Top 10 Mirrors Featuring Stylish Built-in Lights to Jazz Up Your Interior Decor

Top 10 Mirrors Featuring Stylish Built-in Lights to Jazz Up Your Interior Decor

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Mirrors with lights have an important role to play when it comes to decorating your space. They not only add more light but also make an area appear bigger and more spacious. While you are privileged to experiment with a plethora of options, the fact that investing in LED mirrors can do a world of good for your space is worth talking about.

LED mirrors have the potential to accentuate the appeal of your bathroom or bedroom. They offer a clear view, making it all that easy to accomplish your grooming tasks. And one of their key attributes is their energy-efficient nature, making them environmentally friendly.

What should you look for in a mirror with lights?

When you head to the market for the finest mirror with lights, you have a wide array of options available. To make the right choice when it comes to choosing a mirror with lights, take into account these essential features:

• Mirror Size

Mirror size holds a key! If you are short on space, ensure to invest in a mirror that is compact and easily fits your sink or vanity to acquire minimal space. On the flip side, if you have plenty of counter space, you can go for a larger mirror according to your preference and taste.

• Included Makeup Mirror

It is to your knowledge that some mirrors with lights come with a smaller, detachable makeup mirror, which can make your close-up and precise makeup application tasks rather easy. Having an included makeup mirror indeed turns out to be a convenient and practical feature to enhance your overall grooming experience.

bathroom mirror with lights
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• Brightness

An ideal mirror with lights should provide enough illumination for your needs, especially during tasks such as makeup application, grooming, or others that require clear visibility. Simply put, the brightness level should be adjustable to fulfill your requirements.

• Color Temperature

Pay careful attention to the color temperature of the lighting, which refers to the warmth or coolness of the light generated by the bulbs in the mirror. Color temperatures (around 3000K) emit a white, warm light. On the other hand, cooler color temperatures (around 6000K) emit cool white light.
The ability to adjust the color temperature is one of the highlights of an ideal mirror. It empowers you to create the desired atmosphere and lighting for various activities, making it a great addition to your beauty routine or overall home décor.

• Dimmable Lighting

As the name indicates, this feature allows you to adjust the brightness of the lights according to your preferences and ambient lighting conditions. Dimmable lighting is useful for tasks like makeup application or grooming, where different levels of illumination are needed.

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• Power Source

Look for mirrors that offer flexible power choices, such as a plug-in option (2 or 3-prong) for a relentless power supply or a rechargeable battery for portability and cord-free convenience. This versatility makes sure that you can use the mirror in several locations without worrying about outlet availability.

• Design

The safest bet for you will be to invest in a mirror that complements your existing décor and personal style. Consider factors in the form of shape, frame, and overall aesthetics to accentuate the visual appeal of your space while providing functional lighting.

• Energy Efficiency

If you intend to save yourself from paying higher energy bills, choose mirror models with LED lights. This stands to reason: they consume less energy and brag about their longer lifespans in comparison to traditional bulbs. Not only is it a step forward in reducing environmental impact, but it also saves you money in the long run.


It is also important to pay attention to the Color Rendering Index of the light bulbs. A higher CRI means that the lights will reflect true-to-life colors instead of their distorted versions.

Our top picks: mirrors with lights that boast the above features along with many others

1. Mirror with Lights -- NEPTUNE LED Mirror

Wish to revamp your bedroom’s décor and make it appear gorgeous? Then look no further than Neptune.


• Customized size

There are 300 combinations of dimensions available to match your preferences

• Durability

The lifespan of the LED light can easily breach the 50,000-hour mark.

• Anti-Fog

All thanks to its anti-fog feature, ensuring a clear reflection even in steamy or humid conditions.

2.Mirror with Lights -- SIRIUS LED Mirror

Looking for LED mirrors that are smart and functional? Here is a perfect choice to pay you rich dividends.


• Color Temperature

This mirror provides you with the option of adjustable color temperatures so that you can create the ambiance of your space to your liking.

• Frame

Add a touch of elegance to your space with the aluminum-framed mirror, available in color options such as black, gold, silver, and white.

3.Mirror with Lights -- POLARIS LED Mirror

This impressive mirror remains in vogue due to its exceptional features, including:

• Mirror Edge Craftsmanship

Apart from emitting a cool light to perfectly illuminate your face, beveled edge craftsmanship gives a gorgeous finish to this mirror.

• Backlight

To keep your space well illuminated, it provides a backlight feature that can be controlled using the included RGB remote. Additionally, it supports both app and IR remote control, ensuring effortless device connection and automatic re-connection when the app is activated.

4.Mirror with Lights -- BETELGEUSE LED Mirror

Why look for other options when Betelgeuse has you covered?


• Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy every moment with Bluetooth speakers in your LED mirror. You can connect your smartphone wirelessly, with a receiver range of up to 394 inches. What’s more, two speakers are discretely connected behind the mirror surface.

5.Mirror with Lights -- IYRA LED Mirror

While you may have many options to choose from, this mirror will simply wow you.

• Clock

Apart from many other compelling features, the LED display clock on the mirror lets you check the time at any time. It stays illuminated when powered on and can be easily controlled and adjusted using the touch switch.

6.Mirror with Lights -- VENUS LED Mirror

This mirror can change the whole vibe and make your bedroom or bathroom look grand.

• Sandblasting Craftsmanship

The mirror’s edge showcases sandblasting craftsmanship, blending aesthetic appeal and functionality. Moreover, the sandblasted glass provides visual privacy while permitting light passage. In addition to this, the hidden LED strip behind the glass helps to achieve a modern, minimalist look, illuminating the room effectively.

7.Mirror with Lights -- VEGA LED Mirror

Here is another compelling option if you are looking for a mirror with lights featuring:

• Touch Switch

Simply touch the switch to turn the LED light on or off. What’s more, this switch also allows you to adjust the light's color and intensity.

8.Mirror with Lights -- PROCYON LED Mirror

You will simply love adding this mirror to your space.

• Demister

With a simple touch on the demister touch button, within seconds the mirror surface will defog. This prevents the occurrence of fogging issues.

9.Mirror with Lights -- JUPITER LED Mirror

This mirror with lights will be the best choice to invest in to create the space of your dreams.

• Waterproof

This mirror is safe for wet environments with a waterproof and moisture-resistant backing.

10.Mirror with Lights -- CANOPUS LED Mirror

If your quest for an amazing mirror that is still not over, try Canopus!

• Makeup Mirror

The makeup mirror is a perfect addition to streamline your daily routine. You can choose from the two types: with or without LED lights.


All the above mirrors can be customized and are well-known for their durability, waterproofness, and anti-fog attributes.

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