Why Do You Need A Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Why Do You Need A Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Are you tired of putting hours into your makeup only to find that you still missed a spot or that your makeup looks uneven enough? Every female will definitely agree with this dilemma. It is hard to put makeup on when there’s not enough illumination to show if the makeup from the foundation to your eye shadows of your face is even on both sides.

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Well, if you’re in it to put on your makeup perfectly, and add a touch of glamor and functionality to your personal space, then a Hollywood vanity mirror is a must-have. The lighted vanity mirror, also known as a makeup mirror, features built-in light bulbs surrounding the mirror. It provides excellent illumination, which makes it perfect for applying make-up, styling hair, or checking out your total look.

What is a Hollywood mirror?

A Hollywood mirror is a makeup mirror with LED bulbs around the edges used to provide flawless lighting when applying makeup. A Hollywood vanity mirror is called a “vanity mirror” because this type of mirror gives anyone pride in their appearance. They used to show up in Hollywood theatre dressing rooms or in Hollywood movie scenes. That’s why they’ll add retro fashion to the space. Think of Marilyn Monroe, she used to put up makeup in front of one of these light mirrors.

Why do you need a Hollywood vanity mirror?

There are several benefits that a Hollywood Vanity Mirror can bring to your room. Used in the dressing rooms of actresses and actors for over 60+ years, the Hollywood mirror is the go-to choice for makeup lighting. Learn about why you need to have one and what positive effects it can bring.

inyouths hollywood vanity mirror
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Improved Lighting

As mentioned, the built-in lights surrounding the mirror provide excellent illumination for applying makeup or styling your hair. And if you have a dimly lit room, the vanity mirror can help add more light to your room. No shadow casting. No need for desk clutter such as multiple-ring lights.

Aesthetic Appeal

With its design, this vanity mirror can add glamor and style to your room, giving you a more Hollywood-inspired look. If your room has fewer items or furniture, this type of mirror can add more beauty to your room with little to no effort. Besides, when you add this to your space, your room becomes a little extra with glamor and luxury.


Is your room in a spot where natural light is limited? Then your vanity mirror can bring more light even during the day. This is perfect if you want to do yourself a good makeup style for the morning,


These mirrors come in various sizes or styles. From free-standing, mounted, or placed on the table, whichever can easily complement your room’s decor.


Getting a vanity mirror is a good choice when you need the extra light but don’t want to consume more space. It saves space, and it simplifies your room’s layout.

Sets Your Makeup Space

Wherever your mirror is placed within your room, it is primarily where your entire makeup will be. Therefore, designating an area where you’ll be getting ready.

And we know exactly which perfect mirror can give you exactly that.

Supernova Custom Hollywood Mirror Large Vanity Mirror

Inyouths Supernova Hollywood Mirror
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This mirror is highly recommended when discussing a vanity mirror that can add aesthetic value to your home. Not only does it have a touchscreen switch, but it also has multiple purposes. The following are some of its unique features:

Mirror size can be customized according to your preferences

There are 10 sizes that you can choose from. Whether you want it long, wide, or enough to place on your desk, you can choose adjust your mirror and choose those option. Pick the size you are most convenient with placing in your room.

HD mirror with touch screen controls

Clear reflection with touch screen functionalities. Through these buttons, you can adjust the light’s intensity and change the color to suit your mood. It’s the perfect feature for a unique room environment.
There are two free additional bulbs included in the package.
This mirror uses a lot of light bulbs. That is why we offer our clients two free light bulbs which they can use during the setup in case one bulb goes out first, or if you accidentally drop a bulb on the floor upon installation.

Bluetooth Speakers

If you want to be in a good mood while putting on your outfit, make-up, or donning your hair, then these bluetooth speakers are the best choice. With speakers like these, you can get in the mood or increase your focus as you listen to good music coming of your mirror through bluetooth connection.

3-Prong Charging Port + USB Charging Port

What makes our vanity mirror compete against others of the same type and main purpose is how it has multiple features or functions. Our hollywood vanity mirror has a plug where you can charge your phone through adaptor or USB connection. So, in case you’re doing a make-up tutorial video or video chatting your friends while putting on make-up, you can simply charge your phone through your mirror.

Displays Time, Date, and Temperature

It’s understandable how you often get carried away with putting on your hair and make-up because you simply want it to be flawless. You can see the temperature on-screen, which makes you prepare what you need to wear for the day.

When you can see the time and date on the screen, and temperature, we get reminded of how many hours are left for us to finish our makeup and whether or not you should be bringing a coat outside. That way, you don’t keep anyone waiting during appointments because you’ll be arriving on time.

However, if you’re someone that is not fond of the design of where you can see these light bulb in front because they look too exaggerated or bright, you can always consider led mirrors. They have the accessory of 3 times magnifying make up mirror (with or without light). You could also use that little spot to check your face in a better view.

3x makeup mirror
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If you’re someone that’s completely uncomfortable with the design, it’s totally fine. A led mirror for your vanity is still applicable since you don’t need to go through the hassle of cleaning it yourself. It has features like defog properties, bluetooth speaker, and make-up mirror, which makes putting on your make-up a total breeze.

Other than that, you can also choose to switch off the light if it’s starting to bother you.

Can your Hollywood mirrors be mounted on a wall?

Yes. We provide you with two kinds of mirrors -- wall-mounted mirrors and desktop mirrors. You can choose freely according to your needs. Wall-mounted mirrors can be placed vertically or horizontally.

What size Hollywood mirror should I buy?

We offer 10 different mirror sizes and 3 bulb sizes, so we’re confident you’ll be able to find the perfect Hollywood mirror with lights for your home.

When buying a mirror, the first thing we recommend you do is to measure the area you intend to have it installed on, be it a dressing table, wall, or somewhere else.

Wrap Up

To sum things up, whether you want a Hollywood vanity mirror or a LED vanity mirror, they still add aesthetic value to your home. However, if you’re someone who wants to lean towards the celebrity lifestyle, then always go for the first choice.

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