Battery LED Mirror vs Regular LED Mirror: Which One Should You Choose?

Battery LED Mirror vs Regular LED Mirror: Which One Should You Choose?

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One of the best design and decorative elements you can add to your house is mirrors. Not only are they functional, but they also add aesthetic value to any room they are installed in. Mirrors instantly give depth to a space and give off an illusion of spaciousness. Mirrors also make great statement pieces and instantly brighten an area.

Mirrors have come so far these days. From the simple-looking glass we were used to, they have transformed into sought-after home enhancements with added functions. One of the best innovations in mirrors is LED mirrors. The addition of LED to light up the surface has revolutionized the humble mirror into flashy and modern home furnishing. There have been a few ways in how LED lights have been integrated into the simple mirror. One was adding them as backlights and another is putting them all around the side of the frame.

In the quest to find the most efficient and functional type of mirror, another modification has been introduced. LED mirrors can now be battery-operated. So what’s the difference between LED mirrors and battery-operated LED mirrors? Let’s compare the two products in depth.

A Quick Introduction

Unlike regular LED mirrors, battery LED mirrors do not need to be plugged into a power source to work. Both mirrors give off artificial lighting courtesy of the LED bulbs. Both can be installed at any part of the house to add beauty and illumination with very little power consumption. There are a number of ways in which you can use the two LED mirror variations – bathroom LED mirrors, makeup LED mirrors, floor-standing mirrors, curved mirrors, and a whole lot more.

Both give excellent visibility to the user and eliminate the shadow that traditional light bulb backlight gives off. You can install these mirrors in every corner of your house, from your bedroom and the bathroom, down to the living room, and even in your private working space. Battery LED bathroom mirrors are especially popular these days for their aesthetic and functional use.

Similarities Between The Two

Both LED mirrors and battery-operated mirrors can be mounted anywhere. Both are great lighting sources and make a huge difference in how a specific room looks. Both are efficient and give off flawless reflection. Both types of LED mirrors make a place look exceptional and refreshing, adding a roomy and airy vibe to the space.

Both mirrors usually come with adjustable dimness and brightness options, shatter-proof frames, flawless glass, demister, movement sensor, and anti-fog properties. Lastly, both mirrors usually come waterproof and let the user enjoy daily activities easier and more efficiently like shaving, putting on makeup, or simply just checking one’s overall appearance.

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Image source: Inyouths Jupiter Round Custom LED Mirror with Backlight

How Are They Different?

As mentioned above, LED mirrors that are battery-operated do not need a power source to work. They have their own built-in batteries, and that means they conserve more energy and are very much more Earth-friendly. The only downside is that their performance is dependent on their energy source. Battery-operated LED mirrors can last between 25 to 30 hours of continuous use while electric-powered LED mirrors can last up to forever as long as you have power.

One advantage of LED mirrors that are battery-operated is that you don’t need experts to install them for you. They are easy to mount and use. You also don’t need to worry about power outages as the mirrors and LED lights still work unplugged. You also don’t have to worry about planning and installing wirings that may incur additional labor and costs.

On the other hand, plugged LED mirrors are heavy-duty and most of the time come with more features. They are installed by professionals that’s why ease and longevity of use are almost always assured. In this day and age, power outages are also very uncommon that’s why worries about not being able to use them when there’s an interruption are at a minimum.

Which One Should You Choose?

There are a number of considerations when it comes to choosing the right LED mirror for you. If you have a bathroom that doesn’t have plugs available, then a battery-operated LED bathroom mirror is for you. If you are into sustainable and Earth-friendly alternatives, going for battery-operated mirrors should also be the obvious pick. If you don’t have an extra budget to hire an electrician or a contractor to install an LED mirror for you, you can do it yourself with a battery-operated one. If you’re living in a rental home or apartment, it would not be wise to mount a more permanent LED mirror due to the prospects of taking it out again in case you’ll move again to a new home.

If your lifestyle requires the use of mirrors more often than usual, like putting on makeup or fixing your appearance, then a more heavy-duty LED mirror is for you. You get the best illumination and the most flawless reflection possible. If you love spending time in the bath and taking hot showers that usually fog up space, then you should choose an LED mirror that is waterproof and has demisting features.

Aside from all the items mentioned above, getting the right LED mirror also depends on your budget. If you have money to spend, best to get the best one available in the market or a custom LED mirror to fit your needs, regardless if it’s battery-operated or not. But if you’re low on cash, the best route to take is to avail of one that will give the best value for your money.

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