Top 10 Modern Interior Designers in California | Expert Guide

Top 10 Modern Interior Designers in California | Expert Guide

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Discover the top modern interior designers in California, from Kelly Wearstler to Tichenor & Thorp. Our expert guide highlights their unique styles and notable works, helping you choose the perfect designer for your project. Explore now!

Because of its abundant beaches, fantastic Mediterranean-like temperature, and breathtaking views, California has become the go-to spot for luxury homeowners on the west coast. And because of that, modern interior design has also flourished in this area.

Modern designs, as opposed to classical and contemporary, complement the California vibe due to the use of warm hues and the use of natural elements. In this post, we will discuss the 10 top California interior designers who have created the majority of stunning and spectacular homes from Sacramento to San Diego.

Top California Modern Home Interior Designers

1. Kelly Wearstler

1.Kelly Wearstler

Image source: kellywearstler


Kelly Wearstler is one talented interior designer who designed hotel interiors such as for the Viceroy Hotel chain before expanding to modernizing residential homes of high-profile names like Gwen Stefani and Cameron Diaz.

The center of her focus is the client's stimulating, multi-layered sensory experience as shown by her edgy designs and outstanding ink collection. She is currently teaching a MasterClass, making her the first interior designer to do so.

2. Michael S. Smith

2.Michael S. Smith

Image source: michaelsmithinc


Michael S. Smith loves to blend different inspirations for his designs. By incorporating classic European to modern American, he has won the interests of many notable executives including Oaktree Capital chairman Howard Marks and News Corporation president Peter Chernin.

Also included in his clientele are showbiz personalities like Cindy Crawford. In case you don’t know, Michael was also tasked with the White House makeover during the first term of President Barack Obama.

3. Martyn Lawrence Bullard

3.Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Image source: ruemag

Although having a wide range of styles, Martyn Lawrence Bullard is known more for his eclectic yet inviting interiors. His keen eye for detail and strict quality adherence has earned him countless accolades and rich clients like the Kardashian sisters and Tommy Hilfiger. His most notable works are the interiors for the Colony Palms Hotel in Palm Springs.

4. Commune Design

4.Commune Design

Image source: communedesign

The Los Angeles-based studio Commune Design is a design firm led by Steven Johanknecht and Roman Alonso. Their collective strength is their collaborative spirit and laid-back chic designs. This enabled them to earn high-profile clients such as the Ace Hotel located in downtown Los Angeles and the Heath Ceramics factory in San Francisco.

5. Jeffrey Alan Marks

5.Jeffrey Alan Marks

Image source: jam-design

One of the most sought-after interior designers in California is Jeffrey Alan Marks. His specialty is working on sophisticated beach houses and incorporating designs that are coastal-inspired. Among the pieces of evidence of his greatness are the gorgeous Malibu beach homes.

6. Nathan Turner

6.Nathan Turner

Image source: nathanturner

Nathan Turner is a California native, so it is only logical that he understands what California homes actually need. His project on the Montecito Beach House was praised by many. Aside from being an amazing designer, Nathan is an editor at Architectural Digest and C Magazine.

7. Jamie Bush

7.Jamie Bush

Image source: jamiebush

Jamie Bush entered the world of interior design with a focus on modern residential architecture. His ability to break down the barriers between interior design and architecture has earned him a lot of praise from those around him. One of his notable works is for LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

8. Atelier AM

8.Atelier AM

Image source: interiorsicons

The couple-led firm Atelier AM is behind some of the awe-inspiring homes such as billionaire Jack Dorsey’s San Francisco residence. Atelier AM was founded by Michael and Alexandra Misczynski. They are known to blend contemporary and traditional styles with modern elements.

9. Marmol Radziner

9.Marmol Radziner

Image source: marmol-radziner

Founded by Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner, the firm Marmol Radziner is well-known for its specialties in various architectural design fields. They follow the “master builder” tradition, wherein they aim to be experts in multiple disciplines. They also dabble in restoration works. In fact, among their outstanding works is the restoration of Kaufmann House in Palm Springs.

10. Tichenor & Thorp

10.Tichenor & Thorp

Image source: digs

The couple tandem of Brian Tichenor and Raun Thorp has produced some of the most amazing interior designs in Los Angeles. As of now, they have completed more than 400 projects all over the country. Their work on a certain massive 12,000-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills is a testament to their multifaceted specialties.


Image source: Shutterstock

Comparing California Modern Home Interior Designers

California is really an exotic place with a booming real estate industry. This location is also one of the greatest for fans of modern interior design, as it attracts the world's best designers and creatives. If you're looking for an interior designer who understands your style, the west coast state has plenty of options.

Many of the top interior designers listed have years of expertise. Designers like Michael S. Smith and Jamie Bush love to blend different styles from traditional and contemporary to modern elements. They draw ideas from existing artworks and decoration pieces and then add their visions to come up with something out of the ordinary.

Some focus on being an all-rounder that caters to many kinds of clients such as Marmol Radziner. Being experienced in multiple disciplines makes them attractive to clients with a wide range of tastes.

Each designer’s unique style and desire to produce the best output for their clients are what separate them from the rest. They will remain at the top of the scene as long as they maintain their quality and have no signs of losing any inspiration.


Most of the top California interior designers have worked not only on high-class residences but also large commercial establishments such as hotel chains and luxury retail stores. Some may share some inspiration and goals, but each has its own distinct style.

Because of the appropriate aesthetics and adaptable elements that allow for modifications without devaluing the property, modern interior designs have greatly aided the California real estate business. The 10 top interior designers mentioned above have shaped the modern west coast and may have inspired numerous interior designers all over the world as well.

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