6 Best Light up Mirror for Your Bathroom Improvement

6 Best Light up Mirror for Your Bathroom Improvement

Believe it or not, every room in a home requires equal importance while designing. Whether it is the living room, the oasis of comfort, or the kitchen, which is the factory of the house, all rooms require equal prominence.

A few years back, bathrooms were often overlooked in terms of ambience. But that is not the case anymore. Today, you would be surprised to note that bathrooms are designed as inviting sanctuaries. It is where you long to unwind and relax after a hard day. All this is made possible through a powerful addition to the bathroom - a light-up bathroom mirror or LED mirror.

Why are LED mirrors considered so important? The answer is simple. These powerful mirrors add not only to the functionality but also to the sophisticated look of the bathroom.

Let us have a look at a few of the best light-up bathroom mirrors for your bathroom.

The best light-up mirror for your bathroom

Aitne round custom LED mirror with backlight

Sophistication and style are combined together in the Aitne round custom LED mirror. This is a back-lit mirror with the option to choose between cool, warm, neutral white and RGB light.

A notable feature of this mirror is that you can control the light with a simple touch.

Whether you want to adjust the color or intensity of the light, it is possible through touch control.

The mirror has a demister pad that keeps the surface crystal clear even when the bathroom is foggy.

Supernova custom Hollywood mirror

Having the right bathroom mirror can make your personal grooming easy. The Supernova custom Hollywood mirror is designed just for that. The mirror is available in different sizes to meet the varied requirements of the customers.

The highlight of the mirror is the bulbs surrounding it. These bulbs are also available in different sizes, which you can choose based on the size of the mirror. The dimmer switch and touch switch add to the functionality of the mirror.

Iyra arched custom LED mirror

You might have noticed that the shape of the mirror can make a huge difference in the bathroom ambience. The Iyra mirror, with its beautiful arch shape, is sure to provide an elegant look to your bathroom.

The highlight of the mirror is the LED display clock that lets you check the time at any time. The tricolor interchangeable LED light lets you change the light from cool to warm and neutral.

Pluto Oval custom LED mirror

Are you looking for a sleek and stylish mirror for your bathroom? Then we would recommend the Pluto oval LED mirror. With its beautiful oval shape and LED strip forming a frame, this mirror is sure to grab all eyeballs.

The highlight of the mirror is the touch switch that makes it easy to turn the light on and off. What more!! The tricolor interchangeable LED colors let you change the light from cool to warm and neutral.

Capella circle custom LED mirror

The best LED mirror is one that provides a clear reflection of yourself and lets you groom well. One such mirror we have in our collection is the Capella circle custom LED mirror.

What makes this mirror unique is the small make up mirror on the side that provides a 3X magnification of the image in front. You can opt for makeup mirror either on the right or left side of the LED mirror.

In addition to this, the LED mirror also has a Bluetooth speaker that makes every moment in the bathroom enjoyable.

Moon round custom LED mirror

What makes this mirror unique and stand out from the rest is the way the LED lights are arranged. This round mirror is lit in a crescent shape and hence the name Moon mirror.

If you are looking for functionality and aesthetic appeal in your bathroom, the Moon round custom LED mirror is the perfect choice. The mirror is available in different sizes to suit the varied requirements of the customers. The tricolor interchangeable LED colors adds to the aesthetic appeal of the mirror.


Are you looking to enhance the ambience of the bathroom in the most sophisticated and functional manner? Then light-up bathroom mirrors are the perfect option.

What makes these mirrors special is the seamless integration of practicality and look. Do you want a mirror with high precision for personal grooming? Light-up mirrors are an option.

Or are you looking to create a well-rounded and luxurious look in the bathroom? Again, light-up mirrors are the right choice.

Since these mirrors are available in different sizes and shapes, you can purchase one depending on your personal taste and the size of the bathroom.


How to choose the best light-up mirror for your bathroom?

You should first consider the wall size of the bathroom before purchasing a mirror. After all, you do not want the mirror to cover the power socket and other fixtures!

Next consideration should be the shape of the mirror. You can choose from round, rectangle, oval, or arch shape depending on your preference. Additional features like touch screen, built-in Bluetooth and temperature display should also be considered while purchasing a light-up mirror.

Is LED mirror bright enough for bathrooms?

Yes, LED mirrors are bright for bathrooms. Since LED strips are attached to both sides of the mirror, they lights up the face evenly. The chances of shadow forming is less in case of LED mirror. Thus, they are best for personal grooming and while applying makeup.

Moreover, most mirrors come with warm and cool lighting options. Thus, depending on your preference, you can change the mode of the light.

Should I use LED mirror in the bathroom?

Yes, LED mirrors are a good option if you want to provide a sophisticated and glamorous look to the bathroom. Besides, LED strips are energy efficient and do not add to your bill. You can convert your bathroom into a glamorous room without spending a lot of money.

What color LED is best for bathrooms?

Cool white is best for a bathroom as it provides enough brightness for personal grooming. But if you want a more relaxing setup, it is best to opt for dimmable lights. You can change the brightness of these lights depending on the mood you want to create inside the bathroom.

Which shape LED mirror is best for your bathroom?

The shape of the mirror depends on the style you want to create in the bathroom. A rectangular mirror with curved corners is the most popular choice. But you can install this type of mirror only if you have enough wall space. In the case of small bathrooms, it is best to opt for round mirrors.

What type of LED mirror makes a bathroom look big?

A large mirror, without a doubt, makes a bathroom look big. This is because the mirror reflects light thus creating an illusion of space.

If possible, you should install the mirror closer to the ceiling. This creates an illusion of height and makes the bathroom look big.

Do LED mirrors use a lot of electricity?

No, LED mirrors do not use a lot of electricity. In fact, LED mirrors are the most energy-efficient form of lighting in bathrooms. If you want to save on energy and still provide an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, LED mirrors are the perfect option.

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