12 Best LED Wall Mirrors to Level Up You Home Design

12 Best LED Wall Mirrors to Level Up You Home Design

We use mirrors every day. Some use it for makeup, while others for brushing and flossing teeth. Regardless of how you use a mirror, a mirror is a must-have for every home! 

Mirrors are more than just a way to check how lovely you look. They can make a room seem much bigger as well. Here we have taken the top 12 best led wall mirrors for you to help make your decision easier when it comes to which led wall mirror to buy.  

Let’s check them out.

No.1: Elegance and Luxury Summed Up

round led bathroom wall mirror
There is something about matt black that gives clean, sharp lines and adds that much-needed dash of modern style that you can add to any home. Well suited with the white tiles underneath and pairs well with the black grout giving a unique look. The bold appearance allows for those who love the less is more style, so the mirror alone is enough to brighten, modernize and decorate a small or large bathroom on its own. The black doorknobs and faucet create a streamlined effect that works perfectly together.

No.2: Simplicity at its Finiest

backlit led wall mirror
A beautiful yet simple round mirror well suited for a bathroom. The frameless mirror offers simplicity, with the background light being the strong point. On a side note, the tiles' ripples paired with the mirror's background light give you an unexpected design. You can use one above your sink, or pop two up if you have a double vanity like this one. A mirror lacking the frame feels very contemporary with a little luxury on the side. If you want to keep up with the trend without buying new mirrors every few weeks, you can still rock the modern trend with these lush mirrors.

No.3: The Curves Show Simple Beauty

pink rectangular led wall mirror
A curved mirror is the essence of a thoroughly contemporary look. With gently curved corners, it gives a soft look that will reflect light in the room to provide you with a relaxing atmosphere. 
Something about this mirror shows a vintage touch of elegance with its traditional shape and size. Perfect for mounting vertically and horizontally or leaning against the wall if you cannot affix to the wall. The minimalist frame allows more light to be reflected, giving you a greater sense of depth. Perfect for a double vanity or one large sink.

No.4: A Rectangle Mirror with Style

large led wall mirror
Rectangular mirrors are the simplest of all mirrors. Integrated LED lighting on bathroom mirrors gives them a futuristic look, making them an ideal addition to minimalist and modern homes. The uniform distribution of lighting around them also makes them very practical.  It features a sleek, stylish design, and the actual mirror is very solid and stable. Life is complicated enough; there is no need to complicate a room with a complex mirror. Due to the even distribution of light, there are no shadows. The soft and pleasant light is enough to do what you need to do without too much glare in your face. Round mirrors with LED accent lighting look exceptionally stylish, adding softness and glamour to the bathroom.

No.5: This Mirror Screams Designer!

large oval led mirror
The lighting problem in modern bathrooms is solved. Lights in the oval shape feature clean lines and industrial materials, creating the perfect illumination for modern and minimalist spaces. An earthy wood element complements this light to give it a touch of organic appeal. A soft glow allows the hints of matte black between the wood to be seen without glare. If you think a round mirror is going too close to the same old, try the oval option.
Suitable for kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms that fill in a space without appearing over overdone. The steel construction offers a clean, gleaming finish and is built to last.

No.6: Simple but Stylish Double Mirrors

two asymmetrical led wall mirrors
From behind, a soft LED light illuminates this stunning circular mirror. With this fixture, you can give your bathroom or dressing area an ultramodern feel and provide convenient illumination for personal care. A touch-sensor switch makes switching on and off a breeze. Two circular mirrors will add a soft touch to your bathroom. Circular shapes, without the sharp edges of squares and rectangles, create a calming and relaxed atmosphere. It's an easy way to add a dash of personality to your bathroom and add visual interest in a room dominated by solid lines and hard shapes. Paired with black faucets and white tiles, behind really allows for a stand-out design that’s not overpowering.

No.7: Mirrors that Dare to be Different

one round led wall mirror and one arch led mirror
Well we all love to be different, don’t we? If you’re anything like me, you strive for it. These decorated mirrors have different written all over them. A small detail of light wood adds warmth to the room with a slight boho feeling about it. The white outline stands out and creates that modern look. These styles can be paired together side by side and not look out of place. Hang it in your bathroom, hallway, or even the kid's bedroom. Seriously this mirror will look stunning no matter where you put it. Pop one of these in your home and enjoy the designer vibes without the sophisticated and complex design.

No.8: Versatile Mirrors Featuring a Unique Style

frontlit led wall mirrors
As well as having LED lights evenly spread along the sides, it also features an elegant design that fits with a contemporary aesthetic's minimalism. Furthermore, it is not only stylish, efficient, and easy to use. A perfect arrangement of task lights evenly distributes the warm glow and prevents shadows from appearing. There are two ways to install the mirror: horizontally, which means the LED bands will be located on the top and bottom of the mirror, or vertically, where they will be located left and right. This mirror adds much interest and engagement to a bland space like the bathroom. Pairing the mirrors with a light coloured atmosphere works perfectly here.

No.9: Double Ovals Now We’re Seeing Elegance

two oval led wall mirrors
Adding the elegance of this pill shaped wall mirror to any room will brighten it and reflect natural light. Featuring an understated design, it will add a touch of elegance to a bathroom or entranceway and an elegant addition to a living room console. Adding curved shapes will soften the look of an empty wall, and almost any room of the house can benefit from them.
Its sleek, frameless design provides a modern appearance, and offers more surfaces that reflect light to enhance the room's brightness. Its long body can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation, ideal for a vanity with two bowls.

No.10: Sometimes Simple Mirrors Do the Job

bathroom vanity wall mirror
It provides the perfect amount of light for your morning or evening routine or just on a dull wall in your room that needs sprucing up. Intriguing, elegant, and at the same time, very contemporary lighting pattern, makes this LED mirror a perfect addition to any modern decor.

The mirror's polished, rectangular design is accentuated by intersecting strips that are positioned around its perimeter. The design of this mirror makes the room appear bigger, especially when it’s paired with softer neutral colors.

No.11: Gentle Curved Mirrors

backlit oval wall mirrors
Now I wouldn’t have thought led wall lights and the colour green would look any good together but here this room has pulled it off brilliantly. Long vertical tiles with white grouts pair naturally with the mirror’s backlight to give you gentle light that won’t hurt the eyes. This mirror offers you a soft silhouette perfect for those who don’t like the modern look of sharp lines in the room. The frameless style opens the room and suits both modern and old-fashioned homes. Add versatile to the list of positives as it can be hung horizontally and vertically. Suitable for bathrooms, hallways, and bedrooms with its gentle curves.

No.12: A Mirror with the Wow Factor

big round led wall mirror
Get a load of this stunning piece of art. What a unique creation. It really is too stunning to call it a mirror. This elegant piece would work perfectly in any area of your home. From your ensuite to your lounge room to an eye-catching piece anywhere in your home. It's packed with modern style but still adds that touch of bling, especially if you hang it above a wooden buffet or vanity. Let’s face it I cannot see any other mirrors getting more glam than this one.
Make the most of the wall’s surface while creating a functional mirror that allows you to see the whole body. Without the frame, the mirror doesn’t look bulky and opens up the room with the light behind it.


These best led wall mirrors offer elegance and can vamp up a room just by hanging it on the wall. There are various styles and designs, there is bound to be one that matches your style and home décor.

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