3 Benefits of Having an LED Vanity Mirror

3 Benefits of Having an LED Vanity Mirror

Can I be perfectly honest with you for a second? Not everyone (me included) is expert at doing our makeup routines. In fact, some pros even have problems getting just the right eyeshadow look sometimes. And let's not forget how we do our makeup at home in our home's lighting and then we step outdoors or into different lighting and discover we look completely different.

That's why I think it's time for me to recommend LED mirrors to you. They have several benefits and they are worth it.

Hollywood Mirrors Make You Avoid Makeup Blundersled hollywood vanity mirror

It can be absolutely unnerving because, we don’t always look as good as we think we do before we leave the house. There’s no reason in blaming these mishaps on your makeup skills or grooming skills, the culprit that should be taking all the blame is of course, your bathroom lighting. It’s poor and doesn’t give a lot of room for exposing uneven skin tone, straight lines, or correctly attached lashes.

One way to resolve this lighting issue is by installing a Hollywood vanity mirror. You can even check out this Hollywood vanity mirror with lights. It uses LED lights to brighten anyone’s beautiful reflection. It's great for any room in your home. All of your favorite Instagram models and today’s hottest celebrities utilize these types of Hollywood mirror vanities.

For most homes, the bathroom light just isn’t right for every day makeup and hairstyle routines. They need one LED light and the Hollywood vanity mirror should have a multitude of lights all around the edges of the mirror so there is optimal brightness surrounding your entire reflection as you get ready for the day.

Usually, insufficient illumination can lead to mistakes, which include using the wrong shade of lipstick or even overlining your lips with a lipliner so much so that it’s almost like you jumped inside of a time machine and transported way back to the 1990s for the day. Or you may have a brand-new foundation that you just purchased and you apply it without realizing that it’s two shades darker than your natural skin color because of the inadequate lighting in the room.

Every time you scroll through Instagram you’re bound to come across all sorts of influencers and models who are using an adequate amount of illumination pointed directly at them as they film their viral videos. And they use those lights to make makeup tutorials that look flawless.

The only reason this happens is because that light ultimately affects how our eyes see colors. And even if you bravely decide to ignore the illumination problem of your bathroom you may soon realize unexpectedly that you’ve been overcompensating overall. It will become most evident when you step out into natural light.

Have you ever done your makeup routine, picked out your best outfit, and finally got that perfect hair kind of day just to walk outside and catch a glimpse of your over-contoured, powdered, thickly lined face in a passing storefront window. Do you know how to solve this problem? Purchase a Hollywood LED mirror.led hollywood vanity mirror

Anti-Fog LED Vanity Mirrors

If there is one thing we can all agree on is that it’s absolutely infuriating to step out of your warm shower, only to have your gaze meet a fogged up and steamy mirror. And no, I am not being melodramatic. This really is an issue people face every day that causes them headaches for no reason whatsoever.

Men, have you ever tried to shave your entire face while looking at yourself in a steamy mirror? I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you haven’t and if I’m wrong and you have, I can definitely guarantee you came out of the bathroom with battle wounds on your face in the shape of tiny squares of toilet paper stuck to your chin.

And if you are a morning shower kind of person it can be hectic everyday once you get out of the shower and you’re trying to quickly get ready for the day ahead. However, there is a pretty decent and simple solution to solve this fog of an issue, simply put in an order for a vanity mirror, such as this URANUS Circle Custom LED mirror starting from $517.

If you didn’t know already, Hollywood vanity mirrors typically come equipped with an anti-fog system that’s completely built into the mirror which ultimately helps to reduce and most certainly prevent condensation from building up on your mirror. Allowing you to utilize your mirror immediately after showering or taking a hot bubble bath, and you’ll never need to wipe off condensation ever again!

Less Disturbance

I don’t know about you but like all the other millions upon millions of people on this planet I am not a morning person. Once your head hits your pillow, your ultimate hope and desire is to be sound asleep, resting until you absolutely have to get out of bed in the morning for work and/or school.

However, if your partner is an early bird and wakes up at the crack of dawn you may not get the chance to catch up on those most needed extra Zzzzs. Because more than likely your partner wakes up and the first thing they do is switch on the light to look for clothes to wear for the day and of course this light is so bright it might as well be the sun bursting through your ceiling on its way to scorch your chances of ever sleeping in again.

But by simply purchasing one of these vanity mirrors for example this SATURN Custom LED mirror from Inyouths.com. Mirrors like these contain LED lights that illuminate a limited amount of space that sits right in front of the mirror, which means the light's rays only reach out so far into the room it's installed in.led hollywood vanity mirror

So now your partner can wake up as early as they want to, find that graphic t-shirt to wear without turning on the overhead light, shave, and you can accomplish your full makeup routine with utter ease and perfection. So, what are you possibly waiting for? Go out and buy one of these Hollywood vanity mirrors with lights! It will be a purchase you will never regret and that you will use every given day trust me, you’ll see.

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