Egg-Citing Easter: 13 Ways to Make the Holiday More Fun for the Kids

Egg-Citing Easter: 13 Ways to Make the Holiday More Fun for the Kids

Easter is just around the corner. Fun, colorful, and creative, it is a season well-loved by everyone, especially the kids. Do you need new ideas on what to do this year? Worry not, we’re here to help you out. We curated a list of how to make Easter 2023 more exciting for the little ones!

But first, let’s have a quick history lesson about Easter…

When and How Did Easter Start?

Easter started as a pagan festival that celebrates the arrival of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Named after the goddess of spring, Eostre, the ritual of honoring equinoxes and the solstices has been observed long before the arrival of Christianity, and was considered by olden-day folks highly sacred. As the era of Christianity arrived, Easter took a different face and became associated with the resurrection of Christ.

Years went by and Easter transformed into one of the most important Christian holidays, a yearly fete full of fun activities, iconic symbolism, crafting, delicious sweets, and invigorating life renewals and new beginnings.

This year, Easter will land on the 9th of April.

Easter decor

Timing and Planning Your Easter Decorations

There is no strict date when you should start putting up Easter decorations. You may welcome spring ahead of the rest, starting as early as the first week of March. If you want to follow tradition, a good time to get going with your decorating is on St. Patrick’s Day. The advantage of timing your revamping in advance is that you’ll be able to avoid price hikes and get better deals.

You may also do it subtly, you can start by putting spring and Easter-themed accents and trinkets little by little inside the house, on your lawn, or in the garden.

When it comes to taking your decorations down, it’s best to do it a couple of weeks after the celebration. This is to avoid tidying up rotten flowers, eggs, and chocolates.

Easter Decoration Ideas for the Kids

Although everyone enjoys Easter, it’s the kids who have the most fun. If you have children at home or are expecting kiddie guests for the holiday, the best way to elevate the experience is by decorating your whole place with them in mind. That means eye-catching designs and crafts in a fun and bold hues. Plus, don’t forget the sweets and goodies!

Running out of concepts? Here are some that you can try this year:

Easter wreath

Image source: Pinterest

Easter Decor Idea 1: Wonderful Wreath

Jumpstart your Easter decorating with some funky wreaths! There are a variety of routes you can take, the most popular would be using a towel for the round frame. If you want something sturdier, you may also use foam, metal, even twigs, and small tree branches. As for the accents, eggs, bunnies, and dried flowers are the classic choices. If you want to add personality and quirkiness to the design, go for frames in animal shapes.

Add in some chocolate eggs which they can grab upon entering the house. This will surely appeal to the kids. You can even ask them to design the wreath with you! Hang these wreaths on your front door, windows, and bedroom doors to pump up the Easter vibe.

Easter wallpaper

Image source: Everwallpaper

Easter Decor Idea 2: Pretty Wallpaper

What better way to welcome spring and Easter than revamping your walls? Putting up a new Easter-themed wallpaper inside your kids’ bedroom will surely be a hit. You may choose from a wide range of designs featuring iconic Easter symbols and creatures or you may stick to something more subtle like flowers in soft hues that will last even after the holiday.

A pretty wallpaper will act as the statement piece of the house, a spot where people would like to hang out and take a lot of photos. Instead of the bedroom, you may install your Easter-themed wallpaper in the living room so more people can see and admire it.

Easter lighted mirror

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Easter Decor Idea 3: Memorable Lighted Mirror

One must-have in your Easter decorating spree is a round-lighted mirror. Aside from it being reminiscent of the iconic Easter bunny egg, it’s also functional and adds dimension and aesthetic value to your living space or your kids’ bedroom. If you already have one at home, bling it up for the season with cute round trinkets that will serve as a cool and chic border. Let your kids’ creativity flow and allow them to choose which colors they want to incorporate in the design.

You may also surprise your guests with another decorated round-lighted mirror in your bathroom.

Easter pillows

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Easter Decor Idea 4: Funky Pillows

Your Easter revamp would not be complete without some decorative pillows! They add a warm and homey vibe to a space and are great accents to just about any room. To impress the kids, go for cute bunny designs in eye-catching colors. If you’re hosting a party, these pillows can also serve as a delightful giveaway along with chocolates and sweets.

Easter rabbit centerpieces

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Easter Decor Idea 5: Charming Centerpieces

You can never have too much bunny home decor for Easter. Take your styling to a whole new level by placing cute centerpieces on all the tables at your home. You can use stuffed bunny toys as the main design element and accentuate the design with dried greenery or spring flowers. You may also use cutouts of a standing rabbit silhouette which you can ask the kids to cut for you. More meaningful bonding time that they will surely remember forever.

Easter egg holders

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Easter Decor Idea 6: Eggcellent Holder

Bring out your quirky side by going for unique and eccentric elements like a rabbit-shaped egg holder. This will complete your Easter kitchen decorations along with bunny-printed plates, teacups, vases, and servers.

Easter singnages

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Easter Decor Idea 7: Adorable Singnages

Easter isn’t complete without the egg hunt! That means you also have to prepare adorable signages that the kids will follow as they look for the missing Easter eggs. Scatter these signs all around the house as well as the lawn and garden to complete the kids’ hunting experience.

Easter tablescape

Image source: Potterybarnkids

Easter Decor Idea 8: Topnotch Tablescape

Your Easter affair won’t feel finished unless you host a dinner for the kids. And in this dinner, an Easter-themed tablescape is a must. You may choose to go simple by opting for spring-colored tableware set or you may go all-out by choosing a whole Peter Rabit tabletop collection.

More Fun Things to Do With the Kids for Easter

Aside from decorating, here are more ways to entertain the kids and make sure that they have a blast while celebrating this special holiday.

Easter storytelling

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Kiddie Easter Activity 1: Storytelling Session

Learning while having fun is one of the best bonding activities you can do with kids on Easter. Gather them in a comfortable spot, prepare some delicious snacks, and snuggle together while reading heartwarming stories with life lessons.

Easter egg paint

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Kiddie Easter Activity 2: Precious Paintings

A beloved tradition, painting eggs is one of the things kids look forward to on Easter. Let their creativity run free by encouraging them to create their designs and pick their colors. Don’t worry about the mess, as long as they are having fun.

Easter bake

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Kiddie Easter Activity 3: Bunny Bakes

Once you’re done with reading and painting, another fun Easter side project you can do with the kids is cooking and baking. You can do sweet and savory treats in Easter-themed shapes like bunnies, eggs, birds, and flowers.

Easter hunter

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Kiddie Easter Activity 4: Happy Hunting

Once you’ve set up our fun signages and hidden the painted eggs, it’s time to commence the egg hunt! This interactive activity is great for kids as it enhances all of their senses. They also get to interact with other kids, creating friendships along the way. It also teaches them patience, perseverance, and the value of hard work.

Easter photoshoot

Image source: Boredpanda

Kiddie Easter Activity 5: Funny Photoshoot

Cap off your Easter holiday with a fun photoshoot! Set up a cute backdrop or invite a mascot as treat for the kids. The photos will serve as a time capsule once they have grown up. A sweet reminder of the good times that have passed.

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