43 Children’s Day Gift Ideas Kids Will Love in 2023

43 Children’s Day Gift Ideas Kids Will Love in 2023

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Children’s Day Gift 1: Colorful Stationery Kits

Preserve Memories

Nothing is better than preserving your most precious memories. A journaling kit allows girls to write down their happy little secrets, their goals, and important dates. Don’t forget that important date with the daily planner and make each page your own with the colorful accessories like paper clips, markers, and fun stickers.

Children’s Day Gift 2: Kid-Safe 3D Pen

Creating Fun Doodles

3D pens are the latest and greatest kids toys that let children create exactly what their imagination wants. This pen is safe for children and very simple to use for little hands from 6-13 years. Kids can follow patterns or create their own making their hands and minds work together building engagement. With the push of a button the pen comes to life!

Children’s Day Gift 3: Climbing Toys for Toddlers

The Adventure Begins

A beautifully made playset which aims to help children develop motor skills and create individual learning. While the arch helps them to climb it can also be used as a rocker. Coated in a non-toxic BPA means it is both child and environmentally friendly and safe for use by children.

Children’s Day Gift 4: Kids Bow and Arrow Set

Hit or Miss?

Create little adventurers with this bow and arrow set. It’s a fun set that is easy for children to shoot themselves. These toys encourage the use of motor skills alongside hand and eye coordination. Grow a child’s love for sports while they learn how to aim and shoot the arrow. Kids will have endless fun with this game.

Children’s Day Gift 5: Disney Mickey Mouse Wrist Watch

For the Minnie Mouse lovers

Make a little girl’s day with the gift of a pretty pink watch highlighting Minnie Mouse. The strap is easy for kids to get on and off. The strap can be adjustable, so it suits most wrist sizes. Labelled hands on the clock will help kids learn to tell the time in a fun and encouraging way.

Children’s Day Gift 6: Kids Race Track Toys

For Young Car Enthusiast

Not only can this game help children create race track adventures but the bold colors can be stimulating for children. With different ways to control the track there is ever a dull moment. Children can improve their creativity and their visual tracking ability.

Children’s Day Gift 7: Kids Sofa

Take Some Time to Relax

The chair is shaped like a panda which makes it interactable with children. This chair is the great place for quiet time reading or when children just need to relax for a while. Neutral colors match any home décor making it easy to match it in any room from the games room to the living room. High density padding that gives children a comfortable experience.

Children’s Day Gift 8: Kid’s Room LED Mirror

Light Up the Room

There is nothing more important than having good lighting in a child’s playroom. This mirror is not only creating a relaxing glow to the room but also serving as a feature too. The Led mirror light doesn’t get hot so it’s safe for a child’s room. Plenty of light can bounce off the mirror giving the child’s room a fresh feeling.

Children’s Day Gift 9: Children's Sleep Trainer


Get A Good Nights Sleep

It can be hard for children to know when its time to get up. These special sleep timers takes away the confusion and helps children know when it is the right time to wake up.
The sleep timer is suitable for 6 years and up and can be used as a normal alarm clock when the children are older. The timer has 10 different sleep sounds that will help your child drift off to sleep. Enjoy a good night’s sleep and a relaxing wake-up.

Children’s Day Gift 10: Mini Bubble Wands

Big Punch in a Little Bottle

What can we say all kids love bubbles. From little ones to older children they cannot help but chase some bubbles around while the parents can enjoy hearing the children laugh. These little wands make bubble play easier for those with little hands and make carrying these bubbles to grandmas or to kinder simple as they slip into a bag or pocket.

Children’s Day Gift 11: Kids Cooking & Baking Set

Hands on Experience

There is no other skills that are great for children to learn earlier than cooking. With this utensil set children can learn the basics of baking. The kit comes with all the cooking items they need to bake some cookies or yummy muffins. Let the children help in the kitchen and start the path off to teaching them how to cook, a skill they will never lose. All kept tidy in the little wooden storage box.

Children’s Day Gift 12: Kids Football Uniform Set

Dress As Your Hero

What could be more exciting to a child than giving them the chance to dress up as their favorite player. Imagine their face when they look in the mirror and see themselves dressed as their hero. This set even comes with a helmet that looks just like the real thing. A perfect birthday gift.

Children’s Day Gift 13: Kids Sleeping Bags

Snuggly and Warm

Children can enjoy snuggling in one of these sleeping bags to watch their favorite movie or read a book. Perfect to use on the couch for movie night or when going away for a camping trip. Perfect to have a few in the cupboard for when other children come to sleep over. Simple to pack up just roll up and push back into the cover. Once inside it becomes a cushion you can use for decoration or to cuddle into.

Children’s Day Gift 14: Kid's Table and 2 Chairs Set 

Something Different

Sometimes giving a gift that isn’t a toy is unique and exciting. Children get toys often so it’s nice to give a gift that can be used for many purposes. This little table can be used for kids craft like playdough, coloring or playing tea parties. Chairs can be pushed underneath to become a space saving set and the chair can be flipped to become a stool that adults can sit on.

Children’s Day Gift 15: Kids Drum Set

Happy Tunes

Each child has a musician within them and this little drum set is the perfect way for them to set their inner drummer free. It’s a great size for little ones and isn’t bulky or loud. Bold colors make it interesting with several options available to create tunes with.

Children’s Day Gift 16: Kids Phone


Safe Interaction

Let’s face it children can drive you crazy wanting your phone and then they ended up dialing people or getting into your apps. With this child’s phone it allows your child to have a safe and fun experience using a phone. It can take a sim card so emergency contacts can be added. Plenty of room for children’s apps to personalize it.

Children’s Day Gift 17: Wireless Retro Game Console

Retro Fun

Kids will never be bored with this gaming console that packs 10,000 games in it. The retro style adds a different atmosphere than the modern consoles they are used to. Many different games and difficulty levels children will enjoy the challenge and the fun. Two wireless controllers are included.

Children’s Day Gift 18: Unicorns Blanket

Bright, Plush and Glowing Blanket

This is a beautiful and soft gift for those girls who have everything. A plush unicorn blanket to keep their toes warm or cuddle in bed with. The special part of this blanket is the unicorns glow in the dark so even when it’s dark children still have their friends close by to help them drift off to sleep.

Children’s Day Gift 19: Astronaut LED Desk Lamp

Off to the Moon

A perfect gift for those little aspiring astronauts. Pick either the gold or silver desk lamp that offers plenty of light to go about your important business. This light is powered by battery so no need to worry about children plugging the light in. The light is not stimulating so it can be used as night light.

Children’s Day Gift 20: Mini Unicorn Spiral Diary


What little girl wouldn’t love this beautiful unicorn stationary set. A lockable diary to keep all the secrets safe and a colorful pen to jot reminders down. Plenty of stickers to decorate the pages and a bright bag to keep it all together in.
A unicorn key ring and a coin purse are also included to complete the set.

Children’s Day Gift 21: Kids Golf Toy Set

Hole in One

Keep the children entertained and away from their electronic screens with this fun golf set. With colorful clubs and matching balls it’s easy to keep track of your ball and your score. Three different difficulties to keep children interested. With adjustable club handles the set will grow with children.

Children’s Day Gift 22: LCD Drawing Pad/Writing Tablet

Time To Draw

The good thing about these drawing pads is they are just like an iPad, so children still think they are using electronics but are actually required to use their hands and skills to draw pictures and watch them light up. No more cleaning up messes as this allows children to create without making any mess.

Children’s Day Gift 23: Children Foldable Bicycle

Learning to Ride Can Be Fun

Every child wants a bike and learning to ride is an important skill for the development of children. This beautiful pink bike comes with LED lights on the training wheels to make learning more fun. The good thing about this bike is the fact it is foldable making it easier to get it in and out of the car.

Children’s Day Gift 24: Money Box

Children need an incentive to start saving their hard-earned money and one good way to do this is with a fun money box. Children can set a code which you need to enter every time you want to open it just like the real thing. Both notes and coins can be put in the safe with plenty of stickers to decorate.

Children’s Day Gift 25: Digital Watch for Kids

What’s The Time Spiderman?

What better way to learn how to tell the time than with the help of spider man. Little boys would feel excited and happy to have spider man with them every time they check the time. The watch comes with an adjustable strap making it suitable for different sized wrists.

Children’s Day Gift 26: Children’s Tent

All little girls have a wonderful imagination and many dream of growing up and being a princess. Bring a child’s dream to life by giving them their own pink princess tent. To read a book in to have tea parties or to just hang out and relax with friends what better way to do it. The tent is easy to set up and comes with a set of sparkle lights.

Children’s Day Gift 27: Eye-Care Table Lamp

Add Some Light

Make your children’s desk just a little funkier with these fun lights. Bright enough to see what you’re doing but not over-stimulating. With a simple off/on function your kids can have a reading light or homework light at the touch of a button. Even adults can use these lights.

Children’s Day Gift 28: Music Learning Toys

Music to Our Ears

Music can be very stimulating, and it helps kids to release their emotions. This is fun music which the kids won’t want to stop playing with. This toy can be used inside or outside in the sunshine wherever they would like to play. With friends or running solo children can have endless fun with this.

Children’s Day Gift 29: Toddler Learning Tower

Tower that Grows With You

This multifunctional gift is perfect for the growing toddler. It can be used as a step stool for children with safety rails on the outside or it can also serve as a blackboard. Folds away for easy storage. The tower can help children be higher to brush their teeth or help to cook dinner.

Children’s Day Gift 30: Karaoke Machine For Kids


Let children bring their talent to the stage with their very own karaoke microphone. No more big and bulky karaoke boom boxes so kids can take this anywhere with them. The microphone has noise compression technology to avoid all the crackles when someone is singing. Bright LED lights that flash to the music makes the experience much more fun.

Children’s Day Gift 31: Colorful Walkie Talkies for Kids

Children can have endless fun with the walkie talkies. Give one to a friend and play hide and seek or go on a treasure hunt together. Even if the kids want to be in different rooms, they can still keep the walkie talkies and they can communicate with each other whenever they want. Playing in the dark is more fun with he built in flashlight.

Children’s Day Gift 32: Interactive AR World Globe

Explore the World

The world is fascinating but to little children it can seem complicated. Help kids learn about the world, how it works and everything in it with this educational globe. Connect to the app and learn cool facts and interesting stuff about the world. What children can learn is never ending. Let their learning begin.

Children’s Day Gift 33: Mini Pink Rose Building Block

Let’s Create

Isn’t it amazing what can be created with blocks. For those who love building and creating this set is perfect. Enjoy the bright colors, uniquely shaped blocks that bring these flowers to life. Once made it becomes a beautiful show piece that will never die nor fade. It’s a lovely keepsake that children will be proud to create.

Children’s Day Gift 34: Kids Musical Jewelry Box

Pretty in Purple

Girls love purple, unicorns and beautiful music. Bring plenty of smiles to a little girl’s face when you give her a musical box that has all three of their favorite things wrapped into one. With little drawers to hide secret little keepsakes like rings or gems. Calming colors and lovely sounding music it’s the perfect keepsake for a child’s room.

Children’s Day Gift 35: Flashing Cube

Easy Entertainment

The flashing cube is a little more unique and uncommon. Just the perfect toy for those kids who seem to have everything under the sun. So just how does it work? There are coordination games in the cube that help to build hand and eye coordination skills and gives the brain a workout. Perfect for something to keep the kids entertained when travelling.

Children’s Day Gift 36: Wood Cutting Play Food Toys Set

Improved Play Food

Children can sometimes get frustrated with everyday plastic play food because it looks fake. The wooden ones are durable and the best thing is they have Velcro in between so children can actually use a play knife to chop them in half. Kids feel like they are actually chopping up the food which keeps them interested longer.

Children’s Day Gift 37: Stomp Rocket Launcher

How Hard Can You Stomp?

With so many electronics it can be hard to get the kids outside and enjoy the fresh air. The stomp rocket is perfect to keep kids entertained and active all while enjoying some fresh air. Simply stomping on the foot pad will send the rocket flying into the air. Who will catch it first?

Children’s Day Gift 38: Children’s Play Town

A Special Little Town

Children will use their imagination when playing with figurines and cars. It makes it more exciting when the kids don’t have to pretend where the roads and houses are. With this little town mat it simply rolls out to give kids plenty of space to play in their very own town. Easily wipes clean if food or drink is spilt.

Children’s Day Gift 39: Rainbow-Colored Scratchbook

Scratch Away

Coloring is fun and exciting but let’s take it to the next level by adding in some scratch fun. By scratching the wooden pencil over the black paper beautiful foil patterns emerge. You can draw whatever you like, even unique patterns that are colorful and bright. Perfect for car travel, at home or even educational facilities.

Children’s Day Gift 40: DIY Slime Kit

Messy Monkeys

Now both boys and girls love slime and there is no denying that one. But what could be better than kids being able to have some extra fun and create their own slime. With plenty of accessories and colors there is so much to discover and fun to enjoy with DIY slime kit.

Children’s Day Gift 41: Kid-Friendly Digital Camera

Say Cheese

Well kids see us taking pictures all the time with our phones and cameras why not let the kids have their own camera to take special pictures with their friends and family. Let children create their own memories with the kid-friendly camera with easy-to-use functions.

Children’s Day Gift 42: LEGO Craft Kits for Kids

Happy Building

What child doesn’t love Lego? Parents don’t of course when you find yourself standing on those little critters, but the kids love them. Kids can have endless fun creating towns, people and even happy little monsters and characters. What if we told you kids can create their own sign for their room using Lego pieces and a special board. sounds like fun, right? Kids can customize it how they want to make it truly personalized.

Children’s Day Gift 43: Kids Roller Skates

Skating Fun

Every parent can remember the fun they had with roller skates. Now it’s time for the kids. The skates are easy to use and they have plenty of padding around the ankles to keep little feet protected. Get kids away from their games and out to the pavement and they won’t look back.

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