How to Install the LED Mirror on the Wall?

Step 1: Open the package, and read the installation Manual first.

Step 2: Carefully hold the mirror up from the package, and always place the mirror on a soft surface.

Step 3: Measure the distances between two hanging holes on the back of the mirror, and mark the drilling locations on the wall.

Step 4: Ensure there are no hidden cables or pipes behind the mounting points first. Then drill holes in the marked positions to a suitable depth. Insert wall plugs and screws provided.

Step 5: Turn off the power first. Then find the input cable with the terminal block equipped on the end and make a tight connection.

Step 6: Carefully hold the mirror and mount it onto the screws fitted to the wall. Ensure the mirror is securely mounted and remove all the protective film and corner protectors.

For more detailed information please refer to: How to Install an LED Mirror on the Wall in Your Bathroom