Why More and More Luxury Hotels Replacing with LED Mirrors?

Why More and More Luxury Hotels Replacing with LED Mirrors?

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When motels are looking for the ultimate modern upgrade, there is no doubt LED mirrors are the perfect match. While many dismiss this type of lighting as novelty lighting, they are superior to traditional lights in more ways than one. They have exceptionally bright lighting but without the shadows that normal lights can give off. They are energy efficient which is important for not only hotels but also residential homes and businesses. Check out these famous hotels that made the switch to LED mirrors and will never look back.


A beautiful hotel to say the least. It’s a midtown luxury hotel with French touches that allows customers to experience a stunning and luxurious time. The hotel has spacious bathrooms with many that come with a spa to sink your troubles into. A community pool can be enjoyed and a fitness center that is close to state of the art as you can get. All day drinks and dining, fully stocked minibars in guest rooms, flat screen TVs and baccarat glassware. White marbled bathrooms offer a spacious design with rainfall showers and importantly a separate bathtub without the hassle of getting in and out of the bath to have a shower. Roomy and well-designed meeting spaces where it’s easy and stress free to host conferences, meetings, and social events. Luxury floor and wall coverings, expensive designer furnishings, new textiles and bathrooms that are constantly being updated. Helpful staff that are on the roster all the time ready to assist you with anything you need.

The beautiful feature of the bathrooms throughout the hotel are the LED mirrors paired with the marble scene is fresh and light without giving the impression of a cramped bathroom, Having the LED lights in the mirrors becomes a streamlined design that is both functional and stylish.


This is a luxury hotel that keeps a few historical and old-fashioned elements among the rooms. The wallpaper gives you a sense of home allowing you to feel relaxed. An old dresser changed into a cabinet basin that has a stylish design to it. The spacious bathtubs are different from the usual separate bathtubs you find in most hotels.

The suites have a mix of elegance and beauty that will create the perfect stay for your honeymoon, getaway or even a professional business trip. The perfect addition to these hotel rooms is the LED mirror which offers exceptional lighting for the room no matter what you are using the mirror for. For the size of the light they offer a huge amount of light and give a relaxing ambience which is what you want in a hotel room.

Grand Hyatt

At the Grand Hyatt you can experience residential style rooms with both contemporary and luxurious living designs. Is it the layers of tones in the room such as beige, chocolate and cream that make the room stylish? Could it be the custom furnishings, plush carpets, natural fabrics and posh fittings? Artwork is on view from locals artists in the community that can be found around the hotel.

There is no doubt that having big and bulky lights hanging over a mirror can become an eyesore that people really dislike. They are not aesthetic and take up space that could be used for something valuable. LED mirrors as this hotel have used solve the problem by adding subtle lights into the design of the mirror which stand out and create a feature that works for big and small spaces.


What do people love about this hotel? The fact you can bring your dog with you is important to some people as they like to bring their dogs on holiday too. There aren’t many hotels that allow you to bring pets which is why this pet friendly hotel is well liked. Get pampered in the spa like designed salon that has been elegantly decorated with designer features in mind. Perfect for meetings with state-of-the-art technology and service when you need it.

The spa like an experience you get when you walk into the bathroom will blow you away. Spacious and modern but better yet they have utilized the lighting well. By using LED mirrors they have created more mirror surfaces that are thinner and compact without looking bulky and making the sink area look cluttered. LED mirrors allow the bathroom to look modern and updated, which is what people look for in a hotel.

The Hilton

The Hilton has a reputation for designer and sophistication and introduces you to beauty design with a splash of country heritage on the side. The designers of this motel are up to date with current trends and the skills and knowledge to use innovative materials and the right materials to create the perfect room design. The hotel listens to their customers and takes their wants and needs into account when renovating and updating the hotels to give clients high design quality. The rooms are welcoming and warm and make use of the spaces well so guests can enjoy spending time in the rooms. LED mirrors have been used in their bathroom designs which are perfect for eliminating shadows in the room which can make it hard to shave or apply make-up. With LED lighting you get full illuminations that shows your face clearly and with the correct light.

JW Marriott

The Marriott is always updating its designs to keep up with modern times. This hotel offers 5-star experience with plenty of relaxation activities and spaces to chill out. Modern suites that offer different models in the bathrooms. All bathrooms offer a beautiful view, spacious areas and a relaxing tub and shower to calm the mind. The suites have mostly warm tones with black and metallic accents. The bathrooms are bright and well lit thanks to the new LED lighting the hotel has upgraded to.


This hotel offers exceptional living that you can experience the moment you walk into the room. It’s an elegant sanctuary that you will enjoy being around while away from home. The marble bathrooms are warm feeling and offer separate baths and showers to make you feel relaxed and tranquil. The hotel is a community hub that blends everyday life and holiday life into one to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

The timeless designs are modern. The hotel uses LED lighting which is more affordable in the long run as normal light bulbs have 1200 hours of life and LED have 50,000 hours which makes it more environmentally friendly and modern looking at the same time. Customers are happy to know the hotel they choose is reducing their carbon footprint in every way they can.


An American luxury company that has many hotels throughout the Canada and US areas located in the resort destinations making it a perfect place to visit. The lobby is known as the town square that is a spacious open area that brings people together creating friendly energy. The design of the hotel is not complicated and uses natural intuitive to make the overall hotel have a sense of belonging for those who stay there.

Carefully selected materials and colors in the bathroom make the room feel open and airy with a modern appeal. The mirrors appear simple but illuminate a frame of light that is perfect for everything you need to do. LED mirrors are a luxury and versatile addition to any bathroom where guests need the best lighting they can get.


The Sheraton hotel makes each room feel different as they all have unique features weaved throughout. They have stunning designs in the bathrooms, lobby, and the suites. Many rooms feature warm wood tones that feel welcoming and relaxing.

The rooms are designed for personal relaxing, business work or whatever else you plan to do. Enjoy a soak up in the bathroom with signature elements such as lockable drawers and fresh LED lighting added to their mirrors. This bathroom is very streamlined, neat but has a sense of modern luxury that everyone can’t help but fall in love with.


It’s easy to see why LED mirrors are preferred in many hotels, especially with many high-end hotels making the switch. Sleek design and environmentally friendly LED mirrors are the perfect addition to any type of bathroom. Whether big or small bathrooms this type of lighting works well in any design and allows the perfect lighting for the overall bathroom and the sink area where you are attending to your personal needs.

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