19 Bathroom Counter Decorating Ideas to Makeover your Bathroom

19 Bathroom Counter Decorating Ideas to Makeover your Bathroom

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Everyone deserves to have a bathroom counter that is not only functional but one that looks good to. Here we have compiled a list of bathroom counter decor ideas for you. 

19 Bathroom Countertop Decorating Ideas

If you love the minimalist style then don’t worry, it’s easy to decorate your bathroom counter. Here are 19 decorating ideas that you can incorporate into your minimalist bathroom design. 

1. Bathroom Counter Decorating Ideas Are Made Easy with a White Backdrop.

You can match counter decorations easier when you are dealing with marble and a white background as the main colors in the bathroom. The small green pine trees pack a punch for standing out but remain minimalist. The tapware blends with the brown cabinet and the small soap bottles positioned in the middle are perfectly portioned to create a minimalist look.

2. Rolled White Washers and Simplified White Vase

You can add minimalist bathroom counter decorating ideas in a way that is cheap and easy and that’s by using rolled up washers and nice basket or like in this picture a book. It adds a touch of style, and the good thing is you can change up the colors or patterns to what suits your bathroom style best. A simple vase with white flowers works well without overwhelming the countertop.

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3. Centered Vase with Florals in This Neutral Bathroom

When you have double sinks in your bathroom it is best to position your décor directly in the middle and opt for two single mirrors to give you bare space in the middle for your minimalist bathroom counter decorating ideas such as this beautiful vase with natural florals. The goal with minimalist is to keep things simple and neutral colored.

4. Two Marble Variations Paired with Gold Trim

The beautiful beige and white tiles at the back are the perfect backdrop for the intense black marble bathroom set with a shiny gold trim. Black marble such as this one isn’t as common but when it is used correctly it can become a good minimalist bathroom counter décor.

5. White Counter, Fresh Flowers Minimalist Love

This white single vanity is decorated with silver tapware which keeps it low key. The white countertop keeps things looking fresh and bright with the addition of a lit candle on the side which functions as both serene light and a nice-looking décor piece. Small vases of flowers are kept minimal for an uncluttered look.

6. Black Outlines Don’t Require Much Bathroom Counter

The minimalist look here has been pulled off well with minimal décor items on the countertop. With the addition of the black tapware and slim frame around the mirrors there is no need to dress up the vanity the black hand wash is the only thing needed here.

7. A Bathroom Counter Decorating Idea Is Completed With This Design

A beautiful orchid flower is perfect for this bathroom design. A white marble tray with a framed print at the back and a gorgeous white pot that is the perfect height for the soap pumps on the left. The little wooden bird adds a fun homely piece to this bathroom.

8. Neutral Colors a Pretty Vase and Perfectly Shaped Paper Palm Leaves

This counter decorating style is low key and plays the minimalist key well. A funky shaped vase with paper palm leaves matches well with the wall color and wooden soap holders and a brown hand towel resting on the side of the sink. To the right is a basket that will help to keep everything together and neat.

9. Beautiful Woods Tones Avoid the Need for a Cluttered Countertop.

I don’t know about you but there is something about wood being used in bathrooms as a feature just like this bathroom decorator has done. Now when you have wood close to the vanity you don’t need to use any decorations. Here a small soap pump and a hand towel hung to the side will work just fine. A small green plant would work with the wood tones also.

10. Greenery or Neutral Vases Would Work in This Bathroom

This type of vanity makes it a little hard to decorate as you have very limited space. But keeping with the bathroom counter decorating ideas in a minimalist way and having limited space can help to achieve this. With so much white in the room you can work with different colors whether you want neutral or pops of colour both would here while continuing to keep the minimalist look.

11. A Pop of Black for the Mirror and Wall Mounted Soaps Screams Minimalist Designed

This grey speckled countertop is easily decorated with a candle and black hand towels sitting off to the left. The minimalist look is achieved by mounting the soap holders on the wall which keeps things tidy and clean and avoids the cluttered look. The black mirror gives you the eye-catching point meaning you don’t need anything extra on the counter.

12. Let’s Mix and Match Tiles for Easy Counter Decorating

The mix-match beige tiles on the back wall create beautiful tones that can be used to your advantage when coming up with bathroom counter decorating ideas. Here they have matched the black countertop and tap with a black diffuser and added the floral arrangement with red for minimal color. The candle and little soap add a welcoming feeling to the room.

13. Limited Vanity Room Allows for You to Decorate Elsewhere With Floral Arrangements in This Bathroom.

Due to the limited bench space in this bathroom the decoration needs to come from the little cabinet next to the vanity. Here they have used a floral arrangement that is quite dramatic but have kept the color of the vase quite neutral, so it doesn’t create a sense of too much going on. You don’t need to add much decorating to the counter as the walls compensate enough.

14. Boho Related Theme With Minimal Counter Decorations

This bohemian styled bathroom makes styling on the countertop easier. A white vase with dried leaves on the left, white and wood grain soap pump, white toothbrush dish and a plant of the right perfects the bathroom countertop decorating ideas in this room.

15. Limited Bench Space Allows Greenery to Complement the Look.

Again, minimal bench space here as it consists of just a sink and that’s it. Fresh greenery on the sink is enough to complete the look. A soap dish has been hung on the wall perfect for limited space and hand towel hangs off the side ready to use when needed. The wicker basket adds the homely feel the room might lack due to having no cabinet space.

16. Hydrangeas, Porcelain and Hints of Blue Are Decorating Pleasures

This benchtop has plenty of space and with the color scheme there are many options for bathroom counter decorating ideas. Here the white porcelain benchtop has been styled up with the use of white and blue tones in the ceramic vases and pots. Bright blue hydrangea flowers add a fresh feel to the room.

17. Decorating With Dark Bathrooms Is Possible With the Use of Bright Whites

It can be hard to work with black themed bathrooms. When it comes to bathroom counter decorating ideas your choices can be limited. White has been used in this dark bathroom to create a brightness in the room. White soap dispenser, and toothbrush holder with a small plant with dark leaves. Black tapware disappears making the white decorations stand out.

18. Hexagon Tiles and Bright Yellow Hues

The white shiny marble vanity top is decorated perfectly well with the minimal use of just a vase of bright yellow flowers that signal happiness and relaxation. Gold tapware matches perfectly with the vase and goes swell against the bright white top.

19. Plenty of Space and Great Color Palette Decorating Ideas Are Endless.

The white marbled vanity top here hasn’t been blessed with amazing bathroom counter decorating ideas but with the blues whites and gold tones you can use a wicker basket with rolled up face cloths or a vivid white or blue vase with fresh greenery. A bold soap pump would work while still keeping the minimal look. You don’t need much to create some amazing bathroom counter decorating ideas.


The bathrooms seem to be a forgotten room when talking about decorating, especially the countertop. We don’t realize how often we use the bathroom and it’s important to have it nicely decorated to match in with the rest of your home. The internet is a great source of bathroom counter decorating ideas, and the possibilities are endless. A little effort with your bathroom countertop styling goes a long way.

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