Top 10 Large Bathroom Mirrors Starting from $483

Top 10 Large Bathroom Mirrors Starting from $483

The glamor of a large well-lit bathroom mirror has a way of changing the ambiance of your space. Apart from making your bathroom appear bigger, it looks luxurious. Particularly, when a large bathroom mirror with a modern design is incorporated above a vanity, it opens a window to opulence.

Suffice it to say; there are so many stand-out large mirrors with LEDs in the market. As such, it can be quite hard to tell which mirror is worth buying. But if you have a budget, say above $483, you can get top-rated lighted mirrors with exceptional design, clarity, and modern lighting capabilities. Below are ten popular large bathroom mirrors within this budget that live up to the hype.

1.    Callisto Large LED Bathroom Mirror

The Callisto LED mirror combines iconic and sleek looks, offering true sophistication to your space. Its frameless design with a high-end silver backing provides a full, crisp, clear, and flawless reflection. The brilliant positioning of the LED at the top part of the mirror and back gives a high-end and sophisticated look. And thanks to the inbuilt demister on the Callisto LED mirror, you can enjoy a fog-free mirror every time.

2.   Himalia Large LED Bathroom Mirror

The Himalia LED mirror is a large bathroom mirror with modern features, and it’s relatively easy to install. One of the stand-out features of this large bathroom mirror is how Himalia majestically installed LED on the frame around the mirror. The LED on this mirror position on the anodized frame provides ample lighting to the front and sides of the mirror. You also get a demister on this mirror to help remove fog for a clear reflection even after a steam shower.

3.   Eirene Large LED Bathroom Mirror

The Eirene LED mirror is another large bathroom mirror with superior quality. This modern large bathroom mirror features a frameless design that blends well with most bathroom designs. The backlight LED on this mirror makes the mirror pop while offering a soft glow in your space, creating an elegant ambiance. Other features like the touch switch, anti-fog, clock, and built-in speaker, make it an investment worth its value.

4.   Cyllene Large LED Bathroom Mirror

The Cyllene LED mirror is another worthwhile large bathroom mirror that embraces style, sophistication, and sleekness. Its frameless design makes the mirror luxurious. Cyllene equipped this mirror with LED backlights, creating outstanding aesthetics in your space while offering a crisp and flawless reflection. Furthermore, the mirror comes with a built-in defogger mechanism, so you don’t have to clean the glass as frequently, which protects it from smudges and scratches.

5.   Neptune Large LED Bathroom Mirror

Neptune is a well-praised mirror for its exceptional craftsmanship. This Neptune large bathroom mirror is no exception, as it adorns your wall, creating a minimalist and modern look. It has a frameless design and LED light installed at the edge, creating a somewhat see-through lighting effect. Also, you get a touch switch on this mirror which offers a quick and easy way to control the light.

6.   Venus Large LED Bathroom Mirror

Venus is another mirror that has been around for some time and is known for its luxurious style. This Venus LED mirror is an excellent option if you want something to elevate your space. It comes with a frameless design with the top and bottom sandblasted. And integrated at the top and bottom is the LED light that fills your space with enough light. Also standard on this mirror is a demister, clock, and Bluetooth speaker.

7.   Saturn Large LED Bathroom Mirror

If you are looking for a large bathroom mirror with a minimalist look, you can opt for this Saturn LED mirror. This mirror has a frameless design that offers a wide viewing area. The well-positioned backlight on this mirror at the left and right sides ensures you get enough light on your face while using it. And its demister function ensures the mirror stays clear and crisps every time.

8.   Polaris Large LED Bathroom Mirror

The Polaris LED mirror is another excellent large mirror to spruce up your bathroom. Whichever side of the wall you install, be it over a vanity, or washbasin, the Polaris LED mirror adorns it. It has a frameless design with a backlight infused on the mirror a few inches from the edges. So, whenever you use the mirror, you get a bright light without the hint of a shadow. Standard on this Polaris mirror is a switch control with a sensor for touch, demister, Bluetooth speaker, clock, and even a WiFi Weather Station.

9.   Sirius Large LED Bathroom Mirror

Sirius prides itself as an artisan for mirrors. As such, it should be no surprise that one of its mirrors made it to this list. This Sirus large mirror with an LED frame excellently expands your space. The LED provides ample light to the front of the mirror and comes with a touch switch for quick on or off. This mirror is also equipped with a demister that heats and gets rid of fog, a Bluetooth speaker for entertainment while in the bathroom, a clock to stay on schedule, and so much more.

10. Betelgeuse Large LED Bathroom Mirror

The Betelgeuse LED mirror is a large mirror that takes your bathroom space to a new world. It is one of the bathroom mirrors with the best-LED lighting option. The beautifully crafted LED backlight on the mirror creates a unique design that pops out when you walk into the bathroom. And the mirror’s frameless design integrates well with your bathroom’s design. This Betelgeuse LED mirror has a demister, touch control switch, Bluetooth speaker, and more.


In summary, you can choose any of these large bathroom mirrors as it outshines its competitors. You even have the option to choose a customizable size. So, irrespective of the size of your bathroom, or the style you want to achieve, any of these large bathroom mirrors is a great buy.

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