Best Christmas Home Decor Ideas For 2022

Best Christmas Home Decor Ideas For 2022

It’s safe to say that red and green will always be the two main colors that scream Christmas but there are other color variations that abound. Some design-oriented decorators are skipping the use of green and going straight for the use of red and white decor. While some Christmas home decor ideas opt for traditional tones, and homemade craft ideas for home decor.

Some are even opting for LED mirrors to light up their bathroom, bedroom, or even their living room with RGB backlight. But not only that, other colors are flourishing like blues such as Victorian blue and white china that have inspired layered blues that are mixed together with winter whites.

Nostalgic Accents

Have you ever noticed how our hectic lives bring about nostalgia for more simpler times, this in fact is reflected by the trend of DIY home decor ideas that nod towards yesteryear. You should especially keep a close eye out for Christmas trees, such as this multicolored christmas tree that sits on your tabletop.

You can’t go wrong with these Christmas decor ideas for the home such as tinsel-strewn Christmas trees that harbor faux snow-covered branches, and shiny ornaments that are a blast from the past, with pastel hues that have never gone out of style.

All this Christmas year you can expect to see vintage Santa statues, the forever essential nutcracker, and multitudes of holiday villages that grace sideboards. And you can’t forget the velvet and plaid bows that always take center stage hanging on the Christmas tree.

And if you want to follow in your grandparents’ footsteps you can utilize reusable wrapping paper options, I bet that would bring back many memories for them to enjoy.chrismas gift wrapping

Natural, Nature-Inspired Decor

If you want to make the most out of this trend you can completely skip the faux greenery and replace it with forested foliage and go out and cut down your very own real Christmas tree! You can make garlands, wreaths, and ornaments by utilizing acorns, berries, pine cones, and twigs for homemade craft ideas for home decor, for a splurge of Christmas spirit.

Or you can take the forested decorations and simply place them amongst your table settings, it will bring out the organic charm in the natural elements. You can also go out and scavenge for pampas grass and make it your natural centerpiece or make it into a holiday wreath. While you make some time to create pomanders along with oranges and whole cloves to fill your home with a natural holiday scent.natural christmas decor

Cozy Home

While the pandemic was in full swing, families were forced to come up with ways to create quality time at home more comfortable and immensely enjoyable. And even today, everyone still continues to make it a priority to spend more meaningful time together during the holiday season.

How is the craving for home comfort showing up in Christmas decor ideas? By creating cozy, dreamy decor, in the shape of tea lights, string lights, LED light living room mirrors, cozy throw blankets, and of course you can’t leave out snow globes, they are a Christmas decor staple. The colors that are trending in this case are winter whites and rose gold elements as well as neutrals. And what would Christmas be without the whole family wearing matching Christmas themed pajamas.

cozy home christmas decor

Holiday Mantelscapes

If you’ve ever wondered what the entire focus of holiday decorating is, it would have to be mantel decor. Today’s trends of 2022, include greenery and felt balls, wood, and pom-pom made garlands. A lot of people are throwing out the typical arrangement of hanging the garland consistently across the mantel for and up and coming trend of hanging the garland in a way that creates an asymmetrical design.

You can ultimately complete the entire look of the mantel by hanging stockings to one side and adding a special accent of twinkling lights, they will go so well with your LED light mirror you could have hanging on the opposite wall, the mantel masterpiece being showcased within the mirrors reflection. You can also loosely drop ribbon on the mantel, showcase fruits, and candles of course that’s what pulls the whole look together.

And what would Christmas decor ideas for the home be without the hanging of the wreath above the centerpiece of every home, the fireplace, it completely provides the room with a focal point. As well as keeping cozy pillows on the sofas and laying down a sheepskin rug in front of the hearth, which will absolutely welcome lounging all around.

Subtle Touches

Every year moms, and daughters alike become so overwhelmed over the massive magnitude of holiday knickknacks that over take their homes, but the solution to this problem is incorporating elegance in all of your homemade craft ideas for the home. If you’re a minimalist you will adore this trend, it’s the use of casually draped, unornamented greenery that goes so well with tasteful metallic accents.

The best way to embrace this specific approach to decorating you should choose small touches that are able to blend together seamlessly, instead of it all standing out. You can scale way back on the overall plethora of decor overload by using a half-wreath that hangs on a wire ring.

You can also opt for knitting stockings that don’t have embellishments. And what would a list of Christmas home decor ideas be without mentioning a Charlie Brown Christmas tree ornamented with nothing but neutral-colored decorations.minimalist christmas home decor

Vintage Glamour

Glammed-up grandma is a total holiday trend in 2022, and if you love anything that is even remotely subtle you will absolutely fall in love with the trend of vintage glam decor. You can utilize beads for a pearl-like shimmer, showcase mirrored accents and don’t forget to incorporate crystals in your decor regimen.

As far as the Christmas tree decorations are concerned you can never go wrong with integrating the use of feathers, ribbons, and floral accents. And never tread lightly when it comes to ornamentation. The color scheme that’s best for this trend include: whites, soft pinks, and metallics.

Cone-Shaped Trees and Gonks

Within today’s modern Christmas decor exaggerated cone shapes are popping up everywhere coming in the form of tall, narrow trees, and of course elongated hats of gonks. And people are showcasing their fuzzy fabric renditions of their special gnome-like creatures, the ones that are found in Nordic and Scandinavian mythology.

To ultimately create a cone-shaped forest on your mantel or sideboard you can arrange a cluster of some tiny bristle-brush trees and introduce some gonks to bring out the whimsy of the entire scene.

Brass Bells

During this year’s Christmas styling you can count on witnessing people using decorative bells to decorate their homes. Decorative bells have always been a traditional holiday accent, but the trend of 2022 is using these new options of organic cowbell shapes, they are essentially hung by rope or a jute.

Decorative bells can be used in a plethora of decorating places, such as hanging them on the mantel, placing them in the middle of the wreath, adding them to the ends of draped garland, or using them as decorative wall hangings. Whether they are oversized, miniature, sleek or rustic decorative bells will never not be a favorite DIY home decor idea every year.

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