Boring Bathroom? 15 Ideas To Bling Up The Space Behind The Toilet Bowl!

Boring Bathroom? 15 Ideas To Bling Up The Space Behind The Toilet Bowl!

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Sometimes, the area at the back of the toilet bowl becomes an afterthought, especially regarding decor and designs. But the truth is, this space has so much potential to help liven up the room. You may wonder about what to put at the back of the toilet for decoration, that’s why we’re here to help you out!

We’ve listed down and curated a couple of ways how you can decorate the space at the back of your toilet bowl so you can pick one that suits your taste and bathroom theme. Check them out!

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 1: Framed Artwork

Framed Artwork

Image source: Instagram

One of the best elements to add to the space at the back of your toilet is framed artwork. Depending on the area, you can put a big statement piece or a couple of tinier frames. You may also choose to personalize this by putting up your own or your kids’ masterpiece. The splash of color will instantly lift the usually boring wall.

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 2: Random Trinkets

Random Trinkets

Image source: Instagram

Aside from framed artwork, you may also add cute and random trinkets to add a touch of your personality to the available space. This could be tiny ceramics, scented candles, glass sculptures, and crystals. Something to add texture to the formerly negative space.

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 3: Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures

Image source: Instagram

Add more illumination to your bathroom space by adding decorative lighting fixtures behind and above your toilet. Install pendant lights in geometrical shapes or some more subtle pin lights if you don’t want something that’s too eye-catching and space-consuming.

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 4: Lighted Mirror

Lighted Mirror

Image source: Instagram

One of the best decors you can add to your wall behind the toilet is a customized LED mirror. Aside from the aesthetic value that will instantly prettify your bathroom, the mirrors also give off the illusion of a bigger and wider space. Since the mirrors are customizable, you may choose the right size that fits your available area. The backlit mirror gives off illumination that also helps brighten up the bathroom. Lastly, tasks will be easier like putting on makeup, shaving, or simply checking your face.

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 5: Fixed Shelves

Fixed Shelves

Image source: Instagram

Adding fixed shelves is one of the best ways you can maximize the free space behind the toilet bowl. Just the additional storage space is enough to convince anyone to try this out in their very own bathrooms. You can utilize the shelf space for storing towels, stocks of your personal and skincare items, and even decorative items like vases of fresh plants, scented candles, figurines, books, and magazines.

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 6: Sleek Cabinet

Sleek Cabinet

Image source: Instagram

If you don’t feel like having an open space behind your toilet area, a closed cabinet would be perfect for you. Just like the open shelves, the cabinet can be utilized to store stocks, towels, and other toiletries. Using the cabinet, you may also seamlessly and smartly conceal the toilet’s water tank for a sleeker finish. If you still have available space above the cabinet, consider adding lighted mirrors, too.

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 7: Small Window

Small Window

Image source: Instagram

Aside from better air circulation, a small window behind your toilet bowl is a good aesthetic option instead of just a boring blank wall. You don’t only get additional natural light, but you also get to have space for other decors, like candles, figurines, or a vase of flowers.

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 8: Floating Shelf

Floating Shelf

Image source: Instagram

If you want a more minimalist look, a floating shelf can be a great decor for the space at the back of the toilet. There are various materials you can use like wood or metal, you just have to choose the one that fits the overall look of your bathroom. You may utilize the shelf as a towel or personal care holder or for decorative purposes only.

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 9: Multi-layer Shelves

Multi-layer Shelves

Image source: Instagram

Break the monotonous vibe of your toilet’s back wall by adding multi-level floating shelves. They don’t only look good but can also serve as an additional holder of bathroom essentials like towels, toiletries, and stocks. Add an organic touch by using one of the layers as a plant holder.

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 10: Cute Collectibles

Cute Collectibles

Image source: Instagram

Don’t have space in the house for your collectibles? Use the space behind your toilet! You can hang posters, photos, and artwork or you can use a floating shelf to hold action figures, stuffed toys, and figurines. Mix and match the items until you achieve the desired look.

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 11: Functional Hooks and Holders

Functional Hooks and Holders

Image source: Instagram

Aside from beautifying your bathroom space, you may also add form and function by installing additional hooks and holders to the available area behind the toilet. If not in use, you may hang decorative items like hats or bags.

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 12: Unique Wallpaper

Unique Wallpaper

Image source: Instagram

Here’s another way how you can decorate the back of the toilet: eye-catching wallpaper! Instead of going through the hassle of picking the right color, just choose from the wide selection of wallpapers available for easy installation. Make a statement by choosing something unique and out of this world. It’ll add more fun and personality to the whole room.

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 13: Gorgeous Greenery

Gorgeous Greenery

Image source: Instagram

Nothing’s better than going natural. Aside from adding a beautiful organic touch, greenery also purifies the air and absorbs excess moisture in the bathroom. They also give off a positive vibe to the space.

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 14: Statement Poster

Statement Poster

Image source: Instagram

If you don’t want to go through the process of installing wallpaper or painting a wall, a big poster is a good alternative to liven up the space behind the toilet. It could be a poster of your favorite movie or one bearing a beloved quote or mantra.

Behind The Toilet Decor Idea 15: Hand-Painted Mural

Hand-Painted Mural

Image source: Instagram

Feeling creative? Bring out your brushes and paint away! What’s a better way to beautify the space behind the toilet than personalizing it with your hard work? Choose a theme or a visual and let your creative juices flow.

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