10 of the Best Housewarming Gifts

10 of the Best Housewarming Gifts

If you know a new husband and wife that just got married and are now moving in together you may want to know what some good housewarming gift ideas for couples are. There are many things that couples need when they first move in together. And you can never go wrong with any of the housewarming gift ideas in this list.

Whether it’s an appliance or a collection of pots and pans you just never know what you can find if you look hard enough. You can make just about anything become a great housewarming gift. Although you want to get them something you know they might need.

It’s always better that they need the specific gift that you give them because then you know they will actually use it instead of just throwing it in the corner. However, you may not know what they need specifically so you might just have to wing it.

But if you go through this list you can pick one of these ideas and make your friends or family very happy that you thought of them enough to buy them something special for their new home. There are also some great housewarming gift basket ideas. Some of the best and unique housewarming gift ideas include the following:

1. Wood Serving Tray

wood serving tray
Image source: iittala

You can’t go wrong with a serving tray, especially one that is designed perfectly for breakfast in bed, or as a cheese tray to serve your guests in your brand new house. This serving tray is unique and beautifully crafted. Its shape is inspired by the shape of Alvar Aalto’s iconic vase.

This tray will definitely make a great statement piece for anyone’s kitchen. It’s made out of birch and an oak veneer. It’s simple and has a touch of traditional decor.

2. Pillowcase Set

pillowcase set
Image source: eucalypsohome

This pillowcase set is available in eight colors and is made out of 100% Tencel Lyocell which means it’s very soft and very cool to the touch. You never have to worry about having an orverly hot pillow at night with this set.

It’s also a set that has a touch of luxury stitched into the fabric. And what’s better than that, when you just finished moving from one home to another? Being able to sleep soundly with soft pillowcases can’t be beat.

3. Porcelain State Platter

porcelain state platter
Image source: potterybarn

This specific porcelain serving platter definitely pays homage to California. And you can get a lot of other state shapes as well such as: New York, Washington, Texas, Florida, and Oregon. It makes for a great showpiece at dinner parties.

Your friends and family will love this housewarming gift idea more than some. Because it’s so unique I can guarantee not everyone has one of these.

4. Sowden Electric Kettle

electric kettle
Image source: skandium

You can give this kettle as a housewarming gift or for any holiday or birthday. It comes in a very contemporary or minimalist aesthetic. That’s all thanks to George Sowden’s unique touch on the overall look of the kettle.

This electric kettle can heat up a pint of fresh water in as little as 3 minutes. And you can count on the double insulation to keep it nice and hot. It is available in 3 different colors which include: mint, yellow, and brown.

5. The Starter Set

the starter set
Image source: cookanyday

Every new home needs a new cookware set. A really good set can last for many, many years and if you are aware that your friend or family member is in need of a new pots and pans set it can be a great gift to give.

You can even find other people to pitch in on the gift and make it a group gift.

6. URANUS Circle Custom LED Mirror

inyouths uranus circle led mirror
Image source: Inyouths

This LED mirror is great for living rooms and bathrooms. It happens to be very durable and it is waterproof which means it’s moisture-resistant. It has an anti-fog feature which ensures that you always have a clear reflection every time you use it, even after a long, hot, steamy shower.

It comes with 300 combinations of dimensions so you can match freely. This LED mirror is a great choice for a housewarming gift. It costs about $517 and is by inyouths.com.

7. Smart Indoor Garden

smart indoor garden
Image source: moma

This Smart indoor Garden is a great option to grow herbs, small vegetables, and even flowers inside or outside of your home. And it doesn’t need an external light to help make the plants and vegetables grow.

You can expect your friends or family members to be able to harvest plants every 4 to 6 months, it’s absolutley gauranteed. This exact kit comes equipped with chives, basil, thyme, and parsley.

8. Personalized Pet Bowl

pet bowl
Image source: shutterstock

One of the most important family members in any household would have to be our pets. What could be better than to get your family or friends a personalized pet bowl. When you are moving into a new home it can be difficult for pets to adapt to their new enviornment.

You can give them a new bowl with their name or nickname right on the side of the bowl itself.

9. Dish Towels

dish towel
Image source: rendergoods

Everyone can use a new set of dish towels when they first move into their new home. They’re definelty going to need some because let’s face it we all have dishes to clean don’t we? But you can find a set of towels that are specific colors that you know will go with their kitchen decor.

10.Stand Mixer

This is a stand mixer you can count on to mix up all of your favorite baked goods and breads. It’s definelty a splurge but I’m sure they are worth every penny you spend. This mixer is a great countertop showpiece that anyone will be jealous of and wish they had.

And you can get one in just about any color of the rainbow and the price isn’t too bad considering what you’re buying.

In Summary

Now you know some of the best housewarming gift ideas, 10 to be exact. You can never go wrong with soft, cool pillowcases or a good serving tray. All of these items are worth buying and you can count on any one of them making your new homeowners happy.

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