Your Ultimate Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Your Ultimate Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Whenever the winter months disappear, you can typically expect to start creating your spring home maintenance checklist. Once springtime hits home, all homeowners want to do is clean, clean, clean, and repair any damages the winter may have brought, so their homes are nice and fresh and properly cared for throughout the warmer months.

However, if you're a first-time homeowner or you just aren't sure what all you should be doing to get your home ready for the spring weather, then you've clicked on the right link because you will discover many things you can do to completely prepare your home for the new season. Keep reading below to learn more about the maintenance you should be doing to keep up with repairs and spring cleaning this year.

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Gutters and Downspouts Need to Be Cleaned

Once the last frost is over and, in the past, it's vital that you clean out your downspouts and gutters and make sure they are repaired if there was any damage during the cold weather. When your downspouts and gutters have buildup within them it can result in your wood trim right at the eaves to end up rotting. And if that happens it can cause a lot of different bugs and other critters to come into your attic space. Having your downspouts and gutters fixed or thoroughly cleaned early on in the spring season you can keep from having damage from the spring rainfall.

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Make Sure Exterior Woodwork Is Resealed

There are many different kinds of outdoor structures that are made of wood that may need to be stained or even resealed each year or two. Doing this will keep them in good condition all year round. Some of those outdoor structures include the following:

● Wood decks
● Fences
● Railings
● Pergolas
● Trellises

You can also take this time to repair any of your outdoor wooden structures if they need them making sure they are cared for properly.

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You Should Inspect Your Roof Every Spring

When the exterior of your roof experiences things like winter storms it can eventually cause quite a toll to be brought upon it. You can simply start inspecting your roof when it's warmer outside by just giving it a visual inspection.

You don't necessarily have to get up on top of your roof to inspect it, you can simply use a smartphone camera to take pictures if it has a telephoto feature or just binoculars to see if there is any noticeable damage that needs to be repaired. You can inspect your roof for missing shingles, if there are any metal pipes that are actually damaged, or if anything just doesn't seem right.

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Make an Inspection of Your Driveways and Walk Paths

Concrete, asphalt, and any other kind of hardscaping materials that are present around your home can take a real beating from freezing and thawing during the winter. You should walk around your home's property and inspect the walkways, driveways, and paths for any damage. And if there are any damages you can call and schedule an appointment to have them repaired if needed. Typically, asphalt can certainly be patched. However, concrete that is damaged may actually need to be replaced completely.

Inspect Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

You can save a lot of water by inspecting your sprinkler and your irrigation systems during the spring. And you can end up saving your plants. Here are some simple tips to check to make sure your watering system is running smoothly.

● Make sure you run your watering system manually through all of the zones and then walk around your property.

● Inspect to see if any of the heads are damaged or even broken.

● Make adjustments to any heads that are directly spraying your home because this can cause a lot of moisture-related problems.

● Make adjustments to any heads that are spraying the sidewalk, or street to prevent wasting any water.

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Take Action to Protect Your Home from Mosquitos

If you want to prevent mosquito populations from rising around your home you can simply get rid of any standing water that is on your property. You should walk around your home and look to see if there is any water that is sitting anywhere. And make sure that you get rid of it or maintain it on a regular basis so it doesn't cause you to experience a mosquito infestation around your property.

Inspect Screen Doors and Windows

You'll want to inspect all of your screen doors and screened-in windows to make sure there are no holes in them. If they do happen to have holes in the screens of your windows or doors you should repair them, or replace them. You can purchase screen repair kits at a lot of hardware stores and home improvement stores. They're easy to use and you can maintain your screens every year.

Make Sure You Service Your Air Conditioning System

A lot of the time home inspectors find air conditioning systems that just aren't properly taken care of every year. Most think that since the air conditioning system cools their home that there isn't anything wrong with it.

However, your air conditioning system may not be running efficiently even though it still cools your home. You should always schedule someone to come out and look at your air conditioning system to make sure that nothing needs to be repaired.

That way you can always make sure your air conditioning system is running as smoothly as possible all year round. You can start maintaining your air conditioning system on your own by simply changing out the dirty filters every 1-3 months.

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