23 Bathroom Vanity Remodel Ideas- What’s Grabbing the Attention in 2023

23 Bathroom Vanity Remodel Ideas- What’s Grabbing the Attention in 2023

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The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house – especially before everyone rushes out the door for work or school. Therefore, it is obvious, when choosing a bathroom vanity, efficiency and practicality are equally important in addition to its design and finish. I have selected some that caught my attention and are good for both design and functionality.

Let’s check them out.

No.1: A Modern Pop of Colour

Blue and gold are not seen often together but it’s true they can be pulled off well side by side. The wooden legs on the vanity cupboard gives a very modern look and adding just the right amount of character without giving off too many hints of rustic. The wood cabinet paired with the gold handles and the white walls behind give you an airy and clean bathroom design.

No.2: Beachy or Boho? Both Work

Is this bathroom design giving off a sense of relaxation? Maybe somewhere in the tropics? The marble vanity with gold legs showing a modern charm but also very user friendly for either the main bathroom or ensuite. An adornment of marbled surfaces and gold fixtures makes this room both striking and aesthetically pleasing.

No.3: Pink and Vintage in Love

This bathroom remodel has a more chic and old-fashioned style about it. The two different shades of pink work in well to add separation but still being light enough to add depth to the room. The moldings around the door work in well with the vanity top keeping the white in both places to add the airy feeling to the room.

No.4: A Vanity with Simple Character

The reclaimed wood frames around the mirrors add character but also suit the wood seen in the vanity cupboards. The mismatch tiles behind open the room up while the fixtures positioned higher up add that touch of elegance. Plenty of storage space within the vanity perfect for a shared bathroom with twin basins big enough for all the tasks you need to carry out.

No.5: Old and Modern Tangled Together

It isn’t often that you can put two different styles together but here it has proven to work out well. The buffalo checked tiles in the background pair well with the bold vanity top. Your vanity can be enhanced with open shelving, allowing you to conveniently store towels – not to mention they look great – adding a spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom.

No.6: Let’s Talk about Elegance

There is nothing cooler or more stylish than this bathroom! Modern in design with a chic minimalist aesthetic, the room features white walls, wooden vanity with streamlined handles, and a gorgeous marble top. Its gold hardware adds a posh touch to the look and matches the wall nook and black framed mirror.

No.7: Repurposed Dresser

A touch of vintage adds a dash of elegance to this beautiful bathroom. In stark contrast to the smooth and modern interiors of the room, the vintage dresser and its distressed look add a slice of vintage appeal. Gold fixtures and mirror stand out against the pale charm of the wall tiles.

No.8: The Fondness of Pink

An elegant and glamorous bathroom design is only complete with this stunning marble vanity. The white finish and gold hardware of the furniture complement the fittings in the room and enhance the posh and refined style of the space. Add a splash of color and a playful element to your decor with chic pink.

No.9: Simple and Streamlined

Wall-mounted vanities give the impression that the room is much larger than it actually is. It will feel bigger in a room if you can see more floor space. In this bathroom, the vanity top and sink are integrated which gives you a seamless design with no lip or ridge that needs to be cleaned.

No.10: Wood Minimalist

This gorgeous vanity's deep wood tones create a rustic atmosphere to balance its modern interior. There is a sleek ceramic top on the double sink vanity, ample drawer space, and a spacious shelf underneath which offers extra storage.

No.11: Sometimes All White Works

This vanity is like a relaxed yet beautiful waterfront scene. This white vanity boasts a smooth surface made of marble and calm hardware that exudes posh style and provides ample storage and space to organize the bathroom.

No.12: A Splash of Colour

For a bathroom, this is an unusual and intriguing color. With this bathroom vanity, you'll be surrounded by glamour, elegance, and beauty. An immaculate white bathroom is enhanced by the cool shade, highlighting the interiors without dimming them. The marble top and silver hardware enhance the already stunning bathroom.

No.13: Contemporary Styled

A unique tiling design is seen here with the same tile going two different ways. Very unique yet old mirrors that make the room look bigger and white grout and walls to help the room look light and airy. Plenty of storage space within the cabinet offer both drawer and cupboard space. Black marble vanity top finishes it off nicely.

No.14: Each to their Own Zone

When it comes to master bathroom ideas, two single vanity units have the benefit of making the room feel more tidy, open, and elegant, as well as giving you more freedom to decorate and style adding your own personal touch.  Vanity units in the bathroom are positioned far apart to create a personalized vanity zone.

No.15: Floating Vanity

Minimalist styling reduces style to its bare essentials. There are several purposes for a floating bathroom vanity – it conceals ugly pipes, serves as a bench and storage area, and works as a sink base. Elegant, stylish, and practical.

No.16: When Vintage Meets Modern

There are a few designs that can be seen in this bathroom remodel. The wallpaper is very vintage along with the taps and tiles in the background. A thin framed round mirror adds the modern appeal with the concrete basin. The hand towel on the gold ring gives the room a little beachy feel while tying all those colours in well together.

No.17: Simplicity at its Best

Buffalo checked tiles add a flair of old fashion simplicity matching in with the framed mirrors and tapware. The wood vanity works perfectly with plenty of storage space and stained wood that could work in both modern and traditional bathrooms.

No.18: Double Sink Efficiency

While being modern and minimalist in design, it is also highly functional. Double sinks are ideal for master bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, one for him and one for her. Modern hardware complements its smooth finishes and earthy colors. The hexagon mirrors bring in character and uniqueness.

No.19: The Warmth of Design

With its luxurious elements, the vanity boasts an impressive design. The lines and style of the furniture are simple, yet they have an elegant presence. The highlights are the intricate veins of marble, warm wood tones, and black fittings that shine.

No.20: Perfect for Wood Enthusiasts

Modern or rustic take it as it is. This bathroom would work in many different designed homes and can be dressed up or down. The circular mirror with the separate light on the side is perfect for creating a standout point.

No.21: Rustic Charm

This rustic bathroom is bright and modern at the same time. Natural elements such as bare wood are used in this charming farmhouse bathroom. Wooden vanity with matching wood basin is both attractive and functional.

No.22: Storage, Storage and More Storage

Who loves plenty of storage?
Vanity tops made from white stone feature soft wood tones that complement the contemporary design of the bathroom. The wood vanity is matched by the light fixtures and round, thin-framed mirrors providing a contrast against the cool white decorating design.

No.23: Industrial Flair

It’s easy for an ordinary room to become luxurious and stunning by adding gold accents. The bathroom boasts a beautiful vanity, marble and gold that sets it apart. Marble's delicate veins complement the beautiful green tiles and the cleanliness of the de-cluttered look.

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