4 Fun Home Gym Mirror Ideas to Monitor Your Form and Flexibility

4 Fun Home Gym Mirror Ideas to Monitor Your Form and Flexibility

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Mirrors in the gym have been a mainstay for decades, and for good reasons. If you don’t have a mirror in your home gym, consider adding one today, as it offers many benefits. However, when adding a mirror to your home gym, it is advisable to go for the one that gives a full image of your form while you work out.

The mirror size you put in your home gym ought to be large while simultaneously improving your gym aesthetics. There are several ways you can place a mirror in your home gym. This guide will discuss four fun ways to add a mirror to your home gym. But first, we will discuss why you consider adding a workout mirror in your home gym.

Why Should You Include A Mirror in Your Home Gym?

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Regardless of the design of your home gym, a mirror can be a beneficial addition. Mirrors are low-maintenance additions to take your home gym to the next level. It comes with many benefits, which include

Check your form

With a mirror in your home gym, you can easily monitor your form and flexibility without a trainer. It helps you check angles and small cues and adjust during workout sessions. As such, you can recreate the right form during workout sessions. Maintaining good form is vital to prevent injuries.

Better workouts

Having a mirror in your home gym helps you get the most out of each set. With a mirror, you can workout with all the intended muscle groups to achieve better results.

Motivation and focus

Seeing your reflection as you exercise can motivate you to push yourself further and stay longer. Staring at yourself provides a visual stimulant to help you stay focused. So, monitoring your movement and form with a mirror will keep your attention focused more than an empty wall.

It makes your space feel bigger

While mirrors have functional benefits during a workout, they also have aesthetic benefits to your home gym space. Mirrors can make a room feel and look bigger than it is. So, if the gym room is the smallest in the house, a mirror can visually double the size of the room. While the room size does not increase, the mirror reduces the confined feeling and encourages greater freedom of movement.

Doubles as a whiteboard

Unless you have a photographic memory, you will likely rely on a written setlist. If you have a mirror, it can double as a whiteboard. As such, you can write out your workout plan before starting so you can track the sets and avoid accidentally skipping sets.

The Most Affordable DIY Home Gym Mirror Options

If you search for a workout mirror, you will find that mirrors can be expensive. However, if you like having a mirror in your home gym room, it is possible to have one on a budget. There are many affordable DIY home gym mirror ideas you can use, which include:

Tile Mirrors

Tile mirrors are affordable DIY home gym mirror ideas to consider. This type of mirror is a beveled piece cut in different geometric shapes. It’s common to find tile mirrors in rectangular, square, diamond, or wedge shapes. Also, this type of mirror comes in different textures and colors to suit the aesthetic appeal of your home gym. But here for home gym mirror, we prefer rectangular or square pieces to do a jugsaw big mirror wall.

home gym mirror tile
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Several Smaller Full-Length Frameless Mirrors

A smaller full-length frameless mirror is another one of the most affordable gyms mirror ideas to consider. Unlike traditional framed mirrors, this mirror extends to the object’s edge. As such, without a border, it offers a clean and minimal look. With their scale alone, many full-length frameless mirrors make a statement.

One Rectangular Large Mirror

Large rectangular mirrors are the most popular mirror for workout rooms. You can line up multiple large rectangular mirrors to make a fully mirrored wall for maximum functionality in the home gym.

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Smart Fitness Mirror

Finally, the fitness mirror is affordable yet features an electronic interface and design. The reflective surface is also the LCD screen, allowing you to stream video, display relevant information, and provide workout statistics. Some smart fitness mirrors have touchscreen displays that further enhance interactivity.

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How to DIY Home Gym Mirror?

Many of the DIY home gym mirror ideas are relatively easy to tackle. To get the best result, ensure the right hanging system supports the mirror’s weight. What you need to mount the workout mirror in your home gym includes:

  • Wall mirror
  • Mirror mounting – J Mold
  • Screws and anchors
  • Tape optional


  1. The first step in making a mirror wall for a home gym is to measure and mark the area where you want to hang the mirror.
  2. Start by installing the J Mold about 1 ½ feet off the ground or whatever measurement feels comfortable for you. It’s important to hang the J Mold into the wall studs as it will hold the entire weight of the mirror. If you find locating the wall stud challenging, a stud finder will come in handy.
  3. Place the mirror in the J Mold and use an anchor and screw to attach the mirror to the wall. Install at least two anchors and screws at each edge of the mirror.
  4. Optionally, tape the mirror’s edge for aesthetic purposes to create a framed look. But if you prefer the minimal look of a frameless mirror, skip adding the tape.


The importance of a workout mirror in your home gym cannot be overemphasized enough. Aside from helping you ensure your form is in order, a mirror helps keep you motivated, get the most out of your workout session, and can double as a whiteboard.

As elaborated in this guide, you can consider several home gym mirror ideas. While the one rectangular large mirror is widely used, feel free to take advantage of other options that match the aesthetics of your home gym.

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