Bathroom Bling: 11 Decor Ideas to Jazz Up Your Bathroom Counter

Bathroom Bling: 11 Decor Ideas to Jazz Up Your Bathroom Counter

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When you ask a person which part of the house is their favorite, the answer is always either the bedroom or the bathroom. Even though the bedroom has comfier facilities for lounging, the bathroom offers a unique serenity and peace that makes people want to stay longer and enjoy the stillness.

bathroom counter ideas

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4 Tips on How to Decorate Your Bathroom Counter

If you haven’t made your bathroom your refuge yet, it’s time to jazz it up and make it your secret escape. But how do you do it? Start by decorating your bathroom counter! The bathroom counter holds the essentials – everything you need to achieve the ultimate bath (and relaxation!) experience – that’s why it deserves priority when it comes to well-deserved updating and decorating. Here are some tips on how to jumpstart your bathroom counter revamp:

Bathroom Counter Revamp Tip 1: Add Some Sleek Storage

Want to make your bathroom counter look elegant and clutter-free? The solution is to add space-saving organizers. You can base the material depending on the theme of the room. If you have a modern bathroom, go for shiny metal baskets or clear plastic drawers to hold your makeup, skincare goodies, and personal care items. If you want something more contemporary, you may opt for woven baskets or wooden crates.

Bathroom Counter Revamp Tip 2: Go For Form and Function

Hit two birds with one stone by choosing bathroom counter decors that don’t only look good but also provide additional functionality. One prime example of this is lighted mirrors. Aside from the aesthetic value they provide, you may also do your day-to-day bathroom activities better like putting on makeup or just simply checking your appearance.

Bathroom Counter Revamp Tip 3: Go Packaging-Free

If you want to keep your bathroom counter looking clean and chic, try ditching regular packing and get some generic containers that you can label uniformly. This is mostly to beautify your bathroom counter but who wouldn’t want to come and stay in a pretty and organized bathroom, right?

Bathroom Counter Revamp Tip 4: Aesthetics All the Way

If you have a specific look you want to achieve, don’t hesitate to add in more bathroom counter decors that fit your vision. Get inspiration from magazines or Pinterest for more tips on how to decorate your bathroom counter. It’ll also help you pick up ideas for other elements that will help beautify the space.

11 Dazzling Decor Ideas for Your Bathroom Counter

There are countless decors you can use to jazz up your bathroom counter but the problem is choosing which ones fit the overall look you want to achieve. The secret is drawing up a plan and sticking with it. If you don’t have any idea where to start, here are some bathroom decor ideas that may help you:

bathroom flowers

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Bathroom Counter Decor Idea 1: A Touch of Freshness

Adding some fresh flowers and greenery will instantly bring life to your bathroom counter. Regardless of your bathroom style, there’s always a bunch of blooms that will fit well. Make this decor a statement piece on your bathroom counter by putting the flowers and greens in an eye-catching and oversized vase. If you don’t have time to keep changing the contents every week, you may choose to go for synthetic flowers instead.

bathroom tray

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Bathroom Counter Decor Idea 2: A Transparent Tray

If you want to showcase your bathroom counter (especially if it’s made with a luxurious material like marble) but still want a semblance of tidiness to the space, go for a stylish transparent tray. It will not take the attention from the counter but will serve as an elegant accent instead. You may use the tray to hold towels or makeup and skincare products.

bathroom towels

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Bathroom Counter Decor Idea 3: A Tower of Towels

If you love entertaining guests, one simple bathroom counter decor you can use are neatly folded towels. You can simply roll them or try more creative styles reminiscent of those in hotels, with their homey and cozy vibe. Just like backlit mirrors, these towels are another example of adding form and function to the bathroom space. The towels don’t only look pretty and neat but are also very much usable.

bathroom candles

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Bathroom Counter Decor Idea 4: Charming Candles

You can never go wrong with candles as bathroom counter decor. They add a touch of sophistication and charm to any room, especially the bath. To elevate the experience, go for fragrant candles bearing your signature scent.

bathroom wallart

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Bathroom Counter Decor Idea 5: Awesome Art

Add a splash of color to your bathroom counter by incorporating some wall art. You can go minimalist or go artsy with a full-on mural. This cute bathroom counter decor will surely be a statement piece of the room. If you don’t feel like doing something too extreme, hanging photos or paintings are also a good option.

bathroom mirrors

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Bathroom Counter Decor Idea 6: Memorable Mirror

Mirrors are simply a must-have bathroom counter decor. They are both functional and pretty, especially lighted mirrors. The addition of a backlight makes doing activities in the bathroom better, like glamming up for a date night, shaving, or simply applying nighttime skincare. Some lighted mirrors even have batteries so you don’t have to worry about illumination even during power outages.

personalized bathroom counter

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Bathroom Counter Decor Idea 7: A Pretty Personal Touch

Decorating your bathroom counter is not complete without adding your personal touch. This means putting accessories that are unique to your personality – a printed towel, old trinkets, and even seashells you got from a recent beach trip.

bathroom storage

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Bathroom Counter Decor Idea 8: Streamlined Storage

If you have a roomy bathroom space, adding some storage underneath your bathroom counter is always a good idea. This could be a cabinet that can hold more items like additional stocks, towels, and even gadgets like razors and hair dryers. It’s considered to be a simple bathroom counter decor but a functional one at that.

Cute Containers

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Bathroom Counter Decor Idea 9: Cute Containers

Add a touch of whimsy to your bathroom counter by picking fancy and whimsical accents to keep your guests surprised. Could be some cute caddies for soap and shampoo, shiny glass holders, or even mixed-and-matched ceramic containers.

bathroom counter

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Bathroom Counter Decor Idea 10: Matching Materials

To keep things uniform in your bathroom, choose matching elements that will make the whole theme look more cohesive. For something more luxe and opulent, go for glass shampoo and soap holders. Trust us, these small bathroom counter decors and details can make a big difference to your space.


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Bathroom Counter Decor Idea 11: Clean Choices

If you don’t want to go all out with your bathroom counter decor, choosing minimalist items is the way to go. Simple and no-frills bathroom essentials like a pair of backlit mirrors and some plain trays and holders.

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