Hotel Custom LED Mirror

Have you ever been to a fancy hotel with LED mirrors in the bathroom? It will make you feel like royalty as you prepare for the event.If you're a hotelier, now you can make every guest have the same experience every day!

Custom LED mirror

If your hotel has customization needs for mirrors, we can customize LED mirrors for you according to your needs. Of course, you can choose from a variety of sizes and styles, as well as technical features. Dimmable lights, anti-fog setup, high-end bluetooth speakers, and even a TV screen, your guests don't have to miss a single second standing in front of the mirror.

Perfect hotel experience

There are basically no restrictions on the installation position of the LED mirror. Some choose to display it in hotel lobbies to give guests a quick look at makeup and looks as they enter and exit. Others have installed LED mirrors in hotel room bedsides and bathrooms, adding an elevated look and feel to their everyday lives. We've also seen some people mount it on their vanity. LED mirrors illuminate guests' faces from all directions, eliminating shadows and ensuring a flawless everyday look.

The illuminated mirrors we showcase always seem to surprise people. Our offline showroom showcases a wide range of styles. See for yourself what a lighted mirror can do for you and your hotel!

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