15 St. Patrick’s Day Home Decor Ideas You Must Try

15 St. Patrick’s Day Home Decor Ideas You Must Try

It’s March, the official start of spring, of course, but let us not forget that the month is also marked for St. Patrick's Day. The Feast of Saint Patrick is a cultural and religious celebration held on March 17, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the cardinal patron saint of Ireland. Celebrations generally involve public parades and festivals and wearing green and gold attire or shamrocks.

Well, for those having aesthetics for home décor, this means putting plans for decorations, renovation, reorganization, and other stalled projects into action. Celebrate everything you love about Ireland with these St. Patrick’s Day home decor ideas that instantly warm up your spaces.

How Should I Decorate My House

With St. Patrick’s holiday around the corner, we strongly desire to create spaces in our homes that reflect visually and thoughtfully what we feel.  Every corner, and every object we're surrounded by, must serve some purpose. Changing one part of your space or restyling an area can yield a significant new interior and refresh the whole notion. This can often be done by making small changes to what you already have or adding a few modest items or DIY projects.

You can also revive your place with trendy pieces and timeless accents. Do it well by making a few changes with some thought, and you’ll have a comfortable, happy home. Here are some suggestions for creating a tenacious environment, not clashing while preserving your comfort.

Living Room Decoration Ideas

Knowing your style when collecting inspiration to design your living room is essential to produce a timeless yet timely scenario. Living rooms have become the main settings of our life; they must be warm, comfortable, and airy. With the pop of Irish colors and little touches like furniture pieces, layer in fabrics and textiles that are varied in pattern and color, hang artwork and pepper in accessories that are interesting and meaningful to you. Set the stage to celebrate life on Patrick's day with family and friends.

st.Patrick’s pillow

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Replace Your Throw Pillows

There’s a reason that swapping out the throw pillows is on virtually every list for freshening up decor: It’s a fast, fuss-free way to change the accent color in space or alter the feel of the room according to the mood and upcoming festivals.

st.Patrick’s decorations

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Add Rugs, Plants, and Wreath

A living room with hardwood floors but no rugs looks naked. For visual and literal comfort, add rugs and plants. The texture a hand-tufted rug brings to a space makes it a focal feature all on its own. Houseplants are a great addition to any living room as they get a little bit of the outside indoors.

Rugs - Rugs with a more traditional design, bolder colors, and antique motifs enhance the spirit of holiday festivities. The rest of your furnishings can be pretty simple with a dramatic rug!

Plants - You can't go wrong with plants in your living room. Add more greenery, faux, or flowers for the perfect St. Patrick's Day decorations. Add a few succulents to shamrock ceramic vases - a cherry on top!

Wreath - It’s essential to make our outdoor spaces as inviting and visually appealing as possible to enjoy the March festivities to the fullest. The Spring's Shamrock wreath symbolizes good luck and makes a perfect choice!

st.Patrick’s Fireplace

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Liven up an Empty Fireplace

There are many ways to style an elegant fireplace to give your space an inviting and cozy feel just in time for the new season. A floral display is always the first choice for spring decor. You can use your creativity to craft quirky designs to transform your fireplace into an eye-catching focus in the living room.

White candles and some white, green, and gold accents can be a great addition to a spring fireplace decor. Consider arranging the photo frames on the mantel or using a mix of sizes and styles for added impact.

You may also want to include some natural elements, such as small potted plants or fresh peonies, and chic vintage pieces to enhance the springtime feel.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Find something you love that goes with Patrick’s day theme too — like the color green or the outdoors — and incorporate that into the room in small details like a piece of art, a custom-painted dresser, walls color refresh, lighting, and changing fabrics.

st.Patrick’s bedding

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Refresh Your Bedding

One way to update and transform a bedroom this spring weather is updating the bedding, which is both time and budget friendly. The throw blanket and accent pillows are a great way to transform your bed. It adds a pop of color and texture that can easily be swapped out for whatever season you’re in or the vibe you’re going for. Pick St. Patrick’s Day trendy throws and cushions like green, beige, and gold or with Shamrock and compliment them with neutrals.

st.Patrick’s wall decor

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Treat the Walls

Swap out wall decor over your bed by updating photos or botanical prints. With just a few small changes, new wall art, and a fresh color palette, you can have a refreshed bedroom in no time!

st.Patrick’s lighting accessories

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Finish With the Right Lights and Accessories

Another lovely way to invite spring into your bedroom is with simple accessories and the right amount of lighting. You can switch out a few books, vases, mirror trays, and flowers. Changing out the lamps on the bedside table could be an instant update that can refresh the bedroom in no time.

Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Try to recreate the rich textures of natural stone and metals that accentuate the perfect harmony, festivity, functionality, and charm enhanced by these accessories this Patrick’s day.

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Decorate the Mirror

Taking a design risk in a small space can be worth the effort. The best place to start is the bathroom vanity mirror. They can bring a thoughtful design element to your powder room, taking a look from boring to boutique. Add faux shamrocks and green branch arrangements to the ceramic vase beside your mirror to give your bathroom a festive look. You can add leprechaun fun to your bathroom mirrors by writing messages like LUCK!

st.Patrick’s bath mats

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Bath Mats

Spruce up your space for the season with accessories like a handsome bath mat. It will give your floor—and the whole room—an extra hit of much-needed personality. Think fluffy mats with shamrock prints, even a solid green or white option.

st.Patrick’s shower curtains

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Shower Curtains

A curtain can enhance the beauty of a bathroom and add a comforting feeling. Choosing the right color, pattern, design, and material helps you maximize the festive feel at its most this St. Patrick’s Day.

st.Patrick’s window clings

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Shamrock-Shaped Window Clings

Shamrock window clings will instantly convey that the luck of the Irish is in the air. They install effortlessly and transform an ordinary bathroom space into an extraordinary one.

st.Patrick’s hangings

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Ombre Wall Hangings

Add a shamrock clover print, ombre wall hanging, St Patrick's Day green ombre rainbow Shamrock Wood Sign or ombre my lucky charm sign to liven up your bathroom spaces.

st.Patrick’s soaps

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Themed Candles and Soap

Beautify your bathroom with St. Patrick's Day green classic aroma candles and scented shamrock clover-shaped soaps.

Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Swap out the tablecloth and plating to make your kitchen look festive. Some incredible St. Patrick’s Day decorations include kitchen towels with shamrocks. Touch up open kitchen shelves with potted herbs or houseplants to liven up this functional kitchen fixture.

st.Patrick’s tablescape

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Tablescape Decoration

Little things like an elevated cocktail or a luxurious tablecloth can add much-needed allure to a night in. Try reinventing the traditional color palette for the St. Patrick’s feast by looking at colors like green, golden, and silver combined with clever use of materiality and spirited, soulful silhouettes that all work together to form a harmony of raw and refined.

st.Patrick’s kitchen countertops

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Augment Kitchen Countertops

Make your countertops more efficient with a coffee or beverage station. Corral the cups and mugs on a small tray, so the arrangement looks intentional. Add vases, candles, and hurricanes - go with cut branches if you want all the glory of the St. Patrick’s holiday. Add a sugar jar, tea bag, candy jar, or other accouterments if space allows. Also, add glass, pottery, and woven baskets—for a more vintage, organic look.

st.Patrick’s dessert station

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Dress Up a Dessert Station and a Bar Cart

Nothing beats a classic white cake as a statement fondant on a sweet table, but add your twist with some scrumptious St. Patrick’s feast desserts like painted cookies, mini cakes, white chocolate pretzels, green macarons, and leprechaun balls.

A festive bar cart is a perfect way to share your passion with guests if you're a champagne, Irish wine, or cocktail connoisseur. Upgraded a modern Champagne bar cart with berries, bay leaves, Mongolia leaves, and kumquats, beautifully complementing the drinks' garnishes.

This blog has covered you with all of the best tips—aesthetic to emotional and festive. These tiny little touches to the spaces can spruce up your home and help you create the ideal setting for St. Patrick’s Day.

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