The 7 Best Smart Bathroom Mirrors in 2023

The 7 Best Smart Bathroom Mirrors in 2023

It's time to replace your regular mirror with a sophisticated smart bathroom mirror that has a lot of features. It is undoubtedly one of the best improvements you can make to your bathroom to improve the aesthetics of the area. When we mention smart, we mean that the bathroom mirror is more advanced than a typical mirror.

They are not only chic and refined, but they also have features that make things simpler for you. Here, we'll look at some of the top 7 choices available in order to help you decide which smart bathroom mirror is right for you. 

Following that, we are going to discover more about the top considerations we should take into account while selecting a smart bathroom mirror. Hopefully, this will guide you as you make a buying decision.

TETHYS Round Custom LED Mirror with Frame

One of the smart bathroom mirrors from Inyouths is the TETHYS Round Custom LED Mirror with Frame. This mirror is durable, waterproof, anti-fog, and size-adjustable. When the heating pad is turned on, the center portion of Inyouth's LED mirrors becomes anti-fog. 

Additionally, its Bluetooth speaker makes every second you spend with them more pleasurable. You can connect with the mirror using your smartphone. They also adjust the defogger to fit the size of the LED mirror you select. Its lighting can be adjusted too. To change the light's color and intensity, simply touch the switch. 

Looking into an LED mirror can make applying makeup, washing your face, and putting on clothes more convenient. You may also customize the atmosphere of the room with the various color temperatures.

ARCTURUS Round Custom LED Mirror with RGB Light

The Arcturus round LED mirror is constructed from 5mm thick eco-friendly glass. A stylish and durable frame made of shatterproof acrylic covers it. With a CRI of 80 and great quality, the mirror surface correctly reflects the picture without color casting or bending, allowing you to shape and tweeze brows or reapply perfect makeup.  

There are seven dynamic modes, and you may change the speed at which the colors change by long-pressing the button. When you turn it on again, it will remember your prior settings thanks to the Memory function. This RGB LED mirror will become the center of attention in your bathroom when mounted on the wall.

VENUS Custom LED Mirror with Sandblasting Craftsmanship

You might be wondering what makes VENUS LED Mirror with Sandblasting Craftsmanship so outstanding if you're searching for the best smart bathroom mirror with light. Let us just say that it is everything. Any bathroom would benefit from this light, which blends well with any design. Even if you're not a DIY enthusiast, you can quickly add this light to your bathroom without bother or stress because it's simple to install. 

With a dimmer feature that lets you regulate how much light is emitted from the bulb within the mirror, the VENUS Custom LED Mirror with Sandblasting Craftsmanship is created with your preferences in mind. It's ideal if you want something dim for trimming or doing your concealer in the morning but bright at night.


It is a chic piece that would go well in any contemporary home and has every feature an LED mirror should have. The mirror is built of a quality aluminum frame that is discrete in design. To give a more precise vision, the VEGA LED mirror lights’ brightness can be changed. As a result, you can now view your face clearly and anticipate applying your makeup more skillfully while also adhering to other hygiene standards.

SIRIUS Customize LED Mirror with Frame

The best smart bathroom mirror can significantly improve your daily life. It’s crucial to have a good perspective of what’s happening in front of you, whether you’re trying to shave, put on makeup, or are simply checking your gums or teeth before bed.

The Sirius LED Mirror by Inyouths is one of the smart bathroom mirrors on the marketplace right now. Any bathroom will feel like an oasis of tranquility thanks to the elegant, contemporary design of this bathroom mirror with lights. You may select the illumination color that best matches your mood and style, thanks to the Sirius LED Mirror’s additional customization options.

CAPELLA Circle LED Mirror with Frame

As you may have seen, round bathroom mirrors are very popular right now. They are ideal for any bathroom, whether it is a large bathroom with a bath tub or a little powder room. There are many choices available if you're seeking the ideal smart round bathroom mirror, but none are as fashionable, useful, and long-lasting as the CAPELLA Circle LED Mirror with Frame. 

This smart mirror has a slim, contemporary frame that won't take up a lot of room in your bathroom. Its sleek, contemporary frame and simple design allow it to blend in with any bathroom's decor. The lights, however, are the nicest part because they illuminate even the darkest spaces, allowing you to see every tiny detail of your face.

CANOPUS Customize LED Mirror with Backlight

The CANOPUS LED Mirror by Inyouths is one of the top smart bathroom mirrors. Because it offers a lit-up mirror that can be used for various work, including shaving and applying cosmetics, this mirror is a perfect addition to your bathroom. 

If you need to get up at midnight, you can also use the mirror as a nightlight. Although this stunning piece of hardware is a wonderful addition to any bathroom, it provides a variety of features that make it a fantastic fit for any environment.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Smart Bathroom Mirror

Power Usage

There is a potential that the smart mirror will use power as long as the lights are linked. You must, however, watch out for excessive power use. Make sure you look through the smart mirrors' features because many of them offer settings like standby mode, rest mode, and many more. Therefore, while selecting a smart mirror, be sure to examine the manufacturer's stated power usage.

Touch Screen

There are two types of smart mirrors, both of which can have a touchscreen. Whether you select to pick with or without a touchscreen is completely up to you. The majority of smart bathroom mirrors with touchscreen alternatives feature a great user interface that allows you to quickly make your choice and complete your task. 

When the smart bathroom mirror has a variety of lighting selections, the touch sensor can be really useful and amazing. You can alter the color and get the perfect brightness with only a simple touch.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the smart bathroom mirror should always be checked because it is one of the most important needs. Make sure of its size and shape if you intend to install it in your bathroom. 

Make sure it looks spacious and fits nicely in the type of room you have. It becomes the ideal addition when your area already has adequate room, and the shape fits well. Don't forget to examine the mounting type as well because there are many options available.

While these are some of the key features, there are other significant features that come with a smart bathroom mirror that you should also check out. Others include checking the device's waterproof status, anti-fog capabilities, memory capabilities, speaker inclusion, and brightness control settings. With the variety of features a smart bathroom mirror offers, you get one item with many different preferences.

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