolutely essential. Because no one wants to not be able to see if they've gotten every inch of their body clean, right?

And when you have enough lighting in the shower it can be more relaxing while taking a bubble bath. Also, you won't feel as vulnerable like you would if your bathroom or particularly your shower is very dark.

Being able to see while in such a vulnerable state can definitely help you no matter what made that noise in the other room while you're at home showering by yourself.

1. For A More Modern Look, Install A Large Ceiling Light

There are these bright, big ceiling lights that you can install in your bathroom that really do illuminate your entire bathroom. Especially if you position it just right in the ceiling next to, or right above your shower.

If your shower is equipped for installing a light right above it that is. And the circular appearance adds a touch of modern flare that anybody could get used to while bathing in their newly, brightly lit bathroom.

And if you have a shower with a glass door, it can really brighten up the inside of your shower and not cause any dark or dim-looking corners within the entirety of your bathroom.

large ceiling light
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2. Add Some Extra Lights If Your Shower Has Dark Wall Tiles

A bathroom that has very dark walls or even just dark, stylish tiles within the shower and above the tub could always use some extra lighting to help to brighten up the entire space. It's always nice to have a bathroom that looks the way you want it to.

However, if you can't see what you're doing while showering the overall look may not be worth it. You may need to install some shower lighting for the shower to brighten up those dark walls. Some lighting may cause dark shadows if not installed in the right spot.

And your bathroom may seem like it's brightly lit, however, if you have to use a shower curtain it can definitely cause the shower experience to be dull and dark.

extra special light
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3. Boost the Natural Lighting

If you're lucky enough to have windows in your bathroom you can benefit from allowing as much natural lighting to come into your bathroom as possible. This may mean only using thin, see-through curtains. Or you can use regular thicker curtains however, just make sure to open them up before you shower. That is as long as no one can see into your bathroom of course. But natural lighting can be a huge light source.

natural lighting from window
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4. Mainly Focus on Lighting the Whole Room

When you are looking for the perfect shower lights, you should really focus on certain lights that you can install in your bathroom that will light up the entire room as a whole. Whenever there is adequate lighting throughout the entire bathroom, typically there is enough light in the shower.

One way to help keep the bathroom completely bright is to paint the walls pale colors such as pale blue or white. Just something that will add extra brightness to the space. The color of the walls really does play a role in how bright a room is.

5. Install A Modern Hanging Light

A modern hanging light is a light fixture that can hang right above the bathtub and you can also install one of these glamorous lights inside of a walk-in shower too. In general, this type of lighting solution is more about the awe factor than the functionality.

However, if you already have a lot of other kinds of light sources within your bathroom you can certainly get away with this enchanting designed shower lighting.

6. A Single Pot Light Directly in the Center of The Shower Ceiling

Sometimes the easiest solution for adding extra lighting to your bathroom is to just simply install a single pot light in the very center of your square shower. If you have to use a shower curtain then this is a great option.

And if you already have some light sources in your bathroom like white walls and natural lighting you can get away with just adding one single pot light inside of the shower to really brighten things up.

pot light
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7. Use LED Mirror with Lights

These types of lights are another example of small pot lights to add lighting to your bathroom. Even if your bathroom is on the small side you can ensure that you bring more light into your shower by adding small pot lights within the shower or next to it.

And another thing to consider is to get a larger-sized lighted mirror that will reflect all of the light in the bathroom and your bathroom shower much brighter. These LED mirrors have a lot of different settings that you can choose from.

Typically, you can even choose the color that you want the light to be and there are LED mirrors that come in all different shapes and sizes. So, you know you'll have a lot of options to choose from.

inyouths led mirror with lights
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8. Wall Sconce Light

This is one way to get more light in your shower rather than installing a ceiling pot light. This type of light called a wall sconce light can be installed and will give your bathroom enough light to be able to see within the shower.

Especially, if your bathroom has white marble it can really brighten up your bathroom shower because of the warmer tone against the cooler tone of the white marble.

wall scone light
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9. Use a Table Lamp

For lighting in a shower, you can always put an end table in your bathroom if you have a bathtub shower or a standalone shower and place a table lamp on it to brighten up the shower lighting. And you can use an end table that has extra storage space to keep toiletries or toilet paper.

However, having an end table to specifically use a table lamp is a great idea if you're looking for better lighting in your shower. You can't really go wrong with this option.

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