9 Gadgets of Smart Bluetooth LED Mirrors to Choose from

9 Gadgets of Smart Bluetooth LED Mirrors to Choose from

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LED mirrors are better than traditional mirrors in that they have illumination source that lights up your face even in poorly-lit space. In addition, they could be smart in a lot of their functions. Before we go head to talk about the 9 gadgets to match for the LED mirror, let's have a look at the general good it has.

Customized Oversize Mirror

There are 300 combinations of dimensions for you to match freely.

Durable LED Mirror

LED light can last for more than 50,000 hours (45 years if used for 3 hours a day).

Waterproof Material

The mirror has a waterproof rating of A. Our LED mirrors have a waterproof and moisture-resistant backing and an IP 54 rating for safe lighting in wet environments.

Anti-Fog LED Mirror

The anti-fog feature ensures a clear reflection image even in a steam shower or water vapor.

Let's move on to the 9 gadgets of smart LED mirors and learn how they work for your better experience.

Control Method

Touch Switch

  • When the mirror is powered on, the backlight of the button will turn white
  • Short press to adjust the light on and off
  • Multiple short presses can change the color temperature of the light
  • Long press to change the brightness of the light
  • The Touch Switch has a light memory function, turning it off and on again to use the previously saved color temperature and brightnessled mirror touch switch
  • Sweep Hand Sensor Switch

    The sweep hand sensor switch allows the contactless control of the LED mirror light. For the switch to work properly, the sensor should be at least 8 Inches from any obstacles. Such as the bathroom tap or the closet.

  • Wave your hand near the bottom center of the mirror and the LED light will turn on. Sensing range: 4 inches.
  • Wave your hand to adjust the light on and off
  • Wave your hand multiple times to change the color temperature of the light
  • Hold your hand under the Sweep Hand Sensor Switch to change the brightness of the light
  • The Sweep Hand Sensor Switch has a light memory function, turning it off and on again to use the previously saved color temperature and brightnessled mirror sweep hand sensor
  • Human Sensor Switch

  • The LED light will automatically turn on when you get close to the mirror
  • The sensing distance of the Human Sensor Switch is 24-39 inches
  • The LED light will automatically turn off in 60 seconds when you leave the LED mirrorled mirror human sensor
  • Light Mirror Color Temperature

    Lighting plays an important role in mirrors. It can be more convenient for you to make up, wash your face, try on clothes looking into an LED mirror. With the different color temperatures, you can also create the ambiance for the space to your liking.

  • 3000K - Warm White
  • 4000K - Neutral White
  • 6000K - Cool White
  • Backlight Strip

  • Download the corresponding app 
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone, open the app, and it will automatically connect to the Bluetooth device in the LED mirror
  • In the interface, you can change the color and brightness of the backlight app
  • You can select various light flashing modes in the interface; set a timer, the device will turn on and off automatically app
  • Bluetooth Speaker

    Bluetooth speakers make every moment you spend more enjoyable. With the help of Bluetooth, you can use your mobile phone to connect with the LED mirror. Two speakers are installed behind the surface of the mirror.

  • First, press the touch button to turn on Bluetooth and you will hear a sound indicating the speaker is activated
  • Then turn on the Bluetooth interface on your phone and make sure that it is visible to unknown devices
  • When the list of available devices is displayed, choose a device named HOHU
  • When you select HOHU, you will hear a confirmation sound, which means your phone is connected successfully, and the Bluetooth speaker will work
  • Music - Strip light dances in the music

  • For Android system, the app will automatically recognize the downloaded music on your phone, and the backlight will change according to the rhythm of the music you play
  • For iOS system, please connect your phone to your Mac computer and open the “Music”. Select “iPhone” in “Devices” and open “Sync Settings”. Select “Music”, check “Sync music onto iPhone” and click “Apply”. Click “Sync”. Select “General”, check “Manually manage music, movies and TV shows” and click “Apply”. Close “Sync Settings”, select “iPhone” in “Devices”, select “MP3 file”, and drag your music into the blank place.
  • Demister

    Th Inyouths LED mirrors are completely anti-fog when you turn on the heating mat to prevent the mirror from steaming. We will customize the demister as per the size of the LED mirror you choose, so that you can defog the whole mirror. Only the locations with additional features like Makeup Mirror, Clock, or WiFi Weather Station installed are excluded.

    The demister is controlled via a dedicated Touch Switch. When fog appears on the mirror, press the touch button and the fog on the mirror will be gradually removed.

    Magnifying Makeup Mirror

    The light of the makeup mirror is synchronized with the LED mirror light. The makeup mirror is a perfect addition to your life. It makes your daily makeup routine a breeze. You don't need to waste your time looking for other mirrors.

  • Makeup mirrors are available in 2 types: without lights and with LED lights.
  • The magnification of the mirror is 3x.
  • Clock

    The LED display clock allows you to check the time at any time.The clock is controlled and adjusted via the touch switch. If you choose a Sweep Hand Sensor Switch or a Human Sensor Switch, the mirror will be equipped with a touch button to control the clock. The position of the equipped touch button will be to the left or right of the clock, depending on the position of the clock you choose on the mirror.

  • Long press the Clock Button and Year area of the clock screen will start to flash
  • Short press the Clock Button  to set the value
  • After completing the setting, press the Clock Button to lock the value
  • After locking the Year value, repeat the above steps to adjust month, day, hour and minuteled mirror clock
  • WiFi Weather Station

    The WiFi weather station will keep you up to date with the current time, temperature, and weather in your location. This unique feature is a good reminder of the weather conditions outside, making sure you wear the right clothes.

  • Download the app “WiseMirror”
  • Open the app, a prompt will ask to access location request, please select Allow
  • Click the + sign in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Enter the WiFi account and password
  • Wait for a while, the mirror will be configured successfully
  • Custom Text Print

    This LED mirror supports a personalized text design. LED mirror with custom text is a perfect gift for a Wedding, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any special day.

  • The custom text size depends on the size of the mirror you choose.
  • The text is to be positioned in the center of the top or bottom part of the mirror.

    Want to learn more about LED mirrors? Check LED Mirror 101 here!

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