Tips on Choosing an LED Mirror For Your Bathroom

Tips on Choosing an LED Mirror For Your Bathroom

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Everyone knows a bathroom isn’t complete without an LED mirror that’s located in the very center of your vanity. It doesn’t matter how big or small the LED bathroom mirror is or how simple or luxurious it is. You just have to have one and trust me you won’t regret investing in one.

The special glow of an LED mirror can’t be beat. There’s just something about the picture perfect, and crystal clear reflection that is just magical. And can make getting ready everyday easy and fun to do.

It’s a well known fact that LED is the better bathroom lighting source you can use other than natural lighting of course. This is because LED lighting is very similar in the way it looks compared to the color spectrum of natural light.

Some bathroom mirrors with light can add a decorative look to any space but especially your bathroom. You can choose a minimalist design or a grandiose design whatever you prefer there is an option for everyone. You will fall in love with the way you look in front of one of these mirrors.

That and LED bathroom mirrors are not just beautiful but they also offer a safer lighting source than that of conventional lighting fixtures. And mirrors that are based with LED technology can be expected to last 50 times higher than incandescent lighting.

Some things you should keep in mind while you’re searching for a bathroom mirror include the following:

Mirror Size

When you are about to buy a bathroom LED mirror you must first measure the dimensions of the wall where you plan on placing it. One of the best illusions you can create is by buying and using a larger mirror inside of a smaller bathroom. It will make the space look so much bigger.

You should pick a mirror that is 2-4 inches narrower than your vanity. However, you want a mirror that will fit the space but you don’t have to get a small mirror just because you have a small bathroom. Like I mentioned before, the illusion you can make with a large mirror is pretty neat.

measure the size
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You should know how much space you will need to add a new mirror to your bathroom. As well as how much light you will typically need to use everyday. Do you need enough light to see every little thing when it comes to your skin and face?

Then opt for a bigger mirror that is equipped with more lights rather than a smaller one with less lights. Or if you rather have a more petite design and you’re not worried about the amount of light being less bright then a smaller, more roundish mirror would be your best option.

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If you want to add character and sophistication to your bathroom then an bathroom LED mirror can definitely do just that. You should pay attention to the overall decor of your bathrooms and pick a mirror that best suits that decor.

Say you have a minimalist decor in your bathroom. Custom Wallpaper with sharp edges and designs or white and navy blue decor where your bathroom is painted white with blue accents. You may want to go with a square shaped bathroom mirror to pull the design together. Keep it simple.

However, if you have a more traditional style with a floral pattern on the walls and a simple color palette you may want to go with a round or oval shaped mirror. Or you can even get a rectangle shaped mirror as well. Just like this mirror here from it could be perfect for you!

You can choose a mirror that best showcases your overall design decor and taste. And to be honest you can choose whatever mirror you like based solely on the fact that you like it. It really doens’t have to be so complicated.


You should figure out whether or not you want a framed LED bathroom mirror or one that doesn’t have a frame. They are pretty much the same except framed mirrors are better suited for decoration purposes.

mirror frame
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And framed LED mirrors can come in a variety of different color options that you can pick and choose from to match any bathroom decor you may have.


If you want a mirror that has storage capabilities behind it you can get an LED bathroom mirror that has a cabinet, however, they may cost more than just a simple flat mirror that has no storage in the back of it. It is still one option you can choose from when you’re searching for the right mirror for you.

What Are the Different Types of LED Lights?

You should know what the different types of LED lights are available in a LED bathroom mirror. They utilize world class LED strips. Inyouths offers LED lights that can last over 50,000 hours that’s 45 years if you used your mirror for 3 hours. Click here to check out one of their best selling LED bathroom mirrors!

The different types of LED lighting that are used include the following:

❖ Warm White LED Light: This kind of light produces a light that is similar to daylight color which is kind of yellow in nature. This is the most popular color in most LED mirror collections.

❖ Natural White LED Light: A light that is a little bit lighter in appearance with just a hint of warmth that is natural white. This color of LED light produces the natural white light around the mirror.

❖ RGB LED Light: This kind of LED light can produce just about any color using 3 primary additive colors: Green, Red, and Blue. This type of lighting is best used for backlit mirrors as a showpiece to decorate your bathroom.

mirror light color temperature

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In Summary

Now that you know what to look for when you’re choosing a LED bathroom light you shouldn’t have any problems picking out the perfect addition for your bathroom. And you also know what the different types of LED lights are so you know what to ask for when you finally go to purchase one.

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