Modern Bathroom Mirror Trends You Need to Know This 2023

Modern Bathroom Mirror Trends You Need to Know This 2023

Bathrooms are the number one place that homeowners dot on remodeling, more than any other room in the house. Bathrooms are usually smaller than the rest of the rooms in the house. Place a mirror near a light source, and it can reflect the light in a way making it feel less cramped, more open, and more spacious.

It’s important to think of mirrors in bathrooms as design elements that expand the room visually and add light to the room. Consider using an oversized mirror to make a small bathroom look larger. Mirror brings a space to life; many options exist for sizes, shapes, and designs!

If you're wondering how to make a bathroom look more attractive and comfortable, these are the best, most aesthetically pleasing, and most practical mirror designs you can use.

modern bathroom mirror ideas

Modern Bathroom Mirror Trends 2023

Your bathroom can be much more than just a place to grab a quick shower in the morning or before bed. Mirrors and lighting take the spotlight among 2023 bathroom trends. When you look for modern bathroom ideas, you can pick the best, safe in the knowledge that you are choosing the right aesthetically attractive mirrors with space-enhancing elements.

Splurge on a mirror with a beautiful frame, or go wall-to-wall with a custom-sized piece. The effect can be so prominent that you need little else to make the room look perfectly finished. 

So, read on for some inspiration. The bathroom mirror trends of 2023 promise to have enduring appeal! Here are the things to consider when sorting out your bathroom mirrors.


Choosing the right shape for a bathroom mirror is super important. 2023 is the time to experiment with unique shapes for your bathroom mirror so that your bathroom can look stylish and aesthetically beautiful. The most preferred shapes for bathroom mirrors are oval, rectangle, round, and square or curved. It is up to you to decide whether to give your bathroom a vintage or rustic touch or keep it modern or contemporary.


Bathroom mirrors come in endless styles to hunt down your design journey. When choosing the right mirror, consider the space where the mirror will be placed and the style of the mirror and bathroom. Have a mirror that will toil for functional and decorative purposes.

When it comes to styles, bathroom mirrors have unsurprisingly moved on from the basic designs of years past, with all manner of styles and shapes now making their way back into the fold. Plenty of oversized, framed, and frameless mirrors will be everywhere.


Mirrors have a dynamic impact on your bathroom design. Modern bathroom mirrors have so many unique features to add style and originality to your space remodeling. Depending on your room, you can go round, arched, metal or wood framed, frameless, mounted, classic, or vintage, to name a few. These fun mirrors bring a touch of whimsy and, at the same time, give it that much-needed inviting contrast.

These smart features also offer a great opportunity to add a creative touch to your space with a unique and stylish mirror.

Lighted or Backlit

Chic and trendy mirrors with built-in lighting will leave you feeling like a celebrity. There is a range to choose between backlit mirrors and lighted mirrors; both types provide the right amount of illumination if you know which suits your needs.

A backlit mirror, typically consisting of LED lights, clearly reflects the viewer's face. A lighted mirror, on the other hand, is a mirror that has a light source coherent with the frame of the mirror itself.

Using one of these lighted mirrors on the bathroom wall or above the vanity can produce a magnificent effect by filling the space and creating an optical illusion with ample light and reflections.

How to Modernize the Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors offer a great opportunity to add a creative touch to your space with a unique and modern design. Mirrors impact your bathroom design, quickly revamping your space without major construction or redesign in minutes. Homeowners looking for ways to upgrade their bathrooms can look forward to integrating vouge and modern mirrors, which give them peace of mind knowing that their bathrooms are staying on trend with the times.

6 Modern Bathroom Mirror Ideas You Need to Try

When it comes to bathroom mirror ideas, choices are endless. And, with so many options available, it cannot be easy to know which is the right fit for your needs.

Below are the bathroom mirror ideas to provide you with some inspiration for this year’s modern bathroom redesign.

Round Bathroom Mirrors

modern bathroom mirror ideas

Image source: Instagram

Consider a round design if you want a quirky mirror to make a statement. The circular designs add a sublime effect to any space and can help make small bathrooms feel larger as their curved lines create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Rectangle Bathroom Mirrors

modern bathroom mirror ideas

Image source: Inyouths Sirius LED Mirror

The rectangular option for the bathroom is our top pick because it has a slim frame, clean cuts, and is endlessly versatile. To accommodate different bathroom layouts and designs, it can be customized in sizes and finishes: classic chrome, vintage-inspired, metallic, and modish matte or rustic.

Framed and Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

modern bathroom mirror ideas

Image source: Instagram

Framed mirrors are another popular design used in bathrooms. Softer edges and sleek metal frames will always get good results - that’s what modern and contemporary design is all about. There are also a variety of shapes of framed mirrors to choose from, and different materials and shapes of frames can match different decorative styles of bathrooms.

Frameless, mirrors have become the first choice for bathroom mirrors this year, but you can also go with an oblong, full-length mirror to decorate an entire wall and add a luxury touch to your bathroom.

LED Backlit Bathroom Mirrors

modern bathroom mirror ideas

Image source: Inyouths Jupiter LED Mirror

A lighted mirror is a great way to help you with your make-up, cleaning, and relaxing routine. With its glowing backlight, this modern mirror brings a luxurious aura to any bathroom, designed to stand out from space’s dark, earthy tones.

Keeping functionality and aesthetics in mind, these lighted mirrors help you get ready for your day or night with the perfect amount of light. The future of bathroom mirrors is bright—literally!

Modern Oval Bathroom Mirrors

modern bathroom mirror ideas

Image source: Instagram

Brighten up your bathroom with a modern oval-shaped mirror. A gorgeous decorative bathroom mirror with a design that captures the eye and will have you completely beguiled is ideal for reflecting light and illumination. Accent oval-shaped mirror features a classic yet modern look that complements your bathroom décor.

Curved or Uneven Shaped Bathroom Mirrors

modern bathroom mirror ideas

Image source: Instagram

Homeowners are always looking for new ways to bring classic elements into the home that will have the ability to increase the overall atmosphere of each space.

In a quiet space, the bold curved mirror adds a wow factor to the bathroom and nicely mixes elements of glam interior design with modern features.

Curved styles mirror is a popular choice in 2023; the shape of the mirror is perfect for softening angular bathroom spaces. This helps tie the space together and add a subtle pop of design.

While bathrooms are entrenched in functionality, their design and ambiance have also become a concern as we plunge into the new decade. A bathroom mirror is one of the most significant components of the space; it plays a vital role in changing the entire look of your room. Enjoy your new bathroom retreat by selecting the right mirror for your space —you deserve it!

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