19 Stunning Bathroom Remodel Before and After

19 Stunning Bathroom Remodel Before and After

You may not believe it, but the bathroom you use everyday can be so much more than just a functional space - it can also be your own soothing haven to escape from stress and recharge. Whether you’re looking for an elevated boutique-style resort look or something more modern and minimalistic, these 19 stunning bathroom remodels before and after transformations will provide inspiration that will have you dreaming of all the possibilities!

1. Ordinary Brown Color Bathroom to Farmhouse Style with Blue Wall Tile Accent

Transforming a boring, beige bathroom into a cozy retreat in the style of a country farm is the main accomplishment of this renovation effort. The old washroom had drab lighting, antiquated fixtures, and little personality. The new design includes a rustic wooden vanity with a warm finish, with a mix of gray floor tiles, and a calming blue wall accent tile. New lighting fixtures and white tub create a warm and inviting space to take a long, relaxing shower.

2. Old Brown Wallpaper Bathroom to Dreamy White Makeover

The old brown wallpaper bathroom was in desperate need of a makeover, and boy did it get one! The new dreamy white makeover is a true vision of tranquility and serenity. Gone are the dated brown hues and patterns that weighed the space down, replaced instead with a fresh and airy white palette that uplifts and opens up the room.

3. Tiger Granite Vanity to White Marble with Gold Hardware Decors Bathroom

This bathroom renovation is a fantastic illustration of how a few carefully selected renovations can radically alter a room's vibe and functionality. The original tiger granite vanity's hectic appearance has been replaced by a white marble surface accented with gold hardware for a more refined look. White and gold complement one another beautifully in the new color scheme, making for an elegant and sophisticated ambiance. New paint and light fixtures make the room feel lighter, larger, and more welcoming.

4. Wood Flooring and Finish Bathroom with Bathtub to White and Glass Walled Larger Shower Room Remodelling

This bathroom remodel is a true showcase of the power of simplicity and modernity. The old space, featuring wood flooring and a bathtub, was replaced with a clean and airy white and glass-walled shower room that feels spacious and elegant. The new larger shower is a stunning centerpiece, with its gleaming white tiles and modern fixtures that elevate the room's overall design. The simplicity of the white color scheme is balanced by the striking beauty of the glass, which creates a bright and open feel.

5. From Vanity Counter Bathroom to Modern White Bath Tub with Wooden Basket Light Fixture

Put away your outdated vanity mirror and welcome a sleek and roomy new era in bathroom design. As the focal point of the new renovation, a magnificent white bathtub is surrounded by delicate lighter brown tiles, creating a sleek and modern atmosphere. The wooden basket light fixture softens the modern space with its warmth and organic charm.

6. White Square Tiles Vanity Counter to Marble White Vanity with Round Gold Framed Mirror Bathroom Remodeling

The use of marble and gold in this bathroom renovation project is a stunning display of that power. A beautiful white marble vanity with a circular mirror in a gold frame has replaced the old white square tiles vanity counter, adding a sense of elegance and sophistication to the room.

7. Dirty White Bathroom Interior to Modern White and Black Hardware Remodelling

A once drab and old bathroom is now a sleek and contemporary haven thanks to this renovation effort. The previous dreary white decor has been swapped out for a contemporary and chic white and black color scheme with black hardware. The new layout is both practical and aesthetically pleasing; its simple lines and sparse ornamentation provide the impression of more room than they actually are.

8. Marbles to Patterned Tiles Bathroom Makeover

The transition from marbles to patterned tiles in this renovated bathroom is a visual treat. The floor and wall was formerly covered in white marble, but now there are patterned tiles that give the room more character and dimension. The new layout is vibrant and eye-catching, exuding a sense of fun and energy.

9. From Boring Brown to A Mix of Vintage Touch in Stunning Blue Color Bathroom Remodel Before and After

This bathroom remodel is a true celebration of color and vintage style. The old boring brown bathroom has been transformed into a stunning mix of vintage touches and eye-catching blue accents. The new design features beautiful blue vintage pattern walls that add depth and character to the space. You would also love the transformation of the gold framed mirror – it surely help to brighten the room and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

10. Creamy White Bathroom to Vintage Style Brown and Green Accent Wall

Say goodbye to the bland and boring creamy white walls and hello to a rich and inviting color scheme that oozes with warmth and character. A daring accent wall in shades of brown and green adds the perfect pop of color and a touch of nature-inspired charm.

11. Transformation of Outdated Mosaic Tiles to Plain White Marble Floor with Dark Color Accents

The once-bustling mosaic tiles have been swapped out for exquisite white marble, resulting in a smooth and shiny surface. The use of these darker color accents such as the green brick type shower tiles provides depth and contrast, creating an edgy and sophisticated atmosphere.

12. Mix and Match Pattern of Black and White Modern Bathroom Transformation

Daringly combining several black-and-white patterns, this updated bathroom is a visual feast. A room that was once drab is now full of life and oozes self-assurance and good taste. Every detail in this room, from the black-and-white patterned tiles on the floor to the glossy white tiles on the walls, was chosen with care to create a unified and bold overall design.

13. Old Wood Like Hut Bathroom with Bathroom to Modern Style Blue Wall Tile Shower Makeover

With the installation of a blue wall tile shower in a contemporary design, this formerly bland bathroom has been given a spectacular makeover. The modern blue tiles and rustic wooden elements provide a stunning contrast that is both warm and invigorating. The transformation is a beautiful fusion of the past and present.

14. All White Themed Bathroom to Modern Farmhouse Style Bathroom Makeover

A bare, all-white bathroom is transformed into a warm, inviting modern farmhouse space in this gorgeous renovation. Lush plant and textured textiles offer liveliness and softness to the area, while rustic wooden elements and matte black lighting add depth and character. This bathroom is the ideal combination of old-world charm and contemporary convenience, whether you're soaking in the clawfoot tub or getting ready for the day at the modern black vanity.

15. Mosaic Tiles Bathroom Makeover to Modern White and Black Marble Style Remodel

This stunning bathroom renovation is the perfect way to refresh your home. A bathroom with outdated mosaic tiles is brought into the present day with a contemporary makeover that features white and black color with honeycomb floor tile accents. The dramatic and sophisticated style is achieved by the combination of th ematte  black hardware and fixtures . The large shower, equipped with a rainfall showerhead, is a welcome sight at the end of a busy day.

16. All White Themed Bathroom with Stainless Steel Hardware to Modern Style with Blue Tiles Accent and Gold Hardware

In search of a bathroom renovation that is both modern and elegant? The shift from a stark white room to a luxurious bathroom with blue tile accents and gold hardware is breathtaking. The blue tiles not only give a new dimension of color and texture to the room, but also a sense of refinement thanks to the hardware's gold finish. To achieve a uniform and sumptuous design, stainless steel fixtures have been substituted with their traditional gold counterparts. The timeless elegance of the washstand and the clean lines of the modern vanity make this bathroom a great place to unwind after a long day.

17. Square White Tiled Bathroom to Green Wall Brick Remodel

The Square White Tiled Bathroom to Green Wall Brick Remodel is a creative and stylish renovation that transforms a bland bathroom into a stunning and vibrant space. The white square tiles provide a clean and classic look but the green brick wall adds a pop of color and texture. The transformation of color and shower hardware into gold are just two of the finishing touches that turn this once dull bathroom into a relaxing retreat.

18. Beautiful Bathroom and Vanity Makeover – From Ordinary Square Mirror to Round Black Framed Mirror in Combination of Light and Gray Wall Color Accent

An ordinary bathroom and vanity are given a luxurious new look in this stunning renovation. Subtle contrast between the white and gray paint on the walls creates a relaxing atmosphere. The new round mirror with the black frame is the focal point of the redesign, and it instantly elevates the room's style and sense of drama. The newer sink vanity is stylish and useful, with plenty of space for all of your toiletries, and the improved lighting creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

19. Classic Bathroom Style with Bathroom to Modern Style of Gold and White Colors

Here’s a timeless look bathroom remodeling into the modern age. The gold and white color scheme adds a touch of sophistication and elegance, creating a luxurious atmosphere. The new fixtures, including a sleek vanity and modern lighting, enhance the updated style, while still maintaining the classic feel of the bathroom. The attention to detail in this remodel, from the intricate tiling to the stunning accessories, creates a cohesive and inviting space that will make anyone feel pampered and relaxed. This remodel is a perfect example of how blending classic elements with modern style can create a truly unique and beautiful bathroom.

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