10 Stylish Gold Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Upgrade Your Space

10 Stylish Gold Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Upgrade Your Space

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Whether looking for a more traditional vintage or modern look, many gorgeous gold-toned mirrors will add instant style to your bathroom.
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Why Do You Need A Gold Bathroom Mirror?

Do you want to upgrade your bathroom style to have more of an elegant and luxurious look? If so, adding a gold mirror is a perfect example of where luxury meets functionality. Whether looking for a more traditional vintage or modern look, many gorgeous gold-toned mirrors will add instant style to your bathroom.

From large and ornate to small and vintage styles, gold bathroom mirrors are a bold statement that complements the warm tones of a bathroom. So, if you have a grand millennial or a cottage core-style bathroom with the perfect gold bathroom mirror design, you can add that touch of glamor to your space.
Keep reading as we explore some of the best gold bathroom mirror ideas you can consider to style your space.

Gold Leaves MirrorImage source: Pinterest

10 Stylish Gold Bathroom Mirror Ideas

1. Pivoted Spherical Gold Mirror

Incorporating a pivoted spherical gold mirror in your bathroom is a brilliant want to upgrade the space. This captivating mirror design blends functionality and artistry, with its pivoting mechanism being its center of attraction.

With the pivoting mechanism, you can achieve a verse viewing angle, making it the perfect mirror solution for many users. Also, the floating design and exquisite gold finishing cast a luxurious and warm glow in your bathroom.

Pivoted Spherical Gold Mirror
Image source: Pinterest

2. Oval Gold Mirror

Another timeless mirror idea to consider is the oval gold mirror, which embodies elegance. Opt for a tall oval gold bathroom mirror if you have a small space. However, you can position the oval mirror horizontally if you have a wide bathroom. This orientation makes it easy for the mirror to cover a significant length of your bathroom vanity.

Generally, the oval gold mirror is an interesting alternative to consider over traditional rectangular mirrors.

Oval Gold Mirror
Image source: Pinterest

3. Irregular Gold Mirror

Are you looking for a unique and captivating mirror idea in a golden shade? If so, then opt for an irregular mirror design. This mirror design’s asymmetrical shape and unique contour create a visually striking piece. When well-hung, the irregularity of this mirror design can become a statement piece in your bathroom.

Using this mirror idea deviates from the traditional mirror designs and into an avant-garde touch. Generally, this gold irregular mirror design is a bold choice that adds character and an unexpected dazzling element.

Irregular Gold Mirror
Image source: Pinterest

4. Scalloped Gold Mirror

Do you know using a gold mirror is one of the easiest ways to revamp your bathroom design? Well, a scalloped gold mirror is a simple choice offering a timeless and glamorous aesthetic appeal to any bathroom.

The beauty of getting a rectangular scalloped gold mirror is that you can hang it vertically or horizontally, depending on how much bathroom space you have.

Also, the rich gold finish of the scalloped mirror blends effortlessly into many bathroom styles creating a radiant focal point.

Scalloped Gold Mirror
Image source: Pinterest

5. Arched Gold Mirror

Would you love to upgrade your bathroom to have a mid-century style? If you do, an arched gold mirror with a metal frame is an eye-catching accent piece to showcase your elevated style.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can opt for a double-arched gold mirror or a single-arched mirror hanging over or leaning on top of the vanity.

This mirror idea’s graceful curve silhouette and lustrous gold finish create a mesmerizing focal point in your bathroom.

Arched Gold Mirror
Image source: Pinterest

6. Rectangular Gold Mirror

You can stick with your bathroom’s simple contemporary rectangular gold framed mirror and still add a sleek and modern accent. The simple design of this mirror makes it easy to incorporate into your space without overpowering other décor pieces. It gives a chic look, especially when you opt for a rectangular mirror with a thin gold frame. The mirror is versatile as it can be hung horizontally or vertically to create an illusion of expanded space.

Rectangular Gold Mirror
Image source: Pinterest

7. Baroque Gold Mirror

When it comes to the masterpieces of grandeur and exuberant mirror designs for the bathroom, nothing does it better than a baroque-era gold mirror design.

This ornate frame styled with an array of flourish and scrolls captures the essence of extravagance. If you have a particularly small bathroom, this piece adds richness to the space, commanding attention. With its regal presence and timeless allure, the Baroque gold mirror will surely upgrade your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary.

Baroque Gold Mirror
Image source: Pinterest

8. Arendal Traditional Arch Gold Mirror

The Arendal gold mirror is a baroque-inspired design of the intricate architectural designs of Arendal, a historical city in Norway known for its rich culture. The meticulous craftsmanship of this mirror, with details like delicate engravings and ornate motifs, brings a decadent and brilliant accent to your traditional bathroom décor. Its ornate crown top cascading down, often handcrafted, brings the design together. Displaying this breathtaking masterpiece in your bathroom captures the essence of its timeless beauty.

Arendal Traditional Arch Gold Mirror
Image source: Pinterest

9. Textured Gold Art Mirror Idea

Are you a fan of art? If yes, a textured gold art mirror is a mesmerizing masterpiece that is ideal for you. This design idea combines the timeless elegance of gold with the allure of a textured art piece.

Incorporating this mirror in your bathroom adds dimension and depth to your space, creating an eye-catching focal point. This design’s interplay between the lustrous gold finishes and art creates an appealing visual effect. Also, the craftsmanship and attention to detail bring a touch of luxury and sophistication to your bathroom. This mirror design is more than just a functional piece but an artful creation that elevates the ambiance of your bathroom.

10. Gold Leaves Mirror

Overlapping layers of artfully forged iron leaves creates a blooming effect on the frame of this gold leaves mirror. And the antique gold finish provides just the right amount of luster to light up your bathroom. This gold leaves mirror idea is ideal for transitioning to a traditional bathroom design.

Whether you place it over a countertop or a wash basin, this gold-leaf mirror effortlessly enhances the ambiance of your bathroom to a new level of sophistication.

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