How to Choose the Right Mirror for Your Room

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Mirror for Your Room

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Considering buying a new mirror for your home? Having no idea how to choose the right one? Too many options on the mirror market, LED mirrors, smart mirrors, decorative mirrors…To choose a perfect mirror for your room is difficult yet quite important, because mirrors not only work as a tool to check your everyday reflection, but also a decorative accessory to beautify your room or enlarge the space. There’s a lot to think over when deciding on a mirror: style, size, shape, type, etc. Read on to get some takeaways from this mirror buying guide!

What are the types of mirrors?

Contemporary, minimalist, maximalist, vintage, rustic, urban modern, chic, industrial…There are a variety of interior design styles and home decoration ideas, and the perfect mirror would be the one that fits them well. In order to choose a mirror that tunes with your space, you’d better raise your head and take a look around. What’s your interior design looks like? What are your decoration ideas? You’d better choose a mirror based on your current home interior design. The last thing that you’d like to see is a mirror that doesn’t match your whole house. Sometimes, you feel like creating new impact by choosing a style that is unexpected and for that reason a mirror of completely different style would be all right.

What is the perfect size?

Mirror size makes a huge difference, but there's no one size fits all. The size of the mirror should be influenced by a couple of factors. When you choose a size, think about where you will place this mirror, the purpose of this mirror and the space you have on the wall. The mirror size should be different for a bathroom or for a bedroom, for decoration or for function, for a small space or for a large space.

If you're hanging the mirror on a large wall in your hall or living room and you want to make it a focal point, choose a large mirror. If you're using the mirror as a decoration on a small wall near your entryway, you may need a small one. Measure your wall so you know how much space you have to work with and determine how much of it you want the mirror to fill.

Which shape is the best?

Shape plays an important role in defining any space. It can create a mood, amplify a style, or give an illusion of something else. Usually seen shapes are rectangular, rounded corner, oval and round ones, you will also find that there is arch as well as irregular mirrors.

Rectangle, oval, and round are classic shapes of mirrors. The rectangular mirror is perfect for almost any room and any space. The oval and round mirror are an excellent choice for a confined or dimly lit space like a bathroom or an entryway. With the smooth circle line and no edges, the round mirror brings a sense of softness and tenderness to the room décor without extra pressure, and makes the room seem more spacious.

With their beautiful curved shape, arch mirrors add instant style and allure to any space. Arch mirrors are truly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your home interior. Unlike traditional rectangular or oval mirrors, irregularly shaped mirrors can add a touch of whimsy to any space. They also reflect light in unique ways, creating interesting visual effects.

Which type should I pick?

Before buying a mirror, you need to determine where and how to put it. You can hang the mirror on or lean it against the wall or let it stand itself. In this case, there are three basic mirrors: wall mirrors, leaners and freestanding mirrors.

Wall mirrors are designed to be hung. They usually come with expansion anchors and screws and takes some effort to install. Leaner mirrors are designed to lean against wall or closet. You just lean them against the wall, and just like that, they are put into use right away. Freestanding mirrors don't need to be wall-mounted, and are usually full-length. They can stand on themselves.

Frame or frameless? That’s a question

Framed Mirrors are a classic and beloved choice that fit almost any room. The frame has the strength to protect the glass edges and you can choose its style, material and color to suits different rooms. A carved or gilt frame is often best used in a more traditional setting but can be used for contrast in a more modern one. Frameless mirrors are easy to maintain because they don’t have a wood or leather material that will rot or break in a wet environment such as a bathroom. They also showcase a simple and modern look. Modern technology adopts aluminum alloy as the frame material, which is corrosion resistant and oxidation resistant even in a moist environment.

What defines good quality?

We define good quality mirrors through the specifications of thickness, coating and straightness. We recommend looking for a mirror with glass at 1/5 of an inch thick. This can be slim as well as thick enough. A good mirror should have a thick coating of silver, the silver-nitrate-compound coating or aluminum on one side of the glass that makes it reflective. A good mirror glass should be free from inconsistencies that distort the reflection, so it’s better to look for glass that has an even and uniform surface or bent backing.

Mirrors and those beyond mirrors

Nowadays, mirrors can do more than show your reflection and decorate the space. There are a whole lot of special features for you to choose for a mirror. Some LED mirrors are equipped with special features such as built-in lighting (front light and backlight), 3x makeup mirror, Bluetooth speaker, sensor switch, demister, clock and WiFi weather station, etc. Inyouths mirror offers up to 14 customizable accessory feature options on the LED mirror, you could match these features freely as per the specific needs.

Congratulations! You have already become an expert in choosing a quality and perfect mirror. Now, you can start to search for the perfect mirror for your room!


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