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What’s the Difference between Backlit and Lighted Mirrors?

A backlit mirror is a form of a lighted mirror; the lights in backlit mirrors are situated behind them. And the term lighted mirror usually refers to an illuminated mirror with LED lights that shine from the front rather than the back.

Is LED Backlit Mirror a Good Idea?

LED Mirror with backlight is a conversation piece for home decor because they are aesthetical and functional to a space. Aesthetically, you could use our backlit mirror to add a modern, dynamic, and sophisticated vibe to your bathroom, living room, and hall for a better atmosphere. Practically, with dual lights, the mirror provides enough light for applying makeup and shaving.

The backlight and front light are dimmable via the equipped touch switch on the mirror or through the app on your phone. Don't worry about energy waste! LED technology reduces energy consumption and environmental impact. We are dedicated to contributing to a better world. Backlit mirrors are much more energy efficient, as LED bulbs use less energy and last longer than incandescent lightbulbs. A backlit mirror emits a soft, even glow - creating a calming modern ambiance.

Are Backlit Mirrors for Bathroom Good for Makeup?

An LED backlit bathroom mirror provides full illumination and highlights your face with clear, even light. What makes backlit mirrors for bathrooms so perfect for applying makeup is that they light your face from all directions. This is much better than overhead lighting because it doesn't create shadows that can make makeup application so difficult. We offer round backlit mirror, led backlit bathroom mirror, best backlit bathroom mirror, rectangular backlit mirror, lighted led frameless backlit wall mirror, etc.