Your Checklist of Top New Home Essentials

Your Checklist of Top New Home Essentials

We have talked about how to make a perfect new home, now you're about to move into a new home.This checklist contains must-have items if you are moving into a new home. These items will help you get through the first week in your new home.

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Moving into a new place you can call home is an exciting feat and chapter in your life. It means being independent or simply allowing yourself to grow by adapting to this new environment you moved into.

Here are the possible reasons you’re probably moving into a new home:

  • New job opportunities University
  • Career
  • Starting a family
  • Becoming independent

If you want to survive for a week in this new place you’ve moved into, here’s a list of items you must have in your home!

Before moving into your new home, you must never forget your utilities like the following:

  • Water - this is essential for bathing and hygienic purposes.
  • Electricity - you can’t heat water, use your phone, or see at night when this is not taken care of.
  • Internet - if you work from home, this is an essential utility you must have before you move in.
  • Gas - some new homes come with gas. That’s why if your stove runs on gas, you’ll need it to cook your food.

Other essentials for your new home include the following:


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1. Bed Mattress, Sheets, Blankets, and Pillows

Of course, you’ll need a warm bed mattress, sheets, and pillows to sleep comfortably at night. Your bed frame can come later if this is still outside of your budget.

2. Dresser or Wardrobe

If your new house doesn’t have a built-in wardrobe, you’ll need a dresser or a cabinet to place your clothes in. It will be messy and a hassle if all your clothes are still inside your bag within a week of moving.

3. Bedroom Mirror

Whenever you want to check how you look before going out, get yourself a mirror. A mirror can help ensure you have a great appearance before you go outside and face your new neighbors. This is also helpful when you put cosmetics on your face for that extra confidence boost.

4. Table and Chairs

It doesn’t really matter which type of table you’ll be using. You’ll need a table that will act as your office table where you can place your laptop or all your papers to write on. And along with it, you’ll also need a chair.

Living Room

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1. Lamp or Lights

A living room should be lively. And to do that, installing lights in auspicious places, such as a standing lamp, would be an intelligent way to do it. Besides that, you need a lamp to ensure you can see during the evenings.

2. Living Room Mirrors

When placed strategically, mirrors often help distribute the light fairly throughout the room. As the light bounces off the mirror's reflection, this helps brighten up the room and the mood of those in it.

3. Extension Cords

If there are only a few electrical outlets in your new home, getting extension cords is a great way to increase them. Mostly, people stay in their living rooms because it’s where the TV and most electronic outlets are found. When you place your extension cords in your living room, it encourages your older children to stay in the living room and bond with family members.


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1. Refrigerator

Although you may feel reluctant about buying such an appliance, it plays a huge role in your home. A refrigerator helps extend the life of any food product or beverage within your kitchen by freezing it. In addition to this, if you have leftovers from the other day, your refrigerator can protect it from

2. Cooking Stove

If you want to cook yourself some food, you will need this cooking appliance. A cooking stove allows you to cook food through heat while using pans, boilers, etc. When you buy one with an oven, you can bake some turkey, pie, or any other pastry you’d like your family to eat.

3. Cabinets, Shelves, or Drawers

If this is not built-in, you will need a place to place all your kitchenware before you buy them. From plates to food storage, you’ll need cabinets, shelves, or drawers where you can safely keep them from the possible presence of critters or pests.

4. Kitchenware, Dishes, and Other Tools

Your kitchenware is considered a home essential because you’ll need these cooking utensils to cook good food. Without kitchenware, dishes, and other tools, you can’t cook or fry any food properly or serve it to your guests or family.

5. Cutting Tools

Knives or kitchen scissors are items that are needed in your kitchen. They can be used to slice your meat, or they can also cut through vegetables, fabric, and meat. That’s why having these cutting tools around is essential since they are helpful no matter the category.

6. Frying Pans and Other Cookware

You can’t cook or fry over a gas stove when you don’t have a frying pan to place your food on. Your frying pan can contain your food as you cook it until it’s ready for consumption.

7. Groceries: Meat, Snacks, Drinking Water, etc.

Of course, before you settle down, you’ll need something to keep yourself nourished and your stomach full. This is a top must-have when you move into your new home.


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1. Towel

You can’t just run around without a towel. If you don’t have one, you’ll either wet your floor or feel cold after your warm bath or shower. That is why we highly recommend you buy this as this is essential.

2. Soap and Shampoo

To practice personal hygiene, you’ll need soap and shampoo to clean up your hair and body. When you have soap and shampoo, you wash off the bacteria or any dirt that has clung onto your skin or hair.

3. Bathroom Mirror

woman applying makeup in front of the bathroom led mirror

You'll need a good mirror when you brush your teeth, do your nightly beauty care, or apply cosmetics. This allows you to fully target the dirt, stain, or areas that weren’t touched during the entire procedure.

4. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Keep your teeth and gums healthy and plaque or tartar free when you brush your teeth regularly. You must always have a toothbrush and toothpaste to ensure hygiene.

5. First Aid Kit and Over-the-Counter Pills

Accidents could happen while you rearrange your stuff or unpack. A first aid kit allows you to treat your wounds properly until they heal.

Final Words

This checklist of home essentials you must have in your new home was sourced from people we’ve interviewed. If you don’t have these items on your list, lasting a day or two within your new home might not be guaranteed, so always keep this list in mind.

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