Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors to Buy in 2023

Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors to Buy in 2023

While you might think that a bathroom mirror is unimportant in the grand plan of bathroom remodeling, it is actually quite necessary. The best bathroom mirrors with lights can significantly improve your daily living.

No bathroom is complete unless it has lighted mirrors. It not only provides utility to help us get ready for the day ahead, but it also helps boost the light and spaciousness in a bathroom while lending it a modern feel.

There are numerous options for restroom mirrors. Whether you're updating an old bathroom or replacing your finishes, there are the best lighted bathroom mirror 2023 choices that can completely transform your space.

LED mirror

What Are Lighted Mirrors?

The best bathroom mirrors with lights are bathroom mirrors that include light-emitting bulbs. These mirrors come with either backlighting or front illumination.

The ones with backlighting display light behind the mirror. Meanwhile, those with front lighting display light on the front side of the mirror. The latter choice employs an etched glass mirror face on which the LED can be arranged in a variety of patterns.

You can install the lighted bathroom mirror yourself. However, if you are unfamiliar with basic electrical work or lighting installation, we suggest asking a local electrician for assembly and installation assistance.

Why Should We Have a Lighted Mirror in Our Bathroom?

The lighted bathroom mirrors provide numerous advantages over traditional mirrors. They can make your bathroom look more expansive and transform the space to attain a new look. A lighted bathroom mirror is also a terrific way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your bathroom.

Best Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

With so many options available today, making the right decision can be difficult. Nonetheless, the guide below will walk you through the various types of mirrors and let you decide which is the best lighted bathroom mirror choice for your home needs.

They are not only functional, but they also lend instant flair to your bathroom decor. The ability to pick from a wide range of mirror styles also means that they can complement any space, from classic to cutting-edge aesthetics.

Best Lighted Mirror With Defogger - POLARIS LED Mirror

LED mirror

Image source: Inyouths POLARIS LED Mirror

This rectangular choice is our favorite because of its clean lines and endless possibilities. The high-quality silver-backed glass is designed to provide a clean, unobstructed, and flawless sight.

While a lot of wall-mounted vanity mirrors are only intended for horizontal placement, this model can also be installed vertically. As a result, regardless of where you use the mirror lights, they can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

It also has an anti-fog feature that guarantees a clear reflection image even when exposed to steam or water vapor. Knowing this, if you're tired of your bathroom mirror fogging up every time you shower, this could be the ideal solution!

Best Lighted Mirror for Shaving - SATURN LED Mirror

LED mirror

Image source: Inyouths SATURN LED Mirror

With its elegant design, this lighted bathroom mirror is ideal for almost any contemporary bathroom. It goes well with a variety of decor styles, particularly elegant or luxurious showers.

Everything about the mirror contributes to its long-term reliability. And, while it is only intended for vertical use, you could place two of them next to each other in a bathroom with double sinks to get a horizontal view.

Not only is the design ideal as a focal point but careful planning has been taken to ensure that the bathroom mirror offers a clear image. The creator devised the defogger, which eliminates the need for wiping and effectively keeps the mirror in immaculate condition.

Best Lighted Mirror for Makeup - SIRIUS LED Mirror

LED mirror

Image source: Inyouths SIRIUS LED Mirror

If you're looking for a versatile mirror, we suggest the Sirius LED Mirror. The frame and sharp lines provide a polished appearance. Meanwhile, the silhouette makes a statement while remaining ageless.

A foggy bathroom mirror makes getting ready in the morning difficult, but this model has an anti-fog function. After showering, users will be able to simply see their own reflections.

You'll also note how easily dimmable they are. The light can be readily adjusted for a variety of purposes. Furthermore, the LED light can last for more than 50,000 hours, which is sufficient for a lifetime.

Best Lighted Mirror With Bluetooth Speaker - VEGA LED Mirror

LED mirror

Image source: Inyouths VEGA LED Mirror

It's a stylish piece that will complement any modern home and has all of the features you're looking for in an LED mirror. When it comes to construction, the mirror has a discrete anodized frame made of very high-grade aluminum.

The brightness of the LED lights can be adjusted to provide a more accurate view. As a result, you can now see your face in perfect illumination and expect to apply your makeup better, in addition to meeting other hygienic requirements.

Best Round Lighted Mirror - MERCURY Circle LED Mirror

LED mirror

Image source: Inyouths MERCURY Circle LED Mirror

If it's within your budget, check out the MERCURY LED Mirror. This elegant mirror, which comes with a slew of features, is the Tesla of illuminated bathroom mirrors. It has a traditional round form, but the double lighting adds a contemporary twist.

This one is ideal for any restroom, from a small powder room to a large master suite. A great deal of care is taken to ensure that only the highest-grade materials are used. It is also extremely simple to set up the Bluetooth device. The ability to have your audio streamed directly into the bathroom is no longer a pipe dream with this mirror.

Best Rectangular Lighted Mirror - BETELGEUSE LED Mirror

LED mirror

Image source: Inyouths BETELGEUSE LED Mirror

There are numerous choices for rectangular lighted mirrors on the market, but this model has all of the features that buyers should look for. The LED lights are dimmable, and the best part is that they come in a variety of configurations.

We also like it because of its durability and basic design, which complements a variety of decor styles. Furthermore, it is simple to set up and comes with all of the necessary mounting hardware.

Best Arched Lighted Mirror - IYRA Arched LED Mirror

LED mirror

Image source: Inyouths IYRA Arched LED Mirror

Try this curved LED mirror if you want to break away from the norm. This style, also known as a Norman window, features a semi-circle on top and a rectangular portion on the bottom.

This mirror has an enhancing impact due to its distinctive shape and bright LED front lighting. The manufacturer also guarantees long-term usability, with a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.

Best RGB Color-Changing Lighted Bathroom Mirror - ARCTURUS Round LED Mirror

LED mirror

Image source: Inyouths ARCTURUS Round LED Mirror

Nothing enhances your day better than a high-quality mirror with Rainbow LED. And, as you will see, this mirror provides far more than a standard lighted bathroom reflection.

It is encased in a strong and gorgeously polished acrylic frame. The back-lit design gives the entire bathroom an inviting glow and an elegant ambiance.

Buyers can choose between RGB, Tri-Color, and regular LED lights, based on their needs. This is the mirror for you if you want the ultimate round mirror for your home.


Why not up the ante in your restroom by installing a lighted bathroom mirror? No matter how large or small the space in your bathroom is, bathroom mirrors with lights are a must-have that will finish the overall look.

So, if you're looking to add the finishing touches to your bathroom and make it stand out, you've come to the right spot! The best lighted mirrors for bathroom choices listed above are both energy-efficient and long-lasting.

We hope this list of the best lighted bathroom mirror in 2023 helped you pick out your options. Whether you want a large mirror mounted on your wall or a smaller one to rest on your countertop, there is something for everyone!


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