What to Do With a Broken Mirror

What to Do With a Broken Mirror

Why is it considered bad luck to break a mirror? The idea that broken mirrors can bring bad luck most likely stems from the ancient Greeks or Romans, who believed souls lived in reflective pools of water. And one’s soul will be trapped in the mirror if it’s broken. But if you happen to break a mirror accidentally, seven years of bad luck may not be your first concern, what to do with a broken mirror is. This article will talk about how to deal with a broken mirror.

What to Do With a Broken Mirror

Simple, we fix them with epoxy resin. If you can clearly remember how the Japanese restored their broken bowl pieces with molten gold, it works in the same manner with mirrors and epoxy resin.

epoxy resin
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An exquisite yet broken mirror is such a waste and everyone knows this. Especially when you have a mirror that looks too unique to just throw away. That is why we have researched creative ideas on how you can repurpose cracked and broken mirror pieces, so you don’t have to throw them away. And most importantly, these are creative ways that can help you keep them at home.
Initially, people would tell you that if an object has no more purpose, you throw them away. However, if you have this rustic and vintage-looking mirror that’s way too good to get thrown out, then here are some unique ways to use them to decorate your home.

What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin is a double-acting adhesive that serves as a component for repairing broken glass or a sealant. That is why we are highly recommending this adhesive to fix your shattered mirrors, in case you want to attach them back into your mirror’s original frame.

Is This the End for Your Mirror?

There is never an end to your mirror unless you decide to throw it out. A mirror can be considered a non-biodegradable object. In other words, it will not decompose; however, it can be reused.

How to Reuse a Broken Mirror to Decorate Your Home

When a mirror is broken, it doesn’t indicate the end of it. You simply need to find a way to reuse it, so you get to keep it. We have enumerated every possible way that you can reuse your broken mirrors so that you don’t need to throw them away.

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Fix it With Epoxy Resin and Add Some Design

A mirror’s purpose does not end when it’s broken. Its end is only determined when its user doesn’t know how to creatively repurpose it. That’s why if you want to reuse a good mirror, the epoxy resin would be a good adhesive that you can use to restore it.
If only a small part of your mirror has been damaged, like the bottom part, for example, a good way to restore it is to remove the damaged part. Then, you can add some sand or paint over it and then add the resin to seal it. When you do this, you eventually create a decorative mirror with a beach design on your mirror.

To Improve the Beauty of Your Bedroom Dresser

If you have plain looking dresser, you can always decorate it with broken mirror fragments. You can glue them onto the surface to produce a unique design for your plain cabinet.

Create a Chandelier Out of Them

Naturally, when a mirror is strategically placed near your indoor light or by the window, it distributes the light throughout your room, illuminating it even further. And since your mirror shards are uneven, you can always create a unique chandelier out of them, similar to the one that’s shown in the photo above.

create a unique chandelier out of glass
Image source: Pinterest

Create a Unique Wall Art

If you have nothing but a broken mirror for a design on your wall, remove those fragments, cut them into unique shapes, and start forming them into animals, flowers, or whatever you could think of. You can create abstract wall designs and they will still create a unique purpose of being an ornament within your home and distributing the light throughout every part of your home.

Create a Unique Wall Art with Glass
Image source: Pinterest

See? It's Not Bad Luck At All!

Your broken mirror doesn’t mean it’s bad luck. It’ll only be bad luck if you’re not using it uniquely. That’s why if you think it’s a waste to throw away the mirror which you got from your favorite shop, make use of the ideas that we’ve shared with you above.
However, if you believe that some of your mirror shards are no longer worth saving, you can always proceed with throwing them straight into the bin.

How to Get Rid of the Broken Mirror Carefully

Getting rid of a broken mirror will require careful and cautious measures, to avoid injuring yourself or the trash collector that segregates your trash. To know how you can properly dispose of them, read our helpful steps:

Throw Them Directly Into the Bin.

Although this suggestion may not sound smart, if the mirror is still intact with its frame, while the shards are still stuck on it, you can throw them directly. The thing is, this is still considered safe for the sanitation worker who is handling your garbage collection. They can easily get your trash with no need of worrying whether they’ll get injured during the collection.

Place Tape Over Your Broken Mirror

Broken mirrors are not advised to be directly thrown into the trash bin as the sanitation worker could get injured. Therefore, we highly advise placing tape over the broken mirror, inc case the damaged part is reparable.

Wrap Each Sharp Piece With Newspaper

To better avoid any issues brought on by the improper handling of glass from broken mirrors, wrapping them with the newspaper would be the best option. This helps the trash collector identify and avoid any unwarranted injuries.

In the end, a broken mirror may not fully function as how it should, Yet our creative ways can help you save a lot of money by showing you how you can still repurpose your broken mirror. However, always remember that before you begin repurposing, you need to have gloves, epoxy resin, a cutter, etc.

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