10 Bathroom Makeover Themes You May Love

10 Bathroom Makeover Themes You May Love

Have you been scrolling and scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram searching for the best bathroom decoration theme, yet you still can’t find the one that’s just right for your bathroom? Well, you’re not alone, being able to pick the correct bathroom theme for bathroom can become a real challenge.

But there’s no reason to fret we have put together a great collection of ideas that any homeowner can do themselves and create an amazing space within their bathroom. One no one will soon forget. Previously, we have listed 10 bathroom remodel ideas, this time we will talk about 10 bathroom makeover themes.

It doesn't matter what theme you’re looking for, whether it be plantlife paradise or even industrial chic, there’s always going to be a bathroom theme out there just right for you. Keep reading to experience the top 10 best bathroom makeover themes you will absolutely love.

Grays of Grace

Gray happens to be a neutral color that’s enduring popularity actually stems due to the fact that it’s absolutely soft and of course timeless. It’s the perfect color for low-maintenance and it’s just a classic design. Why is that way? Because if you were to decorate your entire bathroom in this color you will never have to change it later on when stylish trends start changing.

If you do decide to go with gray, the best possible choice to go with it is two complementary colors―one darker and one lighter. You should select a gray that’s softer for your overall wall color and a much darker gray for your tiles and/or floor option. And then you can place white as the accent color of the trim, showers, and toilets.

gray bathroom theme
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The Bold & The Beautiful

You can style your bathroom using bold and beautiful wallpaper as a specific guide. You can reflect a very unique look by utilizing a flamingo patterned wallpaper or if that’s not your style how about a rather striking style that’s full of botanical print instead? And another thing you can add to your whole bathroom to put the look together is an LED mirror from inyouths.

While papering your bathroom walls you have a couple of options where you can cover the entire bathroom walls with paper or just some of the walls and tile with the rest. All of these papering preferences are based on what you like or don’t like. It’s all in your hands.

And when it comes to the accessories you can have within your bathroom space you want them to match your bold wallpaper choices. You should stick to having striking solid colors for fixtures and knick-knacks you may have.

bold bathroom wallpaper
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The Cozy Characteristics

No one really thinks of a bathroom as being cozy, however, why shouldn’t they be? There are plenty of ways you can create a bathroom that is comfortable and cozy. Follow the following steps below to do just that:

1. Colors Have to Change: If you happen to have a smaller bathroom then you should utilize off-white or ivory paint colors on the walls to make it appear bigger than what it is, however, if the size isn’t the problem, you should use warmer colors like a gray or light brown to make them feel more comfortable and cozier.

2. Wood or Wooden Baskets: You should upcycle all of the cabinets that you’ve been letting sit around in your garage over the summer and use them in the bathroom as your brand-new sink fixture. Wood happens to have a touch of elegance and brings warmth into any room. If you don’t have wood opt for woven baskets instead.

3. Personalize Your Whole Space: This is where everything gets fun because you get to personalize your bathroom with all of your favorite candles, pictures, knick-knacks, and plants.

cozy bathroom theme
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Modern Industrial Themes

If you’re looking for a stunning yet very simple look for your bathroom. Then look no further than the modern industrial style. This specific look is completely about clean contrasts and minimalism., which means you won’t be over cluttering your bathroom with a lot of extra stuff.

Modernized bathrooms focus more on sleep materials and just two-toned neutrals. You should opt for a darker wall―black or gray―as well as white accents for all of your bathroom fixtures. You can even accessorize with bolder decorations that even match your overall color scheme, chrome light fixtures, and plants.

modern industrial bathroom
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That Farmhouse Chic

We all get that nostalgia when we walk into a farmhouse that is chic from top to bottom. And you can get that same look for your bathroom as well. You’ll want to start out with a gray or white color scheme, very dark flooring, and one big mirror; may I suggest an LED mirror from inyouths.com. And you can’t forget about a lot of natural light.

Incorporate the following to make your farmhouse-style bathroom shine:

1. Trough Inspired sink: This will absolutely add an authentic look to your bathroom

2. Wildflowers for Decoration: Real or fake flowers, you can put them in vases on the sink or vanity.

3. Baskets, milk jugs, and stools: Add these pieces to your bathroom decor and it will bring out the farmhouse chic you’ve been wanting all along.

farmhouse chic bathroom
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Marine Dreams

Bring the sea to you by painting your bathroom walls with a soft yet peaceful blue with a nice white trim. Then install a complementary blue tile on your flooring and walls if you want it to really be like the sea is at the flip of a switch when you walk into your bathroom.

marine's dream bathroom
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A Sanctuary for Plants

You can totally make your bathroom a plant sanctuary! Painting your walls light green and by adding white accents. Make sure you have lots of natural lighting and that you install shelving next to those windows.

Grab every succulent or plant you have. And you can hang some of the plants in baskets coming down from the ceiling. And you can arrange the rest of them that need the most son on the windowsill and shelving you installed next to the windows. Also, don’t forget to place some plants on your vanity as well.

bathroom with plants
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Naturally Rustic

Rustic is very homey and comfortable but it has to be natural at the same time. You can get this natural rustic look in your bathroom by focusing solely on the textures. And you should use exposed light bulbs to light up the room.

Have one wall and dedicate it as the accent wall, and install a wooden panel to give the bathroom that rustic feel. Now, on the exact same wall, you place a huge mirror with a reclaimed frame. And then underneath that same wall, you place your vanity. Don’t forget to accessorize with plants.

rustic bathroom
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Vintage Vibes for Days

You add charm and a sense of nostalgia to any bathroom by using vintage fixtures and accessories. You can start by finding a clawfoot bathtub to inspire an antique feel to your bathroom and rustic accessories such as water pitchers, a bowl, or a wooden ladder to complete the look.

Don’t forget to decorate your walls with hanging mirrors and place plush carpets on your floors to really bring the look together.

vintage bathroom
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If you love the bohemian style then consider layering a lot of different shower curtains. Look for bright blues and patterns in the color scheme and use rugs in your bathroom design that go with them. When it comes to accessories you have to remember to get woven baskets and plants to make the room feel alive and warm.

Add an upcycled cabinet for your vanity and sink, and paint it a striking color something similar to the shower curtains. And you can find a unique piece of furniture to pull the room together like a vintage footstool.

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