7 Reasons Why You Should Have an LED Mirror

7 Reasons Why You Should Have an LED Mirror in Your Bathroom

LED Mirrors are mirrors embedded with LED strip lights and using that as their illumination source. Your entire face will be illuminated and highlighted with the even and clear light. These mirrors can be front lit or backlit, and the lights can be dimmed, turned on and off or changed to a different color. If you are looking for a new mirror for your new build or renovated room, you should absolutely take LED mirrors into consideration because they are somewhat better than the traditional ones.

Why LED Mirrors are Better than Traditional Ones

Brighter and clearer reflection

The most distinctive feature of an LED mirror is that it emits lights. With the embedded LED strip lights, the mirror can offer a brighter and clearer reflection without the awkward shadow produced by the ceiling lights. You can choose from different color temperatures to create different kinds of atmosphere.

LED mirrors can usually be controlled via the Touch Switch on the surface. Just a simple touch on the switch, it quickly controls the LED light on or off. The Touch Switch also allows users to adjust the light color and intensity. Some manufacturers offer other control options such as Sweep Hand Sensor Switch or Human Sensor Switch, they use sensors to control the lights, making the mirror much smarter and easier to use in your daily life.

LED mirrors result in brighter and clearer reflection


With the LED mirrors, you can just turn off your ceiling lights. Use the strip light in the mirror to illuminate the room and your face without the annoying shadow from overhead light. This creates a perfect environment for you to apply makeup, shave, make your hair or just check your look.

You don’t need to pay extra money for the ceiling lights and the LED strip light provides ample lights in low energy consumption. LED strip lights consume 25%-80% less energy than incandescent lights. The lights could last up to 50,000 hours, which is 45 years if used 3 hours a day. LED strip lights require less electricity to produce the same amount of light as incandescent lighting.

LED mirror is better for the planet

Better for the planet

People show increasing care and attention to the planet and the ecosystem sustainability because that’s where we live and grow. LED mirrors are unique in their environmentally-friendly nature of low electricity needs of lighting, help reduce the power usage and keep power costs down. Their long-lasting lifespan allows for less replacement and low maintenance, helping to conserve our natural resources as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions produced during their manufacturing process. In addition, LED lights don’t contain any toxic substances like traditional lights do, so there’s no need for special waste disposal or to worry about damaging the environment with harmful chemicals.

Easy installation

An LED mirror may sound difficult to install, but in fact, they are as easy to hang as a traditional mirror. Just measure the distance between the hook center points and use the level ruler to draw a horizontal line on the wall and then mark the location of the center of the hooks. Use an electric drill to punch four holes at the marked spots and then apply wall anchors with hammer into the holes. Use a screwdriver to insert the screws into the wall anchors. Mount the mirror on the wall and ensure it is sturdy. Boom, your illuminated mirror is right there on the wall. In terms of lighting, for most mirrors, you just plug them into a wall socket and the mirror is ready to go. For wire connectors, you might need a screwdriver and wire stripper, and make sure the wire is connected to the right place.

Luxurious style

LED mirrors usually showcase a modern and minimalist style, and the LED strip light emits a bright light to illuminate the room and make the space seem larger. With an LED mirror in the bathroom, your house will look like a luxurious and elegant 5-star hotel that can impress your visitors. LED mirrors are also available in a variety of shapes and types, framed or frameless, backlit, beveled.

Smart Bluetooth mirror

Nowadays, mirrors can do more than show your reflection and decorate the space. There are a whole lot of special features for you to choose for a mirror. Some LED mirrors are equipped with special features such as built-in lighting (front light and backlight), 3x makeup mirror, Bluetooth speaker, sensor switch, demister, clock and WiFi weather station, etc. Inyouths mirror offers up to 14 customizable accessory feature options on the LED mirror, you could match these features freely as per the specific needs.

Make you look good

The lighting glow of the LED mirror can make sure you look great. With the strip light in the mirror, the mirror can illuminate the room and your face without the annoying shadow from overhead light. This creates a perfect environment for you to apply makeup, shave, make your hair or just check your look. Makes sure you see every detail of your reflection and make you look good and give you the confidence boost before hitting the road.

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