Room Romance: Surprise Romantic Room Decoration Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2023

Room Romance: Surprise Romantic Room Decoration Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2023

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It’s the season of love! Aside from planning dates and Valentine's Day outfits, one of the most fun and exciting activities to do during the sweetest season of the year is doing some Valentine’s Day decorations at home for your significant other. Instead of doing something cliche and spending money outside battling hordes of other couples at restaurants, why not go for something unique and unforgettable for your love nest? Aside from being a wonderful surprise, revamping your home decor for Valentine’s Day will give your place a fabulous thematic facelift. Now that’s something that will make your darling’s heart flutter!

In this article, we have listed down ideas on how to make your home romantic for Valentine’s Day which you can pull off to impress your partner during a Valentine’s Day stay at home.

What is Valentine’s Day?

Before we move on to the good part, let’s have a refresher on this special day first. Valentine’s Day is celebrated every 14th of February, every year. Originally a holiday that honors Saint Valentine, modern Valentine’s Day mostly focuses on romance and couples. It’s a holiday that is popularly observed all over the world, with participants giving flowers, greeting cards, chocolates, and special gifts to their significant other.

What should you give to your partner on Valentine’s Day?

Flowers and chocolates have always been popular choices when it comes to Valentine’s gifts, but in these modern times, creativity has been slowly becoming a commodity. Gone are the days of the cliche gifts, the more unique your surprise is, the better. One Valentine's Day trend that is gaining popularity is surprising your loved one with romantic home decor. A Valentine’s Day room surprise is sweet, personalized, and truly swoon-worthy. If you’re looking for ways how to do this, we have tips and tricks on how to pull this off for your sweetheart, including ideas to spice up the bedroom, the dining room, and the rest of your house. Read on and apply them to treat your partner to the most romantic day ever!

Valentine’s Day Bedroom Decoration Ideas

If there’s one room in the house that deserves a new look for Valentine’s Day, it would be the bedroom. As the saying goes, this is where the magic happens – the sweetest moments and the most intimate ones. It’s no wonder why a bedroom makeover would be one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your beau. Here are some ways to make it happen:

Sexy Sheets

sexy sheet for Valentine’s day

Image source:Pinterest

Change your sheets! A clean bed is a sexy bed that’s why one of the most important steps in your bedroom makeover should be putting on fresh sheets. Use a bedsheet set with a cheeky heart design to set the mood.

Light It Up

led string for valentine's day

Image source:Pinterest

Good lighting sets a room’s mood that’s why the next thing you should do is install dreamy fairy lights all over the bedroom. Make sure that your Valentine's decor is fire-proof by using battery-operated LED string lights.

Bubbly Balloons

heart balloons

Image source:Pinterest

Balloons are always a good idea when it comes to Valentine's Day surprises. Go for heart-shaped ones and scatter them all over the bedroom. Balloons are also a great partner to your surprise Valentine’s gift.

Picture Perfect

photo wall

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Another Valentine’s Day makeover idea for your bedroom is putting up a photo wall of your favorite snaps with your loved one. Do a heart-shaped one to stay consistent with the theme. It’ll make a great nostalgia piece in your private sanctuary.

Valentine’s Day Living Room Decoration Ideas

Aside from the bedroom, one of the places inside the house where you and your partner spend time the most together is the living room. This is where you bond by watching your favorite TV shows, reading books, sharing stories, and enjoying each other’s company. Here are some ways to brighten up your living room for Valentine’s Day:

Love For Art

wall art for love

Image source:Pinterest

If you and your significant other love art, surprise him or her by putting up Valentine-themed ones! Minimalist prints that are classy and romantic. You can also install framed pieces with Valentine’s quotes or even a series of personalized messages. It’ll be a top-notch Valentine’s gift for her or him, for sure.

Throw Treat

XO pillow

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Throw pillows make your couch and sitting area cozier. For Valentine’s Day, trade your typical throw pillows with XO-shaped ones. It’s quirky and witty, something that will make your dear smile.

Flower Fever

red roses

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Scatter vases of flowers in pinks, reds, and cream in your living room. They will add a splash of color and life to the space as well as leave a sweet natural scent that will make your love’s heart skip a beat.

Incredible Installation

led signage for love

Image source:Pinterest

If you’re feeling quite adventurous, try installing LED signage with a romantic message in your living room! It’s another fantastic statement piece that will leave your beloved jaws hanging.

Charming Candles

love candles

Image source:Pinterest

Another way to set the mood this Valentine’s Day is by lighting candles around the house. Choose one in your partner’s favorite scent to let them know that they are always on your mind. If you’re feeling generous, candles are also an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for your married couple friends.

Valentine’s Day Dining Room Decoration Ideas

If you think you should skip decorating the dining room, think again. This space is where you and your love share the most delicious meals and the most entertaining stories. Here are some ways how to glam up the dining room for Valentine’s Day:

Cute Cups

cute cups for lovers

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Instead of using your regular ones, have some quirky and cute mugs available for your partner for their morning coffee. You can have some personalized with their name or printed with a heartfelt message.

Sweet Stuff

sweet treats

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What’s Valentine’s Day without sweets? Prepare a spread of your darling’s favorite candies and chocolates. Use glass containers of different shapes and sizes for a more classy look.

Stunning Table Setting

cute table setting

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Unleash your skills by putting up a stunning table setting for your stay-at-home Valentine’s Day dinner. Use some heart-shaped dishes to serve your dear’s favorite meal.

Valentine’s Day Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Of course, your bathroom should also follow the theme during the most romantic day of the year! Here are romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for your bathroom makeover:

Sugar and Soap

bath bomb for valentine's day

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Transform your bathroom into an instant spa with pink sugar scrubs and heart-shaped soaps. Bathroom breaks have never been this sweet!

Rug Romance

bath rugs

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Put some Valentine’s Day-themed rugs in the bathroom. Add in some pink towels while you’re at it!

Mirror Moment

Inyouths Custom Led Mirrors

Image source:Inyouths Custom Led Mirror

One of the best gifts you can give your partner this Valentine’s Day is a pretty and functional LED mirror in the bathroom. It is a wonderful Valentine’s gift idea as it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but highly functional as well. You and your partner can now put on makeup or shave flawlessly, take a well-lit selfie, and even play music while you’re having a long and relaxing bath.

More Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Day Ideas You Can Do

RomCom Marathon

Bring out the popcorn, comfy clothes, and fuzzy slippers, it’ll be a long night! One of the best activities to do at home for Valentine’s Day is watching your and your partner’s favorite romantic comedies. Giggle the night away with the love of your life by your side while the sweetest on-screen kiss is in the background.

Wine Down

Toast to your forever by sharing a glass (or two!) of your favorite wine. Prepare a charcuterie board of your favorite cold cuts, cheeses, nuts, and other treats.

The More The Merrier

Have some friends over! Share the love with everyone. You don’t need to spend Valentine’s Day alone with your darling, you can celebrate it with all your friends. Prepare food, drinks, and some activities to make the holiday a bit more fun and exciting.

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